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◎ although


【例句】1. Although/Though he is very old, he is quite strong.

2. He works hard although/though he is in bad health.


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— the soldiers are very tired, they keep on working.

—They are great. We must learn from them.

A. Because; / B. Though; / C. Because; so D. Though; but



1. You should eat some vegetables. (改为否定句)

You vegetables.

答案:shouldn?t eat any


2. He should go out this Sunday. (改为一般疑问句)

he out this Sunday?

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答案:Should, go



1. The doctor wants me milk for breakfast every day.

A. get B. to drink C. to buy D. have

2. Mr Li wants me (join) the swimming club. (用动词的适当形式填空)

3. they are brothers , they don?t look like each other . 2. Mr Green is thinking about having a meeting.

【考查点】辨析:think about与think of, think over的区别。



Can you the past?

A. think of B. think about C. think over D. think


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解题思路:think of意为“想起”;think about 和think over都有“思考”的意思,而think只是单纯的想。句意为“你能想起过去的事吗?”


◎ 频率副词


频率副词表示动作发生的频率,通常用于一般现在时。常用的频率副词按照频率发生的高低分别是always > usually >often >sometimes >hardly ever > never。 结构:





2)以字母s, x, sh, ch或o结尾的动词,在词尾加es。

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不规则变化:be-is, have-has


1)表示经常性、习惯性或永久性的动作,常与always, usually, often, every day, every week等时间状语连用。

He is often late for class.

He takes a walk in the park every morning.

2)表示客观事实、真理、自然现象等。 可以用现在进行时表示将来的动词有:come, go, leave, arrive, fly, stay, do, take等。 The Greens are coming to my party tonight.

Do you have any plans for your summer vacation?



I am for London next Sunday.

A. going to B. leaving C. will go

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1. I (go camping) with my good friends this Sunday.

2. Tom and his father (stay) in San Francisco for five days next week.

A. looks after B. is the same as C. isn?t the same as D. doesn?t look after

6. many children like sugar, I think they had better try not to eat it too often.

A. Because B. When C. Although D. If

7. —May I go fishing with you, Dad?

—Of course. But you finish your homework.

A. mustn?t B. must C. would D. can?t

8. —?

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—Nothing serious, but a bit tired.

—Better have a rest now, dear.

A. Is that all

C. What?s this B. Is there anything else D. What?s the matter with you

9. My friend Dave helped me a lot by giving me on English learning.

A. advices B. many advice C. some advice D. some advices

﹡10. —Granny, you look so weak. What?s wrong with you?

—Terrible. The factory made noise(噪音). 4. A. get B. do C. want D. make

5. A. want B. hope C. need D. wish

6. A. in B. for C. to D. at

7. A. ago B. now C. then D. before

8. A. say B. enjoy C. talk D. know

9. A. about B. on C. at D. like

10. A. way B. study C. English D. medicine

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Ⅲ. 阅读理解


Bill went to see the doctor, because he always felt tired when he woke up in the morning. “Do you sleep well?” asked the doctor.

“Well, not really. I dream so much,” Bill answered, “ and I often dream about hard work. Sometimes I dreamt I was on an old ship. There was a terrible storm. I had to work for hours to stop the ship from going down. Last night, I dreamt that I was busy planting trees in the garden all night long. It?s always like that. In my dreams I always have very difficult jobs to do.”

“Well, you ?d better try to relax yourself before you go to sleep,” said the doctor.

“But how?”

“Well, why don?t you listen to some light music?” the doctor said.

Bill tried to listen to some light music that night. In fifteen minutes, he was fast asleep. But he went to see the doctor again next morning.

“Did it work, boy?” asked the doctor.

“I didn?t dream about hard work this time. I dreamt that I was in the music club, but because I couldn?t play well, I had to play the same piece of music again and again all night! Now, I feel even more tired this morning.”


1. Bill had a lot of headaches, so he went to see the doctor.

2. Bill always dreamt that he did hard work all night long, so he couldn?t sleep well.

3. The doctor gave Bill some sleeping pills(安眠药).

4. Bill began to listen to some light music before sleeping.

5. Bill could have a good sleep at last.


The Wilsons decided to go overseas for vacation. They had a family meeting to plan the vacation.

“First,” Mr Wilson said, “we should decide where we are going.”

“I don?t agree,” Mrs Wilson said, “I think we should decide when we are going first. We don?t want to go to places when they are cold.”

Mr Wilson agreed, so the family?s first decision was when to go on vacation. They decided to go in July.

“Now we can decide where to go,” said Mr Wilson.

“But, Dad,” Ben said, “don?t you think that where we go depends on(依赖,取决于)how we go? If we plan to fly, we can go a long way. If we plan to drive, we can?t go far.”

Again, Mr Wilson agreed, and they discussed this. At last they agreed to travel by plane.

And so the planning meeting went on. The next day, one of Mr Wilson?s friends at work asked, “Where are you going for vacation?”

“Well,” Mr Wilson told him, “we are going in summer by plane, but I don?t know where we are going!”


6. Why did the Wilsons have a family meeting?

7. What did they decide first?

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