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(考试时间:90分钟 满分:120分)




1. What will Amy get from her grandpa?

2.Where does Stephen chat with his friends?

3. What is Peter doing at present?

4.Which is the following do they need?

5.Why does Neil like the boy?

A. Because the boy palys basketball very well.

B. Because the boy is tall.

C. Because the boy is in yellow.

6.Why is there not much pollution in the town?

A. Because it is small.

B. Because there are no cars in the centre.

C. Because there’re not many people.

7.Who’s that woman?

A.Susan B.Susan’s mother C.Susan’s aunt.

8.Which school is Lucy in?

A.No.1 Secondary School. B.No.11 Secondary School.

C. No.12 Secondary School.

9. What size shoes does the woman want to buy?

A.Size eight. B.Size eighteen. C.Size eighty.

10.Why is Jane worried?

A. Because she can’t find her book.

B. Because her new bike is missing(丢了).

C. Because she failed in her exam(考试).



11.Where will Daniel go on Saturday?

A.To a party. B.To England. C.To the cinema

12.Who will he go with?

A.Kitty. B.Amy. C.Jill.


13. The girl doesn’t want _________

A.fish B.eggs C.meat

14. They don’t have any ________ today.

A.fish . B.eggs. C.vegetables.

15.The girl can eat _______ for supper today?

A. fish and vegetables. B.eggs and fish. C. meat and vegetables.


16.What does the writer like?

A.The bedroom. B.The living-room C.The dining-room.

17.How many chairs are there in the dining-room?

A. Four. B. Three. C.One.

18.Why does the writer have to wash the dishes?

A.Because he cooks badly. B.Becausse he can’t cook.

C.Because he is helpful

19.How often does the writer’s dad cook?

A.Often B.Never. C.Sometimes

20.Who likes watching TV?

A.Some people. B.The writer. C.The writer’s parents.



( )21.This is _______ armchair. I’m writing with ________armchair.

A. a; a B. an; the C. a; the D. the; an

( )22.These are _______ cups. _______ are over there.

A.our; Yours B.yours; Mine C.his; our D.their; Your

( )23.Look at the hamburger. There’s some chicken ________ two cakes.

A.after B.inside C.opposite D.between

( )24.Why don’t you________ Beijing duck?

A. try B. to try C. trying D. tries

( )25. –How many students are there in the classroom?


A.No one B.Not C.Nobody D. None

( )26.--What _______your dream home _______? -- It’s big

A.is, like B.does; like C.is; look like D.does; look

( )27. –Hello, May I speak to Lucy?


A.Yes, I am B.Do you know her

C.I’m speaking D.This is Lucy speaking

( )28. There _______ less air pollution in the country .

A.are B.is C. have D. has

( )29.-- _______ shall we meet tomorrow? -- At the school gate.

A.Where B.How long C.How often D.When

( )30._______ to the zoo, take the bus No.5.

A.Get B.To get C.Gets D. Getting

( )31. When the teacher comes, we all stop _______ and do our homework?

A.talking B.to talk C. talk D. talks

( )32. I hope you _________ to my birthday party this evening.

A.to come Bcomes C.coming D.will come

( )33.That’s a good place ________ football.

A.playing B.to play C.plays D.played

( )34. It takes about 30 minutes _______ a bicycle from my home to school.

A.ride B.riding C.to ride D. rides

( )35. -- Excuse me, ________ are the apples?

-- 8 yuan a kilo. ________ Kilos do you want?

A.how many; How much B. how many; How many

C.how much; How many D. how much; How many

( ) 36.There ________ a sports meeting next week.

A.has B.is going to be C.is going to have D. will have

( ) 37. -- Sorry, I can’t speak Chinese.

-- ________. I’ll teach you

A.That’s great. B. Never mind C.Sound good D.That’s bad

( ) 38. There is a new bridge ________ the river in front of my house.

A.on B.over C.above D.near

( ) 39.We would like you ________ and we look forward _________ you.

A.to come. To see B.come; to seeing

C.come; to see D.to come; to seeing

( ) 40. He is very ________today. Look, he is laughing _________.

