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七年级第二学期英语第三次水平检测 I .听力(共20分)

第一节: 根据所听句子内容,选择符合题意的关键词. 句子读两遍. 1. A. lanterns B. flowers C. dumplings 2. A. wash the dishes B. sweep the floor C. wash clothes 3. A. running B. gymnastics C. cycling 4. A. two churches B. four churches C. one church 5. A. football B. swimming C. basketball 第二节: 听句子,选择恰当的答语. 句子读两遍.

6. A. Yes, it is. B. No, it can’t. C. Yes, I like it. 7. A. She’s cooking. B. She’ll go to England. C. She took photos. 8. A. Listening to the radio. B. Slowly and loudly. C. In the classroom. 9. A. It’s expensive. B. It’s fast. C. It was big. 10. A. Twice a day. B. Six days. C. In 2009. 第三节: 听长对话,选择最佳答案. 对话读两遍. 听下面一段较长对话,回答11-12两个问题. 11. Why will Hunter go to Paris? A. Because he wants to visit his friend. B. Because he wants to visit his father. C. Because he wants to visit his aunt. 12. Where will Hunter live? A. In his friend’s house. B. At the school. C. In the hotel.

听下面一段较长对话, 回答13-15三个问题. 13. What did Mary do last night? A. She played table tennis.

B. She played tennis. C. She had a piano lesson.

14. How far is it from the man’s house to the sports center?

A. One kilometer. B. Two kilometers. C. Three kilometers. 15. When will they go to the sports center?

A. On Friday. B. On Saturday. C. On Sunday. 第四节: 听短文,完成下面信息记录表. 短文读两遍.

16. A. England B. America C. Russia 17. A. 1920 B. 1912 C. 1902

18. A. Atlantic Ocean B. Pacific Ocean C. North Pole 19. A. Moscow B. California C. Sydney 20. A. 46,176-kilometer B. 46,716-kilometer C. 46,671-kilometer

Ⅱ. 单项选择 (每小题


21. I live farthest ________ that police station.





22.一 ________does your brother go to school every day? 一 By bike.


A.When B.Where C.How D.What 23.一 ________is the park? 一It’s about ten kilometres. A.How long

B.How far

C.How many

D.How much

24.I have a nice dog ________ two big eyes. A.in




25.I ________ born ________ l999.I'm old enough to go to school. A.am;in




26.He ________ to Dezhou yesterday. A.go




27.The apple is on the floor,you had better ________ and give it to the girl. A.pick up it

B.pick it up

C.pick up them

D.pick them up

28.He was ________ in the forest yesterday. A.lose




29.We knocked ________ the door,________nobody answered. A.on;and




30.December 25th is ________.

A.Teachers' Day B.National Day C.Spring Festival

D.Christmas Day

31.We’ll decide ________ the meeting. A.to




32. He started to go to school ________6.

A. at age of B. in age of

C. at the age of

D. in the age of

33. He ________ a theatre company and became a actor.

A. joins

B. joins in

C. joined

D. joined in

34. Tony works ________ than Jacky.

A. more careful B. most carefully C. more carefully D.much carefully

35. Amy ________ Shanghai last night.

A. arrives

B. arrived

C. reaches D. reached

36. They ________ a long time at sea.

A. took

B. paid

C. cost

D. spent

37. There is a railroad ________ train between Dezhou and Jinan.

A. of

B. for

C. about

D. on

38. Jim is a ________ student.

A. 16 years old B. 16 year old C. 16 - years - old

D. 16 - year - old

39. It took us one year ________ the bridge.

A. build

B. building

C. to build

D. to building

40 . Jacky Chan is one of ___________ in the world.

A. better stars B. best star C. the best stars D. the best star 41. .The girl is ______ the sun .

A. lieing in B. lying under C. lying in D. lieing under

42. You can see ________ birds in the park

A. two thousands B. thousands C. two thousand of D. thousands of

43. There is going to ________ a class meeting tomorrow. A. is B. has C. be D. have

44. No one _________ speak English badly.

A. want B. wants to C. want to D. wants 45. I _______ her carefully, but I _____ nothing. A. listened, heard

B. listened to, heard C listening, heard D. listens, heard

Ⅲ. 阅读理解 (共4篇,每题2分,共40分)


People sometimes like to read stories of dogs very much. They think that dogs are much cleverer than cats, sheep, cows or other animals in their homes.


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