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2014中考英语话题及读写训练课件Something Personal(个人情况)

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1.Something Personal (个人情况)

Step 1. Let’s write from memory. (默写)
名字——name 生日——birthday 医生——doctor 工程师——engineer 经理—— manager 警察——policeman 科学家——scientist 工人——worker 嘴巴——mouth 脚———foot (feet) 勇敢的——brave 滑稽的——funny 年龄——age 地址——address 司机——driver 农民——farmer 护士——nurse 邮递员——postman 教师——teacher 头发——hair 牙齿——tooth (teeth) 腿———leg 聪明的——clever 诚实的——honest

Step 1. Let’s write from memory. (默写)
美丽的——beautiful 害羞的——shy 愚蠢的——foolish 瘦的——thin 丑陋的——ugly 高的——tall 矮的——short 胖的——fat / heavy 优秀的——excellent 严肃的——serious 耐心的——patient 擅长于—be good at 和某人相处愉快——be good with sb. 和某人相处得好——get on well with sb. 害怕…… —————be afraid of 害怕做某事————be afraid to do sth. 过去常常做某事——used to do sth. 习惯于做某事———be/get used to doing sth.

Step 1. Let’s write from memory. (默写)
看起来像——look like 不再——not…any more / longer (no more / longer) 我出生于1996年7月10日。—I was born on July 10, 1996. 我住在广州市中山路15号。 ——I live in NO. 15 Zhongshan Road, Guangzhou. 我的父亲是一名工程师,我母亲是位英语教师。 ——My father is an engineer and my mother is an English teacher. 他在第一中学初三(5)班学习。 —He is a student of Class 5, Grade 3 in No.1 Middle School. 我的家离学校不远。——My home is not far from school. 她是一个高个子的外向型女孩。 ——She is a tall and outgoing girl.

Step 2. Let’s do reading comprehension. (阅读理解)
China’s Li Na moved up two places to seventh in the latest WTA rankings released on Monday despite(尽管)losing the Rome WTA final last Sunday to Russian Maria Sharapova, Yahoo reported. Li will begin her French Open title defence next week in Paris. It was the first win ever at a Grand Slam event for someone representing China. Liu Xiang Back to World Top With a world fastest time of the season so far, Chinese star hurdler Liu Xiang showed the world that he is back to the world top level. Running into 13 seconds on a wet track. In spite of running on a wet track, the 28-year-old Liu claimed(宣称)an overwhelming victory against three American first-class hurdlers at the 2012 Diamond League Shanghai last Saturday. The Athens Olympic champion clocked a world leading time of 12.97 seconds to claim title of men’s 110m hurdle event, and the result bettered (胜过)the previous season best of 13.03s set by America’s Aries Merritt two weeks ago. David Oliver of the United States finished second in 13.13s while another American Jason Richardson, newly crowned world champion in Dague last ye

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