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A. 听句子,选择正确的图片。(5分)

A B C D E 1.__________ 2._________ 3.__________ 4.____________ 5.____________

B. 听句子, 选择正确的答语。(5分) ( )6. A. He is in the classroom. ( )7. A. By bus. ( )9. A. Yes, I do.

( )8. A. Yes, you can.

B. He is a driver.

C. He is cool.

B. To Guilin.

B. No, I am not.

B. I’m too tired.

C. On 14th August.

C. Yes, I’d like to. C. Thanks.

B. That’s a good idea. C. Sure.

( )10. A. That sounds great. ( )11. A. Monday. ( )12. A. A CD. ( )14. A. Daniel.


B. Wednesday.

B. On March 2.

C. Thursday. C. A yo-yo.

C. On June 1. C. Frank.

B. A hair clip.

B. Ivan.

B. A driver.

( )13. A. on May 1. ( )15. A. A teacher.

C. An actor.

D. 听短文,在短文空格内填入所缺的词,每个空格只填一个词。(5分)

. She is very , and she has many friends. Her favourite sport is football and she listening to music as well. She teaches so well that we all like her very much. 二、单项选择题(15分)

( )21.---What are you doing at the moment? ---I am ______ my turn to borrow books.

A. waiting B. staying C. waiting for D. keeping ( )22.---How much do I need to _______ you for this book? ---Twenty yuan. A. spend

B. pay

C. cost

D. take

( )23.This kind of clothes looks cool ___________.

A. for you

A. Hello B. to you C. on you D. in you ( )24. ______, is there a bus stop near here ? B. sorry C. OK D. Excuse me

( )25.---Which floor do you live __________?

---The first floor. I live _________ Room 112.

A. in / on B. on / on C. on / in

D. in / in ( )26. Can you tell me ___________? A. what to keep fit

C. keeping fit B. how to keep fit D. to keep fit

( )27. I’d like to buy a shirt _________.

A. likes you B. to like yours C. like yours D. likes yours

( )28. It’s not easy for us__________ English well.

A. study B. to study C. studying D. studies

( )29. ---Would you like __________ fruit?

---Thank you, but I’d like some water.

A. any more B. more some C. more any D. some more

( )30. I seldom eat sweet snacks because there ______ too much sugar in them.

A. are B. is C. have D. has

( )31. Is there a discount _____ computers in your shop? I plan to buy _____.

A. for / a B. on / one C. with / a D. of / one

( )32. I _____have breakfast at 7:00. But ____ it’s 7:20. I’m having my breakfast.

A. usually / often B. often / usually C. sometimes / often D.usually / now

( )33.The music ________ nice. I often ___________ it.

A. listen to / sound

B. hears / listen to D. sounds / listen to C. listens to / listen to

( )34. What’s the weather like today?

A. It’s Sunday. B. It’s Sunny. C. It’s July 31st. D. It’s exciting.

( )35. My flat is near the river. I often stand in the balcony and______ the ships in the river.

A. look out of

B. look out at D. look for at C. look out from


People live in different houses. You may know a wooden house or a paper house. But do you know a(n) house?

In 2008, the first ice house in North America opens its to welcome some visitors. The floors, windows and walls are all made of ice. It has ten bedrooms twenty people can stay there each night. Visitors to the house in ice beds, sit on ice chairs and eat from ice plates. Well, the toilets are not made of ice, of course. It’s usually below zero so it is very inside the house. However, do the visitors just sit there to warm? No, visitors have to special clothes. These can make feel warm until morning.

Workers about four weeks designing the ice house. Visitors can only stay in this ice house in winter. It isn’t in hot summer. Because this house is so special, it is becoming popular with young people.

( ) 36. A. toy

B. water C. ice D. candle

( ) 37. A. window ( ) 38. A. but ( ) 40. A. cold ( ) 41. A. say ( ) 42. A. make ( ) 43. A. them ( ) 44. A. need ( ) 45. A. early

( ) 39. A. cook

B. door B. lie B. hot

C. shop

D. book D. change D. dark D. call D. hope

B. because C. if D. and

C. stand C. bright

C. keep C. dress C. it

B. shine

B. wear B. you

D. us

D. open

B. cost C. pay D. spend B. clean C. closed



Let me tell you my pen friend Ivan. He is 12 years old. He likes playing football. He usually play football with his friends at weekends.

