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北师大版英语9年级上册Unit 4 单元检测

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Unit 4 单元检测


1. The babies after well by the nurses. 2. A meeting next week.

3. All the fruit has been by the boy.

4. This kind of watch is in Shanghai.

5. The room has been by the students. 6. This tree by an old man many years ago.

二. 完成句子。

1. 英语被越来越多的人使用。

English by people.

2. 应尽量多说英语。

English should .

3. 他叫我不要在此拍照。

He told me here.

4. 你的自行车怎么了?

your bike?

5. 你和我都不擅长数学。

Neither you nor I 6. 第一张纸是在中国制造的。

The first paper China.

7. 风筝在3000年前在中国就被人了解了。 Kites in China about 3000 years ago.

8. 他们在战斗中被使用。

They in battles.

三.用“ is, are, was, were”填空.

1. We told to be ready at ten o’clock.

2. The police are looking for a man who thought to be dangerous.

3. The 1948 Olympic Games held in London.

4. Rice grown all over Asia.

5. Most people paid at the end of the month.

6. Thousands of gadgets invented every year.

7. The Live Aid concerts in England and America watched by millions of fans.

8.Camera 9. Milk had as main food for babies.

四 . 用所给动词的适当形式填空。

1. On this website, the news _______________ (update)every hour.

2. In this city, the streets __________________(sweep)every 4 hours.

3. In this book, key points _________________ (highlight)in red.

4. Jules Vern _________________(think)of as the father of science fiction.

5. In this country, young men __________________ (ask)to join the army.

6. We ___________________(not allow)to bring food into the classroom.

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