A.happy; happily B.happily; happy

C. happy; happy D.happily; happily

三、完形填空。 (共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)


One day the boss asks Tom to meet his friend Mr. Green in London. But it is his __41__ time to come to London. He doesn’t know the __42__ to Mr. Green’s home He thinks he can ask people for help.When he __43__ in London, He gets off the

bus.There are __44__ people in the street. He looks around and stops a __45__ and tells her where he wants to go. The woman is very helpful. __46__ her help, he finds Mr. Green’s home. Two weeks __47__, Tom needs to visit Mr. Green again. But he can’t __48__ where his home is. He stops a person to ask the way. It’s the same woman. The woman is

very__49__. She says, “Are you__50__ looking for the place?

( )41. A.last B.first C.second D. third

( )42. A.name B.way C. city D. man

( )43. A.comes B. gets C. arrives D. goes

( )44. A. many B.much C. a little D. a lot

( )45. A. man B. woman C. boy D. girl

( )46. A. With B. Without C. Under D. By

( )47. A. after B. later C. behind D. late

( )48. A. remember B. forget C. know D. tell

( )49. A. sad B. glad C. surprised D. sorry

( )50. A. never B. still C. just D. again

四、阅读理解。 (共10小题,每小题2分,满分20分)


Mrs. Green has much work to do at home ,so she doesn’t like sports. Her mother is

coming this afternoon and she goes to meet her. Near the school she looks at her watch. She has some time. So she goes into the school. Her son isn’t in the classroom. She asks a boy and knows they’re behind the school. She sees some boys playing there. Her son is there, too. She watches them playing and soon is angry. She takes her son to the wall.

“Go home with me, Richard,” says she. “Don’t play with them. I can buy a nice ball for you. Then you don’t need to scramble for(抢夺) the ball.”

( ) 51. Mrs. Green doesn’t like sports, because____________.

A. she is at home B. she doesn’t know about balls

C. she has much work to do D. she thinks she is well

( ) 52. Mrs. Green goes to ____________.

A. see her son B. watch her son play

C. meet Richard’s grandma D. meet her grandma

( ) 53. Richard is a ____________.

A. schoolboy B. schoolgirl

C. teacher D. driver

A.2 years B. 4 years C. 6 years D. 8 years

( )55. My Heart Will Go On is the name of a ________.

A.book B.song C.story D. film

( )56. Who is a writer? __________

A. Norman Bethune B. Celine Dion

C. Bill Gates D. Mark Twain


We are learning English, but how can we learn English well ? A student can know a lot about English, but maybe he can’t speak English.

If you want to know how to swim, you must get into the river. And if you want to be a football player, you must play football. So, you see, you can learn by using it. You must listen to your teacher in class. You must speak English to your classmates every day and also you must write something in English. Then one day you may find your English very good .

( ) 57. You know a lot about English, but maybe _______.

A. you can speak it B. you can study it

C. you can’t speak it D. you can’t study it

( ) 58. You must get into the water _____.

A. to learn how to swim B. to skate C. to jump D . to play

( ) 59. If you want to study English well, you must often _______ .

A. speak English to your classmates B. write something in English

C. listen to your teacher in class D. A, B and C.

( ) 60. Which of the best title(标题) for this passage ?

A. How to study swim B.To be a good player

C. How to study English well D. To learn English well is important(重要)



A) 根据中文写出句子中所缺单词。

61.My mother likes _________ (购物)very much.

62. There are many _________ (西方的)restaurants in Beijing.

63. My daught wants to _________(跟随)me to the park.

64. There is a dog lying in the _________(角落)of the room.

65. Excuse me, how can I get to the ________(市场)?


66. Let me _________ (help) you with your English.

67. -- Where is your mother? -- She _________ (ride) a bike.

68.-- When ________ we ________(meet)? -- Let's meet at 2:00p.m.

69. He is a good teacher, he _________(teach) us English

70. They ________ (go) to the park yesterday.

C) 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。

71. My birthday is on the ________ (five) of June.

72. Look! There are some books on these ________(shelf).

73. There is ________(little) money in this pocket than in the one.

74. The book doesn’t belong to ________(he), his book is on his desk.

75. In the ________(twin) bedroom, there are two beds and two desks.

六