Ivan lives with his father and mother in a city in France. They have a dream home with five rooms, a swimming pool and a garden. They often have a party in the garden at weekends. They like to help their neighbours. His home is not near his school, so Ivan takes a bus for an hour and then walks for 10 minutes to school. There is a Basketball Club near his school. He likes play basketball in the club.

Ivan’s father is a worker. He is busy. Ivan’s mother is a doctor. She is nice to the patients. Ivan wants to be a teacher when he grows up. I want to be a teacher, too. Every month Ivan writes two letters to me. He’ll come to Suqian next year. We’ll meet then. ( ) 46. What are Ivan’s hobbies?

A. Basketball and swimming B. football and basketball C. Football and swimming D. Reading and swimming ( ) 47. How old is Ivan when he comes to Suqian?

A. He is 11. B. He is 12. C. He is 13. D. He is 14. ( ) 48. How often does Ivan write to me?

A.Twice a month. C. Every day.

B. Twice a week.

D. Every week.

( ) 49. Ivan studies in _________ now.

A. America B. Suqian C. France D. Japan ( ) 50. Which is the best title(标题) for the passage?

A. How to Make Penfriends C. What Is Ivan’s Home Like

B. Something About Ivan

D. Ivan’s School Life


Many people take trains for their trips in China, because the train is fast and cheap. But there are many problems when people take trains. It’s not easy to take trains when it is a festival. Lots of people hope someone can solve (解决) the problems.

Then, the CRH (和谐号列车) trains come out. The first CRH train from Beijing to Tianjin runs in August, 2008. CRH1 and CRH2 can go up to 200 km/h, and CRH3 can run 300 km/h. Taking CRH trains is more expensive than taking a traditional train, but cheaper than taking a plane. Some people think the CRH trains and their workers are good, and they enjoy the trips by CRH train.

more time than taking the traditional trains.

Can CRH trains solve the problems? “Of course not. There is still a long way to go,” about 80% of the people answer.

( ) 51.The first CRH train runs __________.

A. in August, 2009 B. in May, 2008

C. in August, 2008 D. in June, 2010

( ) 52. How fast does the CRH train from Beijing to Shanghai?

A. 100 km/h B. 200 km/h C. 300 km/h D. 350 km/h

( ) 53. The word “save” means __________ in Chinese.

A. 浪费 B. 节省 C. 积攒 D. 拖延

( ) 54. Which of the following is right about the CRH trains?

A. The workers on the first CRH train are not kind.

B. It costs people more money to take CRH trains than to take planes.

C. CRH3 train runs slower than CRH1 and CRH2.

D. Taking CRH train is expensive but it is fast.

( ) 55. Can CRH trains solve all the traffic problems?

A. Of course they can. B. Yes, all the people think they can.

C. Of course they can not. D. About 80% of the people think they can.



56. Don’t play in the street. It’s __________________ (not safe).

57. Your blue jeans _______________ (go well with) with your T-shirt very well.

58. I’m a top student, and I have a healthy _______(the food you usually eat) and lifestyle.

59. People usually think pigs are l__________. They say pigs do nothing but sleep and eat.

60. We don’t have e____________ food for supper. Let’s buy some from the supermarket.

61. A friend of mine is coming to v_________ me this Saturday. I’m looking forward to seeing him.

62. Every year we usually have a party to c________________ Spring Festival.


63. More than 220 _________ (country) take part in (参加) Shanghai World Expo(世博会).

64. ---Can you tell me the place you live in?

---________________________. (certain)

65. Be ______________ (friend) to others, and you will make many friends.

66. I like the style of the dress, but I don’t like _________ (it) color.

67. We usually have our meals in the _____________ (sit) room.

68. It’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The students ________________(clean) their classroom.

69. What about ____________ (tell) us something about your school life.

70. We are having a fashion show. We want ____________ (raise) money for Project Hope.



The park is _____________________________ go for a walk.


