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1. A. Sure, that sounds nice. B. Yes, I like. C. No, I don't.

2. A. We should give them grass. B. We must put them in the sun.

C. It's necessary to give them clean water.

3. A. English. B. None. C. Cats.

4. A. My grandfather. B. The capital of Thailand. C. In June.

5. A. No, they don't. B. Oh, really? C. Yes, they do.



6. What do you know about Daniel?

A. He is kind. B. He is always careful. C. He is lazy.

7. Can the girl dance?

A. Yes, but a little. B. Yes, she can. C. No, she can't.

8. How many dreams does a person have in a year?

A. More than l,000. B.1,000. C. Less than l.000.

9. Where's the computer?

A. On the newspapers. B. On the coffee table. C. On the shelf.

10. Who will Wilson write a letter to?

A. His pen friend. B. His partner. C. His classmate.



11. How tall is Bao Xishun?

A. 2.72 meters tall. B.2.36 meters tall. C.0.73 meters tall.

12. Where do the tallest man and the shortest man come from?

A. America. B. China. C. China and America.

13. What did Justin do in the sea one morning?

A. Went swimming. B. Rowed a boat. C. Went fishing.

14. How long did it take Justin to catch a fish?

A. 12 minutes. B. 250 minutes. C. 28 minutes.

15. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Bao Xishun married(娶)He Pingping.

B. Justin caught the biggest fish in the world.

C. Justin is only 12 years old.





1. This is _______ empty bottle but it is _______ useful one.

A. a, a B. an, a C. a, an D. a, the

2.- What about going out for a walk with me? - Not _______ I finish my dinner.

A. as B. when C. after D. until

3. I want _______ my parrot _______ English.

A. teach, to say B. to teach. say C. teach, to speak D. to teach, to speak

4. Amy was ill and she was _______ hospital for two weeks.

A. in B. in the C. at D. on

5. When the traffic lights are red, we _______ stop and wait.

A. may B. can C. might D. must

6. We stopped _______, but _______ nothing.

A. to listen, heard B. listening, listened C. listening, heard D. to listen, listen

7. They kept the door _______, so I _______see what they did.

A. closed, can't B. closed, couldn't C. open, can't D. open, couldn't

8._______, Susan found a robber getting out of a van yester day.

A. On her way home B. On her way to home C. To her way D. In her way to home

9. I often see some boys _______ volleyball after school.

A. play B .to play C. playing D. are playing

10. ________knows anything about him because he never tells us _______ about himself.

A. Nobody, something B. Nobody, nothing

C. Nobody, anything D. Anybody, nothing

11. - Can you teach me some English songs? -_______.

A. Never mind. B. You're welcome. C. Thank you. D. No problem.

12. Don't leave the baby at home _______. It's _______.

A. along, danger B. along, dangerous C. alone, dangerous D. alone, danger

13. If you can't remember the words quickly, you need _______ to help you.

A. to more exercises B. much exercise C. more exercises D. to more exercise

14. Remember _______ your homework here tomorrow!

A. taking B. to take C. to bring D. bringing

15. Do you know what _______ Wang Lei yesterday?

A. happened B. happened to C. happens to D. will happen to




Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is over 7,000 kilometers from the coast(海岸)to the east. It six time zones(时区)it is 9 a.m. in Vancouver(温哥华)on the west coast, it is l:30 p.m. in Saint John on the east coast.

English and French the two main(主要的)languages in Canada. About 60% of population(人口)speak French. More 70% of its population live in cities near the US border(边境).

Ottawa is the capital. Every year millions of travelers go there to museums and take

part in the cultural activities. Toronto is the largest city of the country about 2.5 million people. Montreal is second biggest French-speaking city in the world.

The maple(枫叶)leaf is the national symbol(标志)of Canada. The Canadian flag has a red maple leaf on a red white background.

1. A. west B. east C. south D. north

2. A. is B. had C. has D. have

3. A. Which B. What C. Where D. When

4. A. are B. is C. will be D. has been

5. A. their B. his C. its D. our

6. A. up B. over C. about D. than

7. A. see B. visit C. look D. find

8. A. with B. for C. from D. at

9.A. a B. an C. the D./

10. A. or B. and C. but D. however





All students need to have good study habits(习惯). When you have good study habits, you will learn things quickly, and also remember them easily.

Do you like to study in the living room? This is not a good place because it is usually too noisy. You need to study in a quiet place, like your bedroom. A quiet place will help you only to think about one thing. When you study, do not think about other things at the same time. Only think about your homework. If you do this, you will do your homework more quickly, and you will make fewer


Good study habits are very important. If you don't have them, try to learn them. If yours are already good, try to make them better.

1. When you have good study habits, you will _______.

A. learn things quickly B. remember things easily

C. think about one thing D. both A and B

2. The living room is not a good place for study because it is too _______.

A. quiet B. noisy C. good D. clean

3. What must you only think about when you study?

A. Mistakes. B. Other things. C. Our homework. D. Good study habits.

4. If you do not have good study habits, what must you do?

A. Try to make them better. B. Try to learn them and have them.

C. Try to make fewer mistakes. D. Try to do your homework quickly.


Whales are the largest animals on this earth. Whales can be bigger than elephants. Whales can be bigger than some houses. Even a baby whale can be huge (very big). A baby whale can weigh as much as a ton when it is born. That's a very great baby!

