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1. They are from Britain. They speak _________.

A. Japanese B. Chinese C. English D. French

2. I live ____my family ____a flat ____a busy street.

A. with; in; on B. with; on; on C. in; in; in D. in; on; in

3. Tom has two friends. One is from Australia and _____is from the USA.

A. another B. other C. the other D. others

4. Which pen is _______, this one or the one on the desk?

A. the better B. the best C. better D. good

5. Which of them isn’t a capital city?

A. Paris B. New York C. London D. Moscow

6. Sally sits between _______.

A. you and me B. his and me C. he and me D. me and him

7. ______people died in the Wenchuan earthquake.

A. Two thousands B. Thousands of C. Two thousand of D. Thousands of

8. Now turn to Page____and look at _____picture in Lesson Two.

A. twentieth; the one B. twenty; one

C. twentieth; the first B. twenty; the first

9. I share my room ____a friend of _____

A. from; mine B. with; mine C. with; me D. to; me

10. ---When did the train ____?

----Five minutes ago.

A. get to B. reach C. arrive at D. arrive

11. He doesn’t look like an old man in his _____.

A. eighty years old B. eighty C. eightieth D. eighties

12. Tom can’t see the blackboard clearly, so he sits ____the classroom.

A. in front of B. in the front of C. before D. behind

13. I was listening to the radio _____my brother was playing computer games last night.

A. when B. while C. but D. or

14. This is ____trip to Beijing. I hope we’ll enjoy the trip.

A. the our first B. our the first C. our first D. first our

15.----I’m going on a trip to Xi’an next week.


A. Thank you. B. Good idea. C. It’s good D. Have a good time.

16. Let’s take ____to the shopping centre.

A. them B. themselves C. theirs D. their

17.---Do you have any books?

---No, I have ___books.

A. no B. none C. nothing D. not

18. He is ____in hospital, so he is a _____person.

A. ill; ill B. ill; sick C. sick; ill D. \; ill

19. The boy got up late, so he ____the early bus.

A. caught B. missed C. got D. lost

20. He had little breakfast this morning, _________?

A. had he B. hadn’t he C. did he D. didn’t he

21. It’s not far. You can go there ____foot. You needn’t go there ___a car.

A. on; drive B. by; on C. by; in D. on; in

22. ----How many photos are there on the wall?


A. No one B. Nothing C. None D. no

23. The key ring belongs to _____. It isn’t _____.

A. her, mine B. hers; him C. hers; mine D. her; him

24. It’s only ten ______walk from the bus station to the hotel.

A. minutes B. minute C. minute’s D. minutes’

25. You ______the homework now. You may do it tomorrow.

A. don’t need finish B. needn’t to finish

C. needn’t finish D. need finishing


1. He was _________(躺) on the grass when he found the sick cat.

2. It is one of the biggest ___________(图书馆) in this country.

3. Please keep _________(安静). The baby is sleeping.

4. Today is Kitty’s _________(二十)birthday.

5. I want to have my _________(自己的) bedroom.

6. What can you see on the ________(教师) desk?

7. There are many places of _________(兴趣) in Xi’an.

8. Eddie enjoys _________(吃) food.

9. Air __________(污染) is getting worse and worse.

10. Merry Christmas! Here’s a card for __________(你).

11. Shanghai is to the ___________(东南)of Nanjing.

12. Can you swim _______(穿过)the river?

13. You need some tour __________(向导) to show you around our city.

14. Go straight along the street, and you will ________(容易)find the post office.

15. Listen. I have got something ___________(令人兴奋的)to tell you all.


1. 飞机安全到达了美国。

2. 你回来的时候她在做什么?

3. 每天她都是第一个到校。

4. 走了很长时间大家一定累了。

5. 我经常在晴天去游泳。

6. 这个现代化的镇上污染比较少。

7. 雨一直下到晚上9点。

8. 为什么不到公园里去散步呢?

9. Paul到晚上10点才完成作业。

10. 孩子们迫不及待想看他们的圣诞礼物。

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