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牛津英语7B Unit6 Pets教学课件ppt

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Unit 6 pets

Integrated skills

A.He is Mr King,most of us are afraid of him.

B.It’s black and white,it likes eating
C.She is pretty,but she can’t live without water D.He is good at English,he always shouts

Which is your favourite pet ? Can you tell me why ? I like my________ because ___________.


fantail goldfish

Listen to the tape
Finish the exercises

1.in the sun 在阳光下 2.look like 看起来像 3.change the water 换水 4.make sure 确保 5.at the bottom of …在……的底部 6. take…out of … 把……拿出来 7.learn about 学到 8.be different from 与……不同

1.look a little different 看起来有一点不同 2.make some noise 发出噪音 3.not too cold or too hot 既不太冷也不太热

1.There are some stones at the bottom of ________________the fish tank. looks like a hat. 2.The cat ___________ are different from 3.Fantail goldfish ______________ the other goldfish.

make much noise 4.Don’t let the dog ______________. taking the goldfish 5.Look! Daniel is _______ out of the fish tank. ________ make sure the fire is out. 6.You must ___________ 7.Dogs are easy _______________. to look after

1.You shouldn’t read under the sun. You shouldn’t read in the sun. 2. You don’t ought to change the water every day. You ought not to change the water every day.

3. Don’t let the water too hot and too cold. Don’t let the water too hot or too cold. 4. You mustn’t take the goldfish out the water. You mustn’t take the goldfish out of the water. 5. The goldfish are easy for look after. The goldfish are easy to look after.

Speak up
? Listen to the tape.Then practise the conversation. ? Make a new conversation.Use Daniel and Amy’s conversation as a model. ? Act out.

Make six sentences about the right way to look after your own pets.Don’t forget to use should(not)/must(not).

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