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牛津英语7B Unit6 Pets welcome2教学课件ppt

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牛津译林版 七年级(下)7B

Unit 6

Pets Weekly

Talking about pets
What is his favourite pet? Why? Which pet does she dislike? Why not?

1. What does Eddie want? He wants his lunch. 2.What does Hobo tell him? He tells Eddie to be more polite. 3. Why is Hobo unhappy? Because Eddie was not polite.

Can you make sentences like these:
1. Bring me my lunch.

Please bring me my lunch.
2. You should say “please”.

You ought to be more polite.
I should get a new e-dog.



1. What’s the name of your pet? Or Which is your favourite pet? 2. What is he/she like? 3. What can he/she do? 4. What does he/she usually eat? 5. Where does he/she sleep? 6. Why do you like you pet?

1.I like my _______because parrot it can sing . I want to speak ______ teach it to ______. 2 .I like my _______ mouse because it’s very small soft and I can ______it hold and ______ in my hand. 3. I like my _______ goldfish because I like watching it swim _______. around ______

4. I like my _______ rabbit because I can ______her feed carrots and I like her ______ long ______. ears play _____ with 5. I like my ______ dog because I can ______ him in the park. on my lap 6.I like my ______ cat because she sleeps_________.

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