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1. say, speak, tell,talk


■ say:

■:vt. & vi.



■ talk:“谈话” vi.

■ tell: Can you tell me your name?

Tell him not to be late again.


1) What would you like to _______ about your hometown?

A. speak

A. speak B. talk B. tell C. say C. say D. tell D. talk

2) It’s hard to _______ who will win the game in the end. 第1页 版权所有 不得复制

答案:B C

2. look, see, watch, read

■ look vi. 看

强调看的动作,常与介词“at”连用,后接所看的事物,固定搭配:look at sth. What are you looking at?

I am looking at a cool T-shirt.

■ see vt. 看见


When I got home, I saw him crying.

Can you see a black car near the tree?

■ watch vt. 观看,注意看

常用搭配:watch TV/ the game

■ read vt. 看,读


1) C. watch



3. bring, take, get, carry

■ bring vt. 带来,拿来

■ take vt. 拿走,取走

■ get vt. 拿到,得到,取来


Can you get some water for me?

■ carry vt. 搬运,提,运送


He always carries a small box in his hands.


第2页 版权所有 不得复制 I’’B. look at

1) Trucks _______ all kinds of things here and there.

A. carry B. take C. bring D. get

2) Please _______ him to the nurse there, and she’ll give him some pills(药片).

A. carry

答案:A D

4. look for, find, find out

■ look for 寻找


I’m looking for my pen, but I can’t find it.

■ find vt. 寻找, 发现


■ find out


1) ——No, I



固定搭配:listen to

■ hear vt. 听


hear of/ about 听说

hear from 收到??来信

I can hear someone knocking. 我听到有人敲门。

I'd never heard of him before he won the prize. 在他得奖之前我从来没听说过他。 We haven't heard from her for two years. 我们已经两年没有收到她的来信了。


_______ me carefully, boys and girls. Can you _______ me?

A. Listen to, hear from B. Hear, listen to C. Hear, hear D. Listen to, hear

B. bring C. get D. take C. look 第3页 版权所有 不得复制


6. cost, take, spend, pay

■ cost vt. 花费


The book cost me 10 yuan.

■ take vt. 花费


常用句型:It takes sb. some time to do sth.. It是形式主语,to do不定式是真正的主语。

It took me 10 yuan to buy the book.

■ pay vt. 付,支付


常用搭配:pay for

I paid 10 yuan for the book.

■ spend vt. 花费


spend on sth.

A. spend B. spend B. paid D. finished 3) I’A. finishing 答案:A C B A

7. arrive, get to, reach

■ arrive vi. 到达

固定搭配: arrive in (接较大的地点)./at (接较小的地点)

What time does the plane arrive in New York?

■ get to +地点名词。如后接副词则省略“to”

When will they get to that city?

■ reach + 地点名词。

When will they reach the city?

第4页 版权所有 不得复制


1) When they _______ at the village, it was 10 in the evening. A. arrived A. came 答案:A D

8. borrow, lend

■ borrow借,从主语角度讲是“借进” 常用句型borrow sth. from sb.

He wants to borrow some books from you. ■ lend常用结构lend sb. sth. He lent me his pen.


A. borrow A. borrow 答案:和cross 横过,穿过 on有关 ■ through prep. 穿过,通过

in ■ cross vt.


1) The students walked _______ the gates with the teacher. A. across A. cross 答案:B A

10. join, join in和take part in ■ join vt.参加

第5页 版权所有 不得复制

B. reached B. arrived

C. got D. got to

2) The Green family _____Xiamen last Sunday morning.

C. reached to D. got to

C. give

C. buy D. buy

2) I’C. borrowing

B. through B. across

C. cross C. through

D. over

D. walk

2) When you _______ the street, you must be careful.



I joined a health club last year.

■ take part in = join in 参加


We should take an active part in school activities.

She is going to join in the English evening.


A. joined


11. have和there be

■ have vt.

I have a new pen.

■ there be





■ learn vt. 学习,学会


■ study vt.学习,研究


study hard, study for the math test

If you study hard, you’ll learn the language well.


Where did you _______ to dance?

A. study

答案:B B. learn C. teach B. are C. was B. took part in D. take part in

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13. job和work

■ job 可数名词,“职业”,也指临时或某项具体的工作。

■ work 不可数名词,泛指各项工作。

a piece of work 一项工作


1) My father is looking for a _______ these days.

2)All _______ and no play makes Jack a dull 傻)

答案:job, work

14. another, the other, the others和■ another“另一个” ■ the other”

■ others相当于

some■ the

’B. the others 2) I don’A. the other

答案:B B

15. too many, too much■ too many

There’’t stand them.

■ too much太多??,修饰不可数名词,也可作副词使用。

There was too much rain last summer.

He always speaks too much.

■ much too“太,非常”,用作副词短语修饰形容词和副词,但不修饰动词。 My teacher is much too kind to us.


1) I have ______ homework to do today. I can’t go with you.

第7页 版权所有 不得复制 D. another D. others

A. too many B. too much C. much too 2) The supermarket is too crowded. ______ people are shopping. A. Too many 答案:B A

B. Too much

C. Much too

D. very much D. Very much



1. —How do you know that she likes singing? —I often hear her _______ after class. A. to sing A. me

B. sang B. I

D. sings

2. I’

D. mine

D. interested A. interest A. happily A. looks A. like

C. sounds C. take

*4. Li Lei’5. I’6. I can’7. We didn’ C. or

D. not talk D. cleaning D. a few D. took D. wants

’s bad for your health.

B. Not ’——Let’

B. to talk

A. clean B. cleans 11. Don’t worry(别担心)A. little A. spent A. lets

C. paid C. keeps

14. Dad, could you teach me to _______ dumplings, please? A. do B. take C. get 15. —_______? ——Well, it’s really a very interesting book. A. How about reading a book in the library B. Do you like reading

C. What do you think of the book D. Are you reading the book now

第8页 版权所有 不得复制

D. make

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