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北师大版英语9年级上册Unit 2 单元检测

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Unit 2 单元检测


1. In the past, people used to _____ on foot or by horse.【本题考查:非谓语动词】

A. traveling B. traveled C. travel D. be travel

2. She’s still not used to _____ in China. 【本题考查:词性辨析】

A. live B. the life C. lived D. lives

3. People will also take vacations _____ other planets. 【本题考查:介词】

A. in B. on C. at D. to

4. Will there still _____ banks in the future? 【本题考查:动词辨析】

A. have B. need C. go to D. be

5. ____ do you think will shopping be like in the future? 【本题考查:疑问词辨析】

A. How B. What C. Which D. Why

6. There will be great increase _____ farming. 【本题考查:介词】

A. about B. in C. from D. on

7. There will be personal web pages _____ the five senses. 【本题考查:词义辨析】

A. have B. use C. with D. make

8. Where ______ in ten years’ time? 【本题考查:时态】

A. were you B. will you be C. are you D. have you been

9. Where ______ just now? 【本题考查:时态】

A. were you B. will you be C. are you going D. have you gone

10. What ______ I do first? 【本题考查:时态】

A. will B. am C. shall D. was

二 . 完成句子。

1. 明天下午我们学校将有一场篮球赛。

There a basketball match tomorrow.

2. 我认为明天不会下雪。

I it tomorrow.

3. 今天下午和我去看电影好吗?

to see a film with me this afternoon?

4. 我们昨天在晚会上玩得很愉快。

We at the party yesterday.

5. 他们将到其他星球上度假。

They will on other planets.

6. 汤姆每天步行上学。

Tom every day.


1. It’s difficult __________(predict) the future.

2. I have a lot of books ___________ (read).

3. The police asked the old man __________(try) __________ (recall) his address.

4. Why ___________ (go) out at night?

5. The mother made the baby ____________(stop) __________(cry).

6. She reached the top of the hill and stopped _____________(rest).

7. _____________(get) enough sleep is very important.

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