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初一下学期英语期终考试试卷 第一部分 听力 ( 共 20 分 )

Ⅰ.选出你听到的句子 . ( 共 5 分,每小题 1 分 )

( )1.A.Do you like working?

B.Do you like swimming?

C.Do you like singing?

D.Do you like reading books?

( )2.A.He wants his bike.

B.He wants his kite.

C.He wants his knife.

D.He wants his cat.

( )3.A.What does he do?

B.What does she do?

C.What do you do?

D.What's your father doing?

( )4.A.There are some birds in

B.There are some hills in the picture.

C.There are some cats in the picture.

D.There are some women in the picture.

( )5.A.What day is it today?

B.What date is today?

C.What's the day today? date today? the picture. D.What's the

Ⅱ . 根据你所听到的问题选择正确答案。 ( 共 5 分,每小题 1 分 )

( )1.A.He is Canada

B.He come from Canada.

C.He is from Canada.

D.He comes from Canadian.

( )2.A.There is five.

B.There are five.


D.I see five.

( )3.A.Yes,a little.

B.I don't know.

C.I am English.

D.I can speak English.

( )4.A.Yes,please.I would like a kilo of rice.

B.Yes,you can.

C.Sorry,you can't.

D.You are welcome.

( )5.A.I'm fifteen.

B.Two kilos,please.

C.Sorry,there isn't any.

D.Here you are.

Ⅲ . 根据所听到的对话及问句选择相符的答案。 (5 分,每小题 1 分 )

( )1.A.She has a sister.

B.She has a brother.

C.She has a cat.

D.She has some bananas.

( )2.A.I like its people and food.

B.I like it very much.

C.I like speaking Chinese

D.I don't like playing football in China.

( )3.A.He helps his father clean his car.

B.He helps his mother clean their house.

C.He helps his mother carry the shopping basket.

D.He helps his mother do some washing.

( )4.A.He works in Beijing.

B.He works in Shanghai.

C.He works in Hangzhou.

D.He works in Liuzhou.

( )5.A.He come from Guilin.

B.He comes from Nanning.

C.He comes from Guangzhou.

D.He is from Guilin.

Ⅳ . 根据所听到的短文,在划线处填入所缺的单词。 ( 本题共 5 分,每小题

0.5分) Mr Green is from 1 .He 2 English in a middle school.He 3 some

Chinese,but not much.He 4 to Chinese classes every week.He 5 working in China very much. He 6 the Chinese people are

very 7 . He has a 8 and a 9 . They go to school here ,too ,but to a 10 school.

第二部分 笔试部分 (80 分 )

Ⅰ . 语音和语调

A .从下列各组单词中选出划线部分读音不同的单词。 ( 每小题 0  5 分 )

( )1.A.hers B.term C.certainly D.after

( )2.A.Thursday B.hard C.bird D.thirteen

( )3.A.down B.brown C.how D.window

( )4.A. what B. where C. who D. which

( )5.A. chair B.teacher C. China D.machine

( )6.A.fine B.five C.give D.knife

( )7.A.jump B.full C.much D.run

( )8.A.heavy B.bread C.meat D.sweater

( )9.A. cat B.pencil C. cup D.picture

( )10.A.class B. ask C. after D.table

B. 给下列句子标上语调。 ( 共 4 小题,每小题 0.5 分 )

1.Do you have a ( )brother? Yes,I do.

2.Where does he ( ) work? He works on a farm.

3.I like

( )eggs,( )meat ,( )rice,(

)bread and( ) pears.

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