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八年级英语上 unit1 sectionA

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八年级英语上 课时作业

Unit1 Where did you go on vacation?

Section A


1. Is there ______(任何人) in the classroom now?

2. My grandma stays at home _______(多数) of the time on weekends. 3. Can you help me? I can’t finish the work by _______(我自己). 4. Tom ______(似乎) to be angry today. What’s the matter?

5. Did you go _______(任何地方) interesting on summer vacation?

6. There’s ________(没什么) much to do but read. We are ________(厌倦的) about it. 7. Everything ________(尝起来) really good! 8. The waterfall was ________(绝妙的;精彩的). 三.单项选择

1. ---________did you go on vacation? --I visited my uncle. A. Where B. Who C. Why D. How

2. --______did you go with on vacation? –I went with my mother. A. Where B. Who C. Why D. How 3. –Who visited your mother last weekend? – Becky _____. A. does B. did C. do D.doing 4. –_______was the food? --Everything tasted really good! A. Where B. Who C. Why D. How

5. – How _____the stores in the countryside? – They are wonderful. A. was B. is C. are D.were

6. --Did you go out with anyone? --No. _______was here. Everyone was on vacation. A.Anyone B. No body C. No one D. Nothing 7.-- Did Helen buy _______special? --No, she _____.

A. something; didn’t B. anything; didn’t C. anything; did D. something; did 8. –Did you go anywhere interesting? --Yes. I _____ to summer camp with my classmates. A. go B. goes C. am going D. went 9. Everything ______exciting here! No one ______ to be bored.

A. were; looked B. was; felt C. was; seemed D. were; seemed 10. Hello, John! Come here, please. I have _______to tell you.

A. interesting something B. something interesting C.interesting anything D. anything interesting


11. There is _______knocking at (敲) the door. Go and see who it is.

A. no one B. anyone C.someone D. everyone

12. --Would you like ______to drink? --_______is ok.

A. something; nothing B. something; anything C. anything; something D. anything; anything

13. –Do you have _____to say for yourself? – No, I have _____to say.

A. something; everything B. nothing; something C. everything; anything D. anything; nothing

14. Everyone is studying for tests, ______ students go out to relax.

A. few B. a few C. a little D. little

15. There was ______ chicken in the fridge but _____ fish, so we cooked chicken yesterday.

A. few; a few B. a few ; few C. a little ; little D. little; a little

16. We took _______of photos on the farm and we saw ________cows.

A. quite a few; quite a few of B. quite a lot; quite a few

C. quite a lot; quite a few of D. quite a few of; quite a lot

17. --_____didn’t you buy something for yourself?--Because they are ______expensive.

A. How; so B. What; quite C. Where; so D. Why; quite

18. –She _____to be excited yesterday. Did she see Huangguoshu Waterfall?

A. looks B. looked C.seems D.seemed

19. The trip was ______! We were not interested _____it.

A. boring; about B.bored; in C.boring; with D.boring; in

20. Many students spend ______ of the time on computer games.

A. most B. many C. quite a few D. much


1. Why didn’t you buy something you liked? (改为同义句)

Why ______ buy something you liked?

2. How do you feel about the red dress? (改为同义句)

______do you _____the red dress?

3. She didn’t tell me anything. (改为同义句)

She ______me ________.

4. They knew everything only after you told them. (改为同义句)

They knew ________ ________you told them.

5. There’s something wrong with my computer. (改为反义句)

There’s ______wrong with my computer.


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