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76. 我不会去参加这个聚会,除非受到邀请。

I won’t go to the party . (invite)

77. 请告诉我事故是什么时候发生的好吗?

Could you tell me ? (happen)

78. 为什么不让孩子去他们想去的地方呢?

the children go where they want? (why)

79. 我不知道明天他会不会准时参加会议。

he'll come to the meeting on time tomorrow. (wonder)

80. 他和我都不喜欢唱歌跳舞。

he I interested in singing and dancing. (be)

76. unless I am invited

77. when the accident happened

78. Why not let

79. I wonder if

80. Neither; nor; am

【2013 甘肃白银】B. 根据汉语意思完成句子,每空限填一词。

71. 我的爷爷习惯早起。

My grandma’s ________ ________ getting up early.

72. 过度使用手机对身体有害。

Using mobile phones _______ ________ is bad for your health.

73. 今天我以学校为荣,明天学校以我为傲。

Today I’m ________ of my school and tomorrow my school will take ______ in my success.

74. 如果时间再多一点,我将能做的更好。

If more time _______ ______, I will do it better.

75. 即使是最简单的日常活动也会对环境造成影响。

Even the simplest ________ ________ can make a difference to the environment. 答案:

71. used to 72. too much 73. proud; pride 74. is given 75. daily activities



【2013江苏连云港】66. — How can I speak English ________(与你一样好), Rose?

— Practice makes perfect.

【2013江苏连云港】67. The charity aims to provide help to people ________(需要).

【2013江苏连云港】68. Peter was so tired that he ________(直到……才醒来) half past eight yesterday.

【2013江苏连云港】69. — Simon has difficult in ________(与……相处得好) his new classmates. xK b1 .C om

— I'll give him some advice.

【2013江苏连云港】70. A recent survey shows more than two-thirds of Chinese ________(对……满意) their health service.

【答案】 66.as well as you 67.in need 68.didn’t wake up until

69.getting on /along well with 70.are satisfied/happy/pleased with




I believe our Chinese dreams will 2.杰克很外向,也很容易相处。



We’re willing to wild animals.


They’re organizing a talent show to


Harvey’s parents found some books 6.当琳达听到这个好消息的时候,情不自禁的笑了。

When Linda heard the good news, she couldn’t 7.格林夫妇计划去某个轻松的地方度假。

The Greens are planning to go for vocations.


His father in what he has done.


I’d rather gothan 10.到目前为止,我们班三分之二的学生参加了体育俱乐部。

of the students in our class have the PE club.

1. come true【解析】come true意为“实现”,无被动形式。

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