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九年级英语第一、二 、三单元复习课件

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初中人教版九年级英语第一轮复习 课件 Unit 1

How do you study for a test?

How to learn English well?
four skills
listening skills speaking skills reading skills writing skills

improve the four skills

How do you improve your listening skills?

we learn by -listening to tapes

enjoying English songs

watching English movies

How do you improve your speaking skills? I study by ----

practicing speaking English Joining the English Corner practicing conversations with foreigners

How do you improve your reading skills?

I study by ---reading aloud and quickly

How do you improve your writing skills?
I study by ----

finding a pen pal

keeping a diary

重点词组和 句子复习

for help 1.向某人求助 ask sb ____ flashcards 2.制作抽认卡 make _________

excited _______ about get_______ too…to… 2.太....而不能 ________
fun / have a good time / enjoy 3.玩的开心 have _______________________ speaking skill 结束说英 4.演讲技能 _________ 语 end up _________ speaking English

5.口语 spoken ______ English 10. 嘲笑 laugh at ___

speaking English ? 练习说英语 practice ________ aloud 大声朗读 read_____ ? 犯错误 make _______ mistakes ? 首先 _____ first of all doing ? 有乐趣做.. have fun____ ? 看英文节目 ______ English programs watch ? 摘笔记 ______ take notes doing sth ? 做某事有困难 have trouble _______ in ______ in the dictionary up ? 查字典 look ____ _ another thing ? 另一件事 _______ deal with ? 处理 ______


to begin with/end with

later on 过后 enjoy learning English 喜欢学英语


spend …on/doing …

look up.. in a dictionary 查字典 have trouble doing.. 有困难做...

1. I can’t usually get my pronunciation ____________ (发音) right. mistakes (错误) in the tests. 2. She often make __________ slowly 3. Can you speak __________ (慢地)? I can’t follow you. secret 4. I can’t tell you, it’s a ___________ (秘密)。 5. His brother is a _________ (军人)。 solider deal with (应付) your problems? 6. How do you_________ 7. My mother alwaysregards ______(将…视为) me as a child. afraid (害怕)to speak in class? 8.Are you _________ 9.Unless we have no problems, easily we can ________( 容易) become unhappy. 10.When he heard the news, excited he got very ___________ (兴奋)。

finding 1. I had lots of trouble __________ a solution to the problem. (find) spoken English is very poor, 2. My ________ speak I’m afraid to __________ English. (speak) making flashcard. (make) 3. I study English by ________ learn English is to use it. (learn) 4. The best way to _______ to memorize 5. I find it is important ___________new words.(记忆) 6. Learning _______ English is very difficult.(学习) 7.Yao Ming practices playing ______basketball every day

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