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1. 在 将 来--------------- 2. 打 网 球---------------

3. 做 运 动-------------- 4. 过 时 的-----------------

5. 弹 吉 他----------------- 6. fall in love with---------------

7. wake up------------------- 8. come true----------------

9 .call sb up------------------ 10. as much as possible-----------------------


1.possible (反义词 ) --------------------- 2.company (复数) ---------------------------

3.few (比较级)------------------------ 4.met (原形)--------------------------

5.get (现在分词 ) -------------------- 6.buy (过去式)--------------------------

7.one (序数词)----------------------------- 8.happy (反义词)------------------------------

9.pollute (名词 ) --------------------------- 10.cheap (同义词)---------------------------

三、用所给单词的适当形式填空(10分) 1. I saw many old people ----------(do) sports at the square at that time.

2 .Teachers complain about --------(teach) tired kids in the classroom.

3 .He is -----------(popular) than any other students in his class.

4. My clothes ---------(be) in style .Don’t you think so?

5. He is --------(plan) for his future.

6. I think French is ------(little) popular than English.

7. Don’t ---------( ask) me for money again.

8. We should ------------(watch) TV and relax ourselves.

9. I went to Shanghai last year and ----------(fall) in love with it.

10. My teacher wants us-------(study) as hard as we can.

四.单项选择(15分) 1. She will be a doctor------ two months.

A. after B. on C. in D. at

2. Please pass me two---------.

A. pieces of paper B . pieces of papers

C. pieces paper D . piece papers

3. What-------your school life will be like?

A. you think B. do you think C. don’t you think D. you do think

4. Now people like to write articles------computers not--------paper.

A. on ; on B. at ; on C. in ; in D. with ; with

5. Jim is tall but Tom is------taller.

A .very B .even C .too D .more

6 .The boy is old enough to ---------himself.

A .wear B .put on C .dress D .be in

7. what is your brother able--------?

A . to do B .do C .to doing D .does

8. If I have a big house, I will------- a pet dog.

A .take care of B .find C .have D .keep 9. This machine was used -------years ago.

A. five hundred B . five hundreds

C . five hundreds of D . five hundred of

10 . It’s difficult-------- me to learn English well.

A .of B .with C .for D .as

11. Li Ming gave me a ticket-------a film.

A .of B .to C .about D .with

12. I need lots of money to ------ for my education.

A .spend B .cost C .pay D .take

13.I ------- my watch, but I didn’t -------- it.

A. looked for ; found B . found ; find

C .looking for ; found D .looked for ; fiund

14.All of us went to the park --------Kim today. He was ill in bed .

A .beside B .except C .except for D .besides

15. We find ------interesting to learn history.

A .it B .us C .that D .our


1. I will write him a letter .(改为同义句)

.I will write ------ --------- --------- ----------.

---------- ---------- you do? 3. Jim spent twenty Yuan on his new backpack. (改为同义句)

Jim -------- twenty Yuan ---------- his new backpack.

4. There will be more buses in the future .(改为一般疑问句)

----------- ---------- be more buses in the future?

5. Do you know? Where does he come from? (合并为一句)

Do you know ------ he ------- -------?

--------- -------- Lucy get ------- with her English?


Danish was a very lazy girl. Her mother always asked her to learn to read, __1 __she didn't.It was disappointing.Her mother was __2__ about that.

One morning,Dinah just __3__ and was looking through the window.She saw her cousin skating on the __4__.He was wearing a pair of shoes she had never __5__ before.It was a pair of roller-skates(旱冰鞋).Dinah thought it was interesting to __6__ on the street.She got up quickly and went outside.She asked her cousin if she __7__ try his shoes on.Her cousin said to her,”I know that your __8__ has been asking you to learn to read,but you haven’t 1earned.It is just because you are __9__.If you can read by New Year’s Day,1 will send you a pair of __10__ like this.”

