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1.笔友 2.给家人写信 3.Canadian (国名)

4.左拐 5.在……对面_____________

二、单项选择 (15分)

( ) 1. ______ is a big city in the United States.

A. Paris B. Sydney C. New York

( ) 2. --What's your favorite ______?


A. language B. country C. city

( ) 3. --Who's Mr. White, Li Mei?

--He is our English teacher. He's ______ the USA.

A. in B. at C. from

( ) 4. --______ Toronto? -It's in Canada.

A. Where's B. What's C. Who's

( ) 5. Do they have kids, Mr. Green?

A. much B. any C. a little

( ) 6. --Can we ______ them our telephone number?

--No, you can't.

A. tell B. talk C. speak

( ) 7. I like going to movies with my pals and ______ sports.

A. play B. plays C. playing

( ) 8. Jim likes ______ TV and ______ soccer.

A. to watch; playing B. watching; to play C. watching; playing

( ) 9. -- Does your pen pal speak English or French?


A. Yes, he speaks English B. No, he doesn't speak French C. He speaks French

( ) 10. -______? -No. In Beijing.

A. Where are you from B. Does he live in Paris C. Can he go to Paris

( )11.We know ______ is in the USA.

A. Toronto B. Tokyo C. New York

( )12. My birthday is _______ November.

A. at B. in C. on

( )13. -- My birthday is coming. Would you like to my party?

-- Sure, ______ is it?

-- It's November 20th.

A. Where B. When C. What

( )14. -- James is good at sports. He plays _____ basketball very well.

--And he plays ______ piano well, too.

---Wow, so great!

A. the, the B. /, / C. /, the

( )15. --Kelly, could you come here, please? I need some _______.

- Ok, I'm coming.

A. friends B. people C. help

三、完形填空 (10分)

Chinese, classes every week. He likes living and wothe Chinese people are very friendly(友好的, Maria and Tom. They are students, but they go to different(不同的) . They have some pen pals and they the pen pals. They also have many Chinese friends at school and they play games after class.

( ) 16. A. comes B. goes C. has

( ) 17. A. friend B. student C. teacher

( ) 18. A. me B. her C. him

( ) 19. A. or B. but C. and

( ) 20. A. Chinese B. French C. English

( ) 21. A. at B. from C. in

( ) 22. A. thinks B. speaks C. likes

( ) 23. A. sons B. kids C. daughters

( ) 24. A. families B. schools C. cities

( ) 25. A. for B. with C. to

四、阅读理解 (30分)


Hello, everyone(每个人)! My name is Bob. I live in Toronto, Canada. It's a very beautiful city. My parents are from France. They speak French. And I can speak English and French.

I am 13 years old and my birthday is in November. I'm a middle school student. There are thirteen girls and fifteen boys in my class. They are from five countries. They all come to learn English. There are eight Chinese students in my class and six of them are my good friends. I like China very much because it is a great country. I want to learn Chinese. And I want to go to China.


( ) 26. Where is Bob from?

A. France. B. Canada. C. China.

( ) 27. How many students are there in Bob's class?

A. Thirteen. B. Fifteen. C. Twenty-eight.

( ) 28. What does Bob want to do?

A. He wants to go to China. B. He wants to learn English. C. He wants to go to France.

( ) 29. What languages can Bob speak?

A. English and Chinese. B. English and French. C. Chinese and English.

( ) 30. How many Chinese friends does Bob have?

A. Five. B. Six. C. Eight.


I have many pen pals in many countries. Do you know the girl on the bike in the photo? She is one of my pen pals. Her name is Reiko. She is a Japanese student. We are the same(相同的) age - 13 years old. She lives in Tokyo. She has two brothers. They live with their parents.

I like Reiko very much. But I don't know Japanese, and Reiko doesn't know Chinese, either(也). But we know English. So we write letters in English.

Sometimes(有时) we talk on the phone. My favorite subject is math. Her favorite subject is music. We have the same hobbies. We like seeing comedies, playing

volleyball and eating hamburgers.


My pen pal

Do you know how to write an English letter and envelope?

When we write a letter in Chinese, we always put the date at the end of the letter. But it is different in English. We have to put it on the top of the right corner. And above the date, we also write the number of our house and the names of our street,

city and country. To begin the letter, we always use the word like "Dear sir", "Dear Mr./Miss./Ms.…". To end the letter, we usually use words like "Yours","Yours ever" or "Truly yours".

Now read the following envelope, please.

( )41."We have to put it on the top of the right corner." The word "it" here


A. the date B. the letter C. the passage

( ) 42. To what country will the letter be sent?

A. P.R. China B. China C. The United States

( ) 43. Who writes this letter?

A. Miss Susan Brown B. Zhang Hua C. You

( ) 44. From the passage, we know when we write an English letter, we should put down our address _____.

A. at the end of the letter on the right

B. at the end of the letter on the left

C. at the top of the letter on the left

( ) 45. How do you begin your letter if you write to John Smith?

A. John Smith B. Mr. John C. Dear Mr. Smith

五、任务型阅读 (5分)


Dear Wang Hong,

I am an American school girl. My name is Alice Green. I am twelve. There are five people in my family-my brothers, my parents and I. My brothers and I are all students at the same school. We go to school from Monday to Friday. We don't have any

classes on Sundays or Saturdays. My father and mother are teachers. They say, China is great, and Chinese people are friendly, I want to travel in China. I think it is very interesting, isn't it? I like reading. Now I am reading a book of Chinese stories. They are very interesting. My brothers and I like playing soccer and basketball. What do you like?

Let's be friends. Please write soon.

Yours, 中国教%育出版@#~&网来源:^@中国教育%*出&版网

Alice Green

(一)根据句意,所给单词首字母或汉语提示填空。 (10分)

51. -- Where do your parents l___? -In Hebei.

52. We all know China is a great c .

53. --What l does Tom speak? -French.

54. I have many pen p______. They often write to me.

55. Mrs. Brown is from Canada. She can speak English and F________.

56.Go _____(一直) and turn left, and you will see the bookshop in front of you.

57.The zoo is b______ the school and the park.

58. Go down and turn l_______. You can find a white building.

59.The school is _____ ______ (在......对面) my house.

60.Please tell me ______ _______ _______ (去.......的路) the post office.


Pen pal wanted

His name is Wang Lei. He is a(61

)C_____ boy. He wants a pen pal in(62)

F_______ . He thinks it's a very(63)i______ country and he wants to learn some French. He(64)l_____ in Beijing, China with his parents now. He is 14 (65) y______ old and his (66) b______ is in November. He can speak Chinese and a little English. What are his (67) l______ ? He likes watching sports games on TV and

(68) p_____ computer games with his friends. His favorite subject is computer science. It's (69) f______ . He doesn't like math, because it's too difficult.

Please write to (70) h____ and be his pen pal.

七、书面表达 (15分)



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