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北师大版英语9年级下册Unit 8 单元检测

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Unit 8 单元检测


1. 谢谢你告诉我如何使用电脑。____________________________ use the computer.

2. 学好英语很重要。__________________________ to study English well.

3. 他做作业越来越细心了。He does his homework ________________________.

4. 李老师病情严重,但仍坚持工作, 硬要她卧床休息恐怕是不可能的。

Mrs. Li is seriously ill, but she still keeps working.

I’m afraid ___________________________________________.

5. 他们一到这,我就告诉他们。___________________________________, I’ll tell them.


Li Nan was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Two years ago, he graduated from medical school at Zhejiang University. Then he volunteered to work with the Go West program. He went to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and worked as a doctor. At first, he worked very hard. But he felt lonely because he was a long way from home. Sometimes he felt feel like giving up. But after a short time, he was able to make many new friends. People there were kind and warm-hearted. He began to like the place. Li Nan has just completed his two years of volunteer service and returned home. He said, “I learned a lot. I was a useful experience for me.”

1. What t did Li Nan do in Inner Mongolia? ______

A. He went to university.

B. He worked as a doctor.

C. He worked as a teacher.

2. How long has Li Nan worked as a volunteer in Inner Mongolia?

A. For four years.

B. Since he graduated from Zhejiang University.

C. Two years ago.

3. Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.

____graduated A. independent, self-governing

____autonomous B. friendly, kind and always willing to help

____ warm-hearted C. finished, brought to an end

____ completed D. received a degree from a university or a college

4. What did Li Nan do after he completed his volunteer service?

A. He went back to Zhejiang.

B. He stayed in Inner Mongolia.

C. He went to university again.

5. What did Li Nan think of his volunteer service?

A. It was lonely. B. It was hard. C. It was useful

三. 用括号里词的适当形式填空。

1. Don’t (be) late for class.

2. The boy left home yesterday. He is still (miss)now.

3. Please listen to 4. Don’t make a noise. Our teachers (have) a meeting.

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