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北师大版英语9年级下册Unit 7 单元检测

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Unit 7 单元检测


1. The tailor was clever that he caught the giant【本题考查:so,such辨析】

A. very B. such C. as D. so

2. This is an interesting book that I want to read it again. 【本题考查:so,such 辨析】

A. such B. before C. why D. so

3. I hired a boat I could go fishing. 【本题考查:词义辨析】

A. when B. where C. so that D. such that

4. I with you to the cinema this afternoon if I am free. 【本题考查:时态】

A. go B. went C. will go D. has gone

5. Where have you been 【本题考查:连词】

A. before B. so C. while D. since

6. I’ll do it you tell me. 【本题考查:连词】

A. because B. as C. so D. such

7. It was snowing, it was not very cold. 【本题考查:连词】

A. but B. although C. so that D. if

8. She)/ she joined the company only a year ago, but she’s already the manger now. 【本题考查:连词】

A. Although B. If C. Before D. /

9. I read the story, I decided to find out more about the author. 【本题考查:连词】

A. After B. / C. While D. Although

10. A tailor was busy in the house. 【本题考查:非谓语动词】

A. to sew B. with sewing C. sewing D. is sewing

11. She didn’t like the bedit was very soft. 【本题考查:连词】

A. so B. until C. although D. because

12. They made much noise that the teacher got angry. 【本题考查:so,such辨析】

A. so B. such C. lots of D. very

13. We won’t go to visit the Great Wall the rain stops. 【本题考查:连词】

A. so B. after C. unless D. until

14. Our teacher insisted on everything himself. 【本题考查:非谓语动词】

A. checking B. to check C. checked D. check

15. Neither the driver nor the passengers hurt in the accident. 【本题考查:主谓一致】

A. was B. were C. did D. have


The moon, our 1 , travels 2 the Earth. It has 3 been visited by man in spaceships.

Man-made satellites have been sent up 4 space by many countries. They go round 5 . We used them 6 us to learn more 7 the Earth, the weather and other things. They are also used to 8 and receive massages. It makes people 9 different countries understand each other better. So people say the world itself is becoming a much 10 place.

( ) 1. A. satellite B. satellites C. Sun D. Earth

( ) 2.A.on B. near C. round D. before

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