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第一卷 (选择题 共55分)


( )1. Mona _______like apples,but her parents _________.

A. don’t; do B. doesn’t; does C. don’t; does D. doesn’t; do ( )2. This is Jim. _______ ten.

A. She is B. He is C. It’s

( )3. Here _______ some photos of my family.

A. is B. am C. are

( )4. Does Tom like playing ________baseball? D. he’s D. have

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )5. —Where are _______ apples? —They’re on _____ desk

A .an; a B. an; the C. the; a

( )6. —What’s his __________? —Green. D. the; the

A. first name B. given name C. family name D. the second name ( )7. Dad, _____ is Tom. Tom, _____ is my father.

A. it , this B. this , this C. he , he

( )8. —Where is my teacher? —-I think ____ is at home.

A. she B. her

( )9. —Can we _______ ping-pong?

—No,________ tennis.

A. play; let’s play B. plays; let’s play

C. play; let’s to play D. plays; let’s to play

( )10. There is ________ “u” and________ “l” in the word “ruler”.

A. a ; a B. an ; an C. a ; an D. an ; a

( )11.______ do you spell “alarm clock”?

A. What B. How C. Who

( )12. —Are these your brothers? — __________.

A. Yes, these are

B. No, they don’t D. that , this D. me C. his D. Which 第1页 版权所有 不得复制

C. Yes, they do. D. No, they aren’t ( )13. _______ your telephone number?

A. What B. What’s C. What’re ( )14.That is my sister. ______ name is Mary.

A. She B. Her C. His ( )15.— _______ is the bag? —-It’s blue.

A. What B. What color C. How ( )16. — _______ ? —-No , it isn’t . That’s my mother.

A. Who’s that

D. What has D. He D. What’s

B. What’s that

C. Is that your aunt D. Are these your brothers ( )17.Let’s call Tom. It’s ________ watch. A. his B. your ( )18.What’s this _______ Chinese? A. with B. at ( )19. ________, what’s your name?

C. her C. of

D. my D. in D. Excuse me D. grandmother D. the D. of D. reading D. to watch D. many D. reading D. to sound D. don’t has D. to D. paper

A. OK B. Thank you C. Sorry ( )20.My father’s sister is my __________. A. aunt B. sister ( )21. I can see _____ orange jacket.

C. uncle

A. them B. an C. a ( )22. Thank you _______ your photos. A. to B. for ( )23. She can ________ the book.

C. at

A. read B. reads C. to read ( )24. Ed only _______ basketball on TV.

A. watch B. watches C. watchs ( )25. We have ________ pictures. A. much B. one ( )26. Let us _________ books.

C. a

A. reads B. to read C. read ( )27. —Let’s play computer. —That ________ interesting. A. sounds B. sounded ( )28. Mr. Wang ________ a watch.

C. sounding

A. doesn’t has B. doesn’t have C. don’t have ( )29. Please take the backpack _______ your brother. A. at B. for C. of ( )30. You can look up(查)the word in a _________. A. pencil-case

B. backpack C. dictionary


___1___name is Li Jiawei. I’m ___2___ ___3____,Grade Seven(七年级). I have two new good ___4___. ___5____ English. Their(他们的) names are David and Tim. We study(学习)together and play together(一起). I help(帮助)____6_____ study Chinese and they help ___7___

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study English. We play sports after school. We all(都)like ping-pong very much. I __8___ a ping-pong bat and David ___9___ one, too. __10____ Tim doesn’t have a ping-pong bat. He has ping-pong balls only.

( )1. A. I ( )2. A. in ( )3. A. Two Class ( )4. A. a friend ( )5. A. They’re B. Me B. on

C. My C. at

D. I’m

D. to

B. Class Two C. two class D. class two B. friendly C. friend D. friends B. You’re C. I’m D. We’re has a little sister. He often(常常)looks after her. Tim is Canadian(加拿大人). He is twelve, too. He is in Class One, Grade One. He likes football. He often plays football with us. Mike and Tim are good friends. They are in No. 10 Middle School.

( )6. Mike is _______.

A. Japanese B. Chinese C. Canadian ( )7. Mike often _____ his sister.

A. looks like B. looks after C. looks at

D. American D. looks the same

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( )8. Mike and Tim are in _____.

A. the same(相同的) class C. different grades ( )9. Who likes football?

A. Tim. B. Mike.

B. the same school D. different schools

C. Tim and Mike. D. No one.

( )10. Which is right?

A. Mike is thirteen. B. Tim often looks after his little sister. C. Mike and Tim are good friends. D. Mike and Tim are twins.


George is an English teacher in a middle school. He gets up early every day. He has breakfast at six fifty. He goes to school at seven twenty in the morning. He works very hard all day. He plays football with his students after school. He goes home at five in the afternoon. He has supper at six. After that he does his work in his room. He has a little dog and he likes it very much. He plays with it in the evening.

( )11. George teaches _____ in a middle school. A. math B. English ( )12. He has breakfast at _____.

C. Chinese D. P.E.

D. B and C D. before lunch D. Before supper D. little dog

A. six thirty B. six fifty C. ten to seven ( )13. He plays football with his students _____. A. after school B. before class ( )14. _____ he does his work in his room.

C. after supper

A. After school B. After supper C. After class ( )15. He often plays with his _____ in the evening. A. little cat

B. big dog

C. big cat

第二卷 (非选择题 共45分)


A:Let’s play basketball, Jenny.

B: Sorry, _____1_______ I just like computer games. A: Do you have a computer game? B: _____2____

A: Does your sister have a computer game? B: _____3______

A: OK, good! Then, what do you like to eat? B: _____4______ A: _____5______

B: She likes bananas but she doesn’t like ice cream. How about you? A: I like ice cream very much. But I don’t like fruits .

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1. _______ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. __________ 5. __________


1. Her new jacket is ___________ [wait].

2. He isn’t my friend. I don’t _________ [n?u] his name.

3. What’s her _______['f?mili] name? ['s?k?] 就划线部分提问)

______ ______ ______ his shoes?


1. 给汤姆打电话6539878。

_______ Tom __________6539878.

2. 我的爸爸每天晚上看电视。

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My father ___________ ___________ every evening.

3. 那是一本有趣的书。

That is __________ __________ book.

4. 你们学校有篮球俱乐部吗?

__________ your school have a ____________ club?


There is a __________ of keys in the lost and ___________ case.

6. 这是我的祖父母。_____ _________ my ___________.

7. 把笔记本带到学校去。

___________ the notebook __________ school .



Unit 7 How much are these pants?


1. 学习单词:color 等与颜色有关的单词

2. 学习句型:How much …?……多少钱?


思考问题1:你能用英语表达1—20 的数字吗?


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一、1—5 DBCDD 6—10 CBAAC 11—15BDBBB

16—20 CADDA 21—25 BBABD 26—30 CABDC

二、1—5 CABDA 6—10 BDABB

三、1—5 CBDAD 6—10 DBBAC 11—15 BBABD

四、1—5 CDAEB

五、1—5 white; know; family; soccer; friend

六、1—10 have; those; take; plays; don’t have; clubs; his; to see; are; good

七、1—7 It’s an; doesn’t sound; These, photos; it isn’t; His name’s; Where, your; What color are 八、1—7 Call at; watches TV; an interesting; Does, basketball; set, found; These are, grandparents; Take, to


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