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北师大版英语9年级下册Lesson 28 Look before you leap

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Lesson 28 Look before you leap.


1. count v.按顺序数;计数

Jane was counted among the greatest dancers of the century. 简被视为本世纪最伟大的舞蹈家之一。

Have the votes been counted yet? 选票算好了没有?

Knowledge without common sense counts for little. 光有学问而无常识,则这种学问无甚价值。 He is young and inexperienced, but please do not count that against him. 他年轻又无经验,但请不要因此而小看他。

I no longer count him among my friends. 我不再把他当作朋友.

2. hatch v. (鸟、鸡)孵蛋

Hen's eggs take21 days to hatch out.


Chicks are hatching from the eggs.


Three of the chickens hatched today.


When will the eggs hatch?


3. reply n. 回答,答复

He gave me no chance to reply to his question. 他没有给我回答他问题的机会。 I had no reply to my letter. 我没收到回信。

He replied with a nod. 他点了点头作为回答.

She made no reply. 她没有回答.

What a sage reply you gave! 多聪明的回答啊!

4. admire v.羡慕 admire 后接名词或动名词;不接that引导的从句

admiration n. 赞美;羡慕 admirer n. 羡慕者;钦佩者(男) admiringly adv. 钦佩地 例句与用法:

1. She has many admirers. 她有许多追求者。

2. I am not a great admirer of her work.. 我对她的工作不太欣赏。

3. You may not like him, but you have got to admire his persistence. 你可以不喜欢他,但你不得不佩服他那种坚韧不拔的精神。

4. I admire him for his success in business. 我佩服他事业有成.

5. pass by 路过

1. He happened to pass by there at that time.


2. Let the lucky night pass by for this year.


3. I all see them pass by this house every day.


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