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2014中考英语话题及读写训练课件Relationship and Emotional Attitude(人际关系和情感态度)

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Relationship and Emotional Attitude (人际关系和情感态度)

Step 1. Let’s write from memory. (默写)
朋友———friend 同事——workmate 同班同学—classmates 校友——schoolmate 队友———teammate 老板——boss 外国人——foreigner 主人——host 争吵———argue / quarrel 微笑——smile 讨论———discuss 思考——think 大笑———laugh 大吼——shout 感情———feeling 疲劳的——tired 哭————cry 相聚——get together 向……说谢谢——say thanks to sb. 解决问题—solve the problem 寻求帮助—ask…for help 高兴的——happy 悲伤的——sad 对某人生气——be angry with sb. / be mad at sb.

担心……——worry about 感觉孤独——feel lonely 以……为骄傲——be proud of / take pride in 害怕某事/某人——be afraid of sth / sb. 紧张的——nervous 处理——deal with 没礼貌的——impolite 握手——shake hands 和…交谈—talk with / to sb. 对…感兴趣—be interested in 对……感到惊讶——be surprised at 对……感到激动——be excited about 应该做……——be supposed to do 当你处于麻烦时,你将向谁寻求帮助? ——Who will you ask for help when you are in trouble? 中国人第一次见面应该怎么做? ——What are people in China supposed to do when they meet for the first time? 什么使你如此开心?——What made you so happy? 嘲笑他人是不礼貌的。—Laughing at others is impolite.

Step 1. Let’s write from memory. (默写)
※ 阅读理解和完形填空中常见词汇: colleague同事 partner搭档 relative亲戚 generation gap代沟 superior上司 pen pal笔友 fear害怕 criticize批评



keep in touch with与……保持联系

Step 2. Let’s choose the right answer. (完形填空)
On my way home I knocked into a stranger as he passed by. “Oh. I’m terribly sorry,” I said. “That’s all right. Please excuse me too; I wasn’t even 1 you. I wish I didn’t hurt you.”We were very 2 . We said good-bye and went on our way. But at home we often criticize(批评)our loved ones 3 different ways. Later that day, while I was cooking the evening meal, my daughter stood beside me very quietly. When I turned, I nearly 4 her down. “Move out of the way.” I shouted. She walked away, tears in her eyes.

While I lay awake in bed, I realized how 5 I’d spoken. So I decided to get up to say sorry to my daughter. On the way to her bedroom, to my surprise, I found some 6 by the door of the kitchen. At that time my tears began to fall. I quietly went and got down on my knees by her 7 . She woke up and put her arms around my neck when I kissed her. Then I asked, “Did you pick these flowers for me?” She smiled, “I found them out by the tree. I picked them 8 they were pretty like you. I knew you’d like them. I stood quietly in order to give you a surprise.” “Oh dear, I’m really sorry for the

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