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新目标七年级下Unit6 Im watching TV(sectionA 1a-2c)课件

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Unit 6
I’m watching TV.
Section A Period 1 (1a- 2c)

T: What time do you go to school? S1: I go to school at +具体时刻. T: When does your father watch TV in the evening? S2: He watches TV at +具体时刻. T: Do you play basketball after school? S3: Yes, I do./ No, I don't. T: When do you do your homework? S4: I do my homework at +具体时刻. T :Do you like…? S5: Yes, I do. / No, I don't. T : Can you guess : What animals do I like best? Ss: Do you like…? T: No, I don’t.

1. 会运用下列短语: talk on the phone, make soup, listen to a CD; read a newspaper, use the computer, wash the dishes, go to the movies, 2. 重点句型: ---What are you doing? --- I’m watching TV. ---What’s he doing? ---He’s using the computer. ---What are they doing ? ---They’re listening to a CD. 【学习重难点】: 现在进行时态.(be +doing) ;会运用现在进行时态表述 正在发生的事情。



paint run swim

write sing dance




play computer games

play the guiter paly basketball

watch TV

What are you doing now?

I’m watching TV.


use the computer

read a newspaper


wash the dishes make soup go to a movie

What are you doing?

I am cleaning.


reading a newspaper

talking on the phone

listening to a CD

What are you doing?

I am ......

using the computer

making soup

washing the dishes


A: What’s she doing? B: She is cleaning.

watching TV

washing the dishes

reading a book reading a newspaper

A: What’s he doing?

B: He is…

talking on the phone use ing the computer washing the dishes

listening to a CD

A: What are they doing? B: They are dancing.

make ing soup dance ing exercise ing running swimming

1a Match the activities with the pictures.
i 1. watching TV __ d 2. cleaning __ g 3. reading a newspaper __ a 4. talking on the phone __ h 5. listening to a CD __
6. using the computer __ e 7. making soup ___ b 8. washing the dishes __ c f 9. exercising ___

1b. Listen.
What are these people doing? Write numbers from 1a. a. Jenny___ 1 b. John___ 8

5 c. Dave and Mary ___

1c Ask and answer questions about what people are doing in 1a.
=What is =She is She’s talking on the phone.

What’s she doing?

What’s he doing? He’s making the soup.

What’s he doing?
He’s washing the dishes.

What’s she doing?

She’s cleaning.

What’s she doing?

She’s using computer.

What’s she doing?

She’s exercising.

What’s he doing?

He’s reading a newspaper.

What’s she doing?

She’s listening to a CD.

They’re watching TV. What’re they doing?

2a Listen and match the answers with the questions.
1. What is Steve
doing? 2. What is Jack doing? a. He is watching TV. b. He is listening to a CD.

2b Listen again. Fill in the blanks.
Jack: Hello, Steve. Steve: Hi, Jack. Jack: What _____ are you ______, doing Steve? Steve: I’m ___________. watching TV What about you? Jack: I

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