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北师大版英语9年级上册Unit 3单元检测

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Unit 3单元检测

一 . 用形容词,副词比较级或最高级填空。

1. He runs (slowly) than his brother.

2. Of all the students, the girl gets up (early) every day.

3. Summer is the (hot) season in a year.

4. He is getting and (good).

5. This is the

6. His flowers are (beautiful) than mine.

7. This room is (quiet) of the three.

8. He is (careful) than his brother when they do homework.

二 . 介词填空。

1. The sound and video are not ________ good as TV.

2. We can get news ___________ many ways.

3. Many people like the news ___________ TV.

4. The news is on TV only ____________ certain times.

5. ____ most TV news programs, they show ads and some people do not like this.

6. On many news sites you can send in your comments ________ e-mail.

7. It is really hard __________ say which one is better.

8. I try to watch TV ___________ little as possible.

9. The problem is ____________ difficult to explain.

10. What do you think ___________ the news today?

三 . 用所给词的适当形式填空。

1. My brother has a big ___________________ of CDs. (collect)

2. I think your bike is nicer than ________________. (he)

3. I think Zhang Ziyi’s career has been more ______________ than before. (success)

4. His house is nearer to school than _____________. (my)

5. Our classroom is much cleaner than ____________.(they)

6. This is _____(you) book, but where is _____(I).

7. Help ________ to some cake, kids.(you)

8. My coat is on the bed. _____ (you)is next to _____(my).

四. 补全句子:

1. 越容易记住越好。

________________, the better.

2. 你学习越努力就会越喜欢学习。

__________ you study, _________ you’ll like studying.

3. 手机正变得越来越复杂。

Cell phones are becoming ________________________.

4. 保持健康越来越重要了。

It’s _____________________ to keep fit.

5. 我花在学习上的时间越来越多了。

I’m spending _________________ studying.

6. 越来越多的人喜欢坐地铁上班。

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