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北师大版英语9年级上册Lesson 16 It might be a tool for cutting things

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Lesson 16 It might be a tool for cutting things. 要点精析

1.print v.&n. 印刷

1. To print in italic type.


2. The print is too small for me to read without glasses.


3. They bought a new machine to print the posters.



40 pages in a minute.

Answer: print

2. printing house 印刷厂

3. observe v. 观察,监视,观测

I observed him entering the bank with a gun. 我看到他带着枪进了银行。 Do you observe Christmas? 你有过圣诞节的习俗吗?

The police have been observing his movements. 警方一直监视着他的一举一动。 Do they observe Christmas Day in that country? 那个国家的人过圣诞节吗? He observed that it would probably rain. 他说很可能下雨.


observe a rule 遵守规则

observe a person’s birthday 庆祝某人的生日

strange to observe 说来奇怪

the observed of all observers 众所瞩目者, 众矢之的


We must learn to things with right opinions to forbive wrongs.

Answer: observe

4. thunder n. 雷,雷声

1. The thunder rumbled in the distance.


2. Thunder reverberated across the valley.


3. But can you tell me how Humans say "thunder"?



We could hear the of distant guns.

Answer: thunder

5. lightning n. 闪电

1. The dark room was momentarily lit up by a vivid flash of lightning.


2. Lightning zigzagged across the sky.


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