From then on,Dinah read every day and began to like reading.On New Year’s Day she received a pair of roller—skates from her cousin.

( )1.A.but B.and C.or D.as

( )2.A.excited B.upset C.surprised D.relaxed

( )3.A.fell asleep B.got out C.woke up D.came in 中国教育出%~*版网^]

( )4.A.street B.lake C.park D.ice

( )5.A.visited B.heard C.written D.seen

( )6.A.walk B.ride C.skate D.dance

( )7.A.should B.could C.must D.would

( )8.A.mother B.teacher C.father D.sister

( )9.A.poor B.brave C.lazy D.young

( )10.A.jeans B.socks C.glasses D.shoes



When Bill is very young, he loves picture. His mother often draws some for him on old pieces of paper. She is very bad at drawing, but bill likes her pictures and always wants more. Then, when he is a little older, Bill’s mother gives him some pencils and a drawing book, and he begins drawing pictures, too. But they are never good .When Bill is five years old, his mother gives him a small blackboard and some pieces of a baby on the blackboard, he draws lines(线条) and rubs(擦) them out too for ten minutes , but when he looks at his picture , he is not happy. “Well”, he says at last(最后) to his mother, “I’ll put a tail(尾巴) on it and make it a monkey.”

( )(1) Bill ___ when he is very young.

A. loves watching TV very much

B. often wants his mother to draw pictures for him

C. likes old pieces of paper very much

D. always wants his mother to buy pictures for him

( )(2) He is a little older, so his mother gives him ____ and lets him begin drawing pictures .

A. some paper and ink B. a book and some pens

C. some pencils and a drawing book D. a blackboard and some old paper

( )(3) How old is he when he is trying to draw a baby on the blackboard?

A. He’s five years old B. He’s fifteen years old C. He’s fifty years old D. He’s five like a cat

( )(4) Bill wants to put a tail in the picture , so _________ .

A. it looks like a duck B. it looks like a dog

C. it looks like a monkey D. it looks like a cat

( )(5) Which of the following sentences is right?

A. Bill’s mother does will in drawing.

B. bill isn’t bad at drawing.

C. There are three people in the story.

D. Bill isn’t happy when he looks at his picture of a baby


Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

This is an old English saying. Have you heard of it before? It means that we must go to bed early and get up early in the morning. Then we shall be healthy. We shall also be rich (wealthy) and clever (wise).

This is true. The body must have enough sleep to be healthy. Children of young age should have ten hours’ sleep every night. Children who do not have enough sleep cannot do their work very well. They will not be wise and they may not become wealthy!

The body also needs exercise. Walking, running, jumping, swimming and playing games

are all exercise. Exercise keeps the body strong. Exercise also helps the blood (血液) to move around inside the body. This is very important. Our blood takes food to all parts of our body. The head also needs blood .Exercise helps us to think better!

( )(1) If we get up early and go to bed early , we’ll _________ .

A. have enough exercise B. be healthy

C. think better D. have strong blood

( )(2) If a child doesn’t have 10 hours’ sleep, maybe he _____ .

A. becomes wise B. won’t do well in his work

C. goes to school in time D. has enough sleep

( )(3) A person needs exercise because _______ .

A. it makes him healthy B. he has a lot of homework to do

C. he is strong enough D. he does exercise

( )(4) Exercise makes the ______ move quickly and smoothly(流畅)

A. body B. blood C. children D. head

( )(5) Which of the following if Not TRUE?

A. Exercise does good to a person’s head

B. A student should have 10 hours’ sleep

C. It’s good for you to get up early and go to bed early.

D. If you have enough blood, you’ll be wise.


请你结合自己的学校生活和真实感受,以A good teacher in my eyes 为题写一篇作文。


一:1. In the future 2. play tennis 3.play sports 4.out of style 5. play the guitar 6.爱上-----------

7.醒来,唤醒 8.实现 9.给某人打电话 10.尽可能的多


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