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单词start, 70-year(复合形容词)

短语at the age of, take part in, because of;

句型1. When was he born?

2. You are never too young to start doing things.

3. I saw her play when I was eight.

4. When did he stop hiccupping?

难点:take part in与join的用法;stop doing sth.与stop to do sth.的用法;see sb. doing sth.与see sb. do sth.的用法。




◎ start

【用法】start 为及物动词,意为“开始”,与begin同义,其后接名词、动名词或动词不定式。

【例句】1. Shall we start/begin dinner?

2. When did he start learning English?

= When did he start to learn English?




1. The little boy can’t start the car.

2. She started a new shop last year.

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3. We must start early.



Maybe there is something wrong with my car. I can’t it.

A. move B. begin C. start D. work



1. the age of thirty, Peter went to Australia to look for a job.

A. On B. At C. From D. By


解题思路:此题考查短语at the age of“在??岁时”,这是一个固定搭配。

2. She started dancing at the age of five. (改为同义句)

She started dancing .

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答案:when she was five years old.

解题思路:at the age of意为“在??岁时”,其后接年龄,相当于when引导的时间状语从句。句意为“她从五岁时就开始跳舞了。”

◎ take part in

【用法】take part in… 意为“参加??,参与??”,指参加会议或群众性的活动等。

【例句】1. Did you take part in the sports meeting?

2. How many students took part in the exam?

【考查点】辨析:take part in与join 解题思路:从题干看,第一个空后所接的是名词,只能用because of;第二个空后所接的是从句,只能用because。句意为“我没去参加聚会不是因为天气而是因为我不舒服。”


1. 汤姆四岁时开始学手风琴。

Tom began the accordion four.

2. She began to learn English when she was two. (改为同义句)

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She began to learn English 3. 李燕因为牙痛不能去上学。

Li Yan go to school her toothache.

4. Last week she (参加)the singing competition of our school.

5. Deng Yaping the national table tennis team in 1988.

A. took part in B. joined C. joins D. takes part in

(三)重点句型 = He is not tall enough to reach the picture.




A. too old


B. too short C. too young D. too thin 第4页 版权所有 不得复制

解题思路:too…to…意为“太??以致不能??”,可与not…enough to 相互转换,注意相互转换时,形容词要转换为反义词。

2. ─This suitcase is heavy for me to carry. Can you help me?


A. very B. too C. so D. much


解题思路:too…to…“太??以致不能??”,为固定搭配。句意“手提箱对我来说太重了(我)搬不动。你能帮我吗?” I’m playing computer games. Dad asks me to stop to do my homework.


forget to do sth.忘记去做某事(事未做)与forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事(事已做); remember to do sth.记住去做某事(事未做)与remember doing sth.记得曾做过某事(事已做)

【易错点】混淆to do与doing 的用法。


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1. They are too tired, so they stop and have a rest.

A. working B. to work C. work D. works


解题思路:stop后既可接doing sth.,也可接to do sth.,所以C、D两项可先排除。stop doing sth. 意为“停止做某事”;stop to do sth.意为“停止正在做的事,转而去做另外一件事”。由have a rest可知A项正确。

2. Can you stop (help) me? It is too heavy for me to carry.

答案:to help

—Yes, he was born September 12th, 1980.

A. on B. from C. with D. in

﹡3. Bai Ling said her family had a vacation in Europe.

A. two month B. two-months C. two-month D. two-months’

﹡4. The students couldn’t go back home the heavy rain.

A. though B. because C. for D. because of

5. Fu Mingxia the youngest world champion when she was thirteen.

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A. become B. is becoming C. becomes D. became

﹡6. They asked me to perform a comedy A Trip to Beijing.

A. called B. calling C. calls D. is called

﹡7. —Did you see her into the gift shop just now?

—Yes, I did.

A. go B. went C. goes D. to go

﹡8. Mrs Wang asked us to stop , and we stopped to her at once.

A. talking; listening B. talking; to listen 4. A. on B. at C. for D. in

5. A. joined B. came C. attended D. entered

6. A. won B. beat C. made D. joined

7. A. in B. with C. on D. for

8. A. On B. At C. To D. In

9. A. joined B. majored C. learned D. studied

10. A. and B. or C. in D. of

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Ⅲ. 阅读理解


Nancy Yi Fan is the New York Times bestselling author(畅销书作者)of Swordbird. She was born in 1993 in China. When she was seven years old, she moved with her parents to the United States. She knew the event of 9.11 at the age of eleven. “Well, I want by books to bring a message about the importance of peace(和平)and freedom(自由)in the world to readers,” Fan said.

Fan writes the novel in both English and Chinese. She learns English very well. She shares 根据上面表格提供的信息,选择正确的答案。

6. Thomas Edison is from 第8页 版权所有 不得复制

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