How can whales be so big when they are born? Why are they able to grow so much larger than any other animal? The answer is really very easy. Whales can be big because they live in the water. The water helps to hold them up. Land animals can't be as big as the biggest whales. If a land animal got too big, its legs wouldn't be able to hold it. If a bird got too big, it wouldn't be able to fly. No animal can be too big as a whale. A whale can still float(漂浮)though it is very big.

5. Why can whales be so large?

A. Because they eat many fishes. B. Because they don't live on the land.

C. Because they live in the water. D. Because they can swim.

6. Which of the following is true?

A. Whales are a kind of fish. B. Whales are as big as elephants.

C. A baby whale is very small. D. Whales are the biggest animals in the world.

7. If a land animal got too big, it _______.

A. wouldn't eat B. couldn't stand up

C. can run very fast D. would need more legs


Tom, a 15-year-old boy, couldn't hear anything after the whole night computer games and MP3 listening. He was excited and yelled(喊叫) after the MP3. When he walked out of his room the next morning, he could hear nothing about his mother's words. His mother sent him to the doctor at once. It was moderate (中度) hearing loss(耳聋).

Do you have an MP3 player? Do you use it to listen to your favorite music? A survey shows that lots of young people enjoy listening to their MP3 players. And they always listen to them at high volumes(音量). There are about 100 million people listening to MP3 players in Europe every day. Most of them are young people. Scientists have found that if people listen to MP3 players at a very high volume for more than five hours a week, they could lose their hearing in five years. High-volume music can keep people excited, so young people would like to keep their players high. It's too bad for the ears. So the MP3 listeners should keep the player within safe volume levels, no higher than 60~70 of full capacity (容量). If people near you can hear your MP3, that means you are keeping your MP3 at a very high volume, turn it down, please!

8. What didn't Tom do before he had moderate hearing loss?

A. He played the computer games. B. He yelled after the MP3.

C. He listened to the MP3. D. He went to see the doctor.

9. Who enjoys MP3?

A. Young people. B. Adults. C. No one. D. Scientists.

10. What's the safe volume of the MP3?

A. People beside you can hear your MP3. B. No higher than 600-/o of full capacity.

C. You can't hear it clearly. D. Keep the full capacity.

11. Why do the young people keep the players high?

A. Because the people near them can't hear it.

B. Because the young people want to surprise others.

C. Because the high-volume music can keep them excited.

D. Because the young people want to have hearing loss.


Xuanwu Lake(玄武湖)

Price: Adults¥30 Children¥20

Open: 6:00 a.m.~ 7:00 p.m. every day

Hongshan Forest Zoo(红山森林动物园)


Open: 8:00 a.m.~ 4:30 p.m. every day

Zijin Mountain Observatory(紫金山天文台)

Price: Adults ¥15 Children¥10

Open: 9:00 a.m.~ 5:00 p.m. every day 12. If your parents and you go to the Xuanwu Lake, you should spend ____ yuan on tickets(票).

A. 50. B. 60. C. 70. D. 80.

13. You can go to the Zijin Mountain Observatory at _______.

A. 5:00 a.m. B. 6:00 p.m. C. 1:00 p.m. D. 7:30 a.m.

14. Jack wants to see the panda, he can go to_______.

A. the Hongshan Forest Zoo B. the Xuanwu Lake

C. the Zijin Mountain Observatory D. A, B and C

15. It's fine today, Jack and his friends want to go boating. You can go to _______ to look for them.

A. the Zijin Mountain Observatory B.the Xuanwu Lake

C. the Hongshan Forest Zoo D.A and B



1. like, She, doesn't, being, lead, on, a (.)

2. soon, look, We, to, you, from, forward, hearing (.)

3. small, were, dinosaurs, Some, really (.)

4.a, ghost, little, cat, the, did, Why, sound, like (?)

5. into, the, pour, water, Don't, dirty, river (!)



1.My dog doesn't just chase and catch a ball.(改为肯定句)

My dog just and a ball.

2.Simon and Neil are going to start a campfire.(对划线部分提问)

are Simon and Neil going to ?

3.Millie lives above me.(改为同义句)

I Millie.

4.Come with me, please!(改为否定句)

with me, please!

5.She put out the fire with a blanket.(对划线部分提问)

she put out the fire?

七、单词拼写 (共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)



1. Please look at the tree on the left.

2. What's the (重量)of the elephant?

3. Look! The police are searching in the building. 4. Many (探望者)brought her flowers and presents.

5. There is no smoke fire.

6. After all the pigs yesterday, the poor boy began to do his homework.

7. We are going to hold a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

8. There were (很少)people in me street at night, so he drove fast.

9. (敲)on the door before you go into the teacher's office.

10. My cat is very friendly. It sleeps (任何地方).
















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