Here is _______________________________________ every day.


It ________________________________________________.

(或 I______________________________________________________.)


_____________ your plan ___________? I hope everything is OK.


Breakfast is important. It _____________________________ the morning.


A: Hello, may I speak to Ivan,please?

B: Yes.(76) ___________________.

A: Hello, Ivan! This is Bill speaking.It’s Sunday tomorrow. What are you going to do?

. Do you have any ideas?

A: There is a fashion show in Huanghe Park tomorrow.(78)______________________?


A: Let’s meet outside the school gate at half past eight in the morning.

B: How shall we go there?

B: Sorry, my bike is broken.Let’s go by bus,OK?

A: All right. See you!

B: See you!


I’ve got some information for everyone going to America next month. As you know, you’ll be staying with a family for two weeks. Now the most important thing is money. You should take about £30 in cash (现金) and about £200 in travelers cheques (支票). Then when you arrive at the airport you’ll be met by our host (主人) family. You must remember to wear a red shirt so the family will find you easily. I’ve told them to look out for the red shirts. You’ll also need to take with you 4 photos of yourself and, of course, it’s very important that you take the school letter. While you are there, if you have any problems, you can call our agent (代理人). I’ll give you her office phone number now: It’s 580-4436 and the person to ask for is Mrs. Belcher, that’s B-E-L-C-H-E-R. She’s in the office from 9-5 every day. OK! That’s everything. Have a good trip.





3.这里有很多景点(sight spot),每年都有大量的游客到这里参观。





1---5:DBECA 6---10:CBCCA 11---15:BCCAC 16---20 (略)


21---25:CBCDC 26---30:BCBDB 31---35:BDDBB


36---40:CBDBA 41---45:CBADD


46---50:BCACB 51---55:CDBDC


56.dangerous 57.match 58.diet 59.lazy 60.enough 61.visit 62.celebrate

63.countries 64.certainly 65.friendly 66.its 67.sitting 68.are cleaning 69.telling

70.to raise


71. a really good place to

72. what we do

73. takes me two days to do the work./ spend two days doing the work.

74. How is , going

75. gives us energy for


76.Ivan is here./ This is Ivan (speaking).

77. Nothing much. I have nothing to do./I have no idea…

78 Shall we go and have a look?/Shall we go to visit it?/Would you like to go with me?/Why not go (there)and have a look?

79. When and where shall we meet?

80. By bike.


81.£200 82. a red shirt 83. four photos and school letter 84. 580-4436

85. Mrs. Belcher


My home town is a beautiful small town. It is ….. so there is less air pollution in my home town. There are many restuarants and sight spots here. Every year many visitors come here. I think If you come here you can enjoy different delicious food here. And I’m sure you will have a good time here.


A. 听句子,选择正确的图片

1. I like this tie. It is made of silk.

2. We often eat carrots because we want to be healthy.

3. Bill wants to buy a tin of juice.

4. Sandy is designing a poster.

5. My favourite sport is badminton.

B. 听句子选择正确的答语

6.What do you think of Tom?

7.Where are you going on this summer holiday?

8.May I open the window?

9.Would you like to fly kites with me, Bob?

10.What about going to the Summer Palace this Thursday?

C. 听对话及问题,选择正确答案

11. A: Is it Friday today?

B: No, it is Tuesday.

Q:What day is tomorrow?

12. A: Can I help you, Amy?

B: I’m looking for a yo-yo.

Q:What does Amy want to buy?

13. A: When was Neil’s dog born?

B: It was born on the first of June.

Q:When is Neil’s dog’s birthday?

14. A: Who does David share the room with ?

B: His brother, Daniel.

Q:Who does David live with in the room?

15. A: Do you want to be a teacher in the future, Bill?

B: No, I don't want to be a teacher,I want to be an actor.

Q:What does Bill want to be?

D. 听短文,在短文空格内填入所缺的词。

My English teacher Miss White is from America. She is tall and slim. She is very beautiful. She is very kind, and she has many friends. Her favourite sport is football and she loves reading. She also likes travelling when she is free. She enjoys listening to music as well. She teaches so well that we all like her very much.

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