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7a unit8

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思致超越 知行合一

Unit 8

短语: think about ten more minutes

考虑 再(又)十分钟

That's all for sth thank for doing sth What a great show ! most young people most of the ....., write ( a letter) to sb practise with sb talk to sb talk with sb other team members wait for dancing shoes look for

cook in the kitchen go for a dinner be fit for sth

What do you think of .....? = How do you like ......? be made of be made from

你认为.....怎么样? 由......制成 由......制成

........到此为止/结束 感谢某人做某事 好棒的展览! 大多数年轻人 ......的大多数 写信给某人 与某人一起练习 与某人谈话 与某人交流 其他队成员 等待 舞鞋 寻找 在厨房做饭 去参加宴会 适合

spend ten more minutes in bed 在床上再睡10分钟 stay in bed a fashion show

待在床上 时装表演

ask sb (not)to do sth 叫某人(不要)做某事 lend sb sth = lend sth to sb 借某物给某人 borrow sth from sb be too large for sb

向某人借某物 对某人来说太大

give/hold/have the fashion show 举行时装展 at the school hall welcome to ......

在学校礼堂 欢迎来到 ......

show sb sth = show sth to sb 向某人展示某物 different styles of clothes 不同款式的服装 sports clothes a pair of trainers among young people Here comes Simon .

穿运动服 一双运动鞋 在年轻人中间 西蒙走过来了。

a pair of grey trousers 一条灰色牛仔裤 a yellow cotton blouse 一件黄色的棉衬衫 both of them 语法:

1. think about 想,考虑

think of 想,考虑(=think about);想起 2. ten more minutes = another ten minutes


3. spend

spend ...(钱、时间) on sth spend ... (in) doing sth

想一想spend cost pay take 的用法区别 4. lend

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思致超越 知行合一


5. be popular among young people

be popular with sb 受某人的欢迎

你会区分between 与 among吗?

5. both of them are wearing blue jeans.

我们两个都喜欢音乐。 .


她和她的妈妈都喜欢音乐。 .

6. be made of

be made from

be made in

be made by


make money

7. what a great show!


The little dog is lovely.

Jack is dancing beautifully.

The food is so nice.

8. write a letter to sb = write to sb

receive a letter from sb = hear from sb

9. look for, find, find out 的用法区别

10. have to do sth


11. what do you think of···?你觉得···怎么样?用于询问看法、意见

=How do you like···?

12. I think white shirts look clean, and white matches any other colour.

any other + n(单) = the other + n(复)

He is taller than any other boy in his class. in his class.

13. Students look smart in dark blue.

dark blue 深蓝色 light blue 浅蓝色

sb look +adj+ in sth(衣服或颜色) 某人穿什么衣服看起来怎么样

You look young 你穿绿色衣服显得年轻。 make friends make sentences

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思致超越 知行合一

You look good 你穿这条连衣裙看上去不错。 sth look +adj+ on sb 衣服穿在某人身上怎么样。

the shirt looks smart 这件衬衫穿在他身上很帅气。

14. I don’t know what to wear.

疑问词+ to do

I don’t know ____________next. (该做什么)

Do you know ______________?(怎样使用(use)它)

She has no idea ___________. (去哪里)

15. 现在进行时 变否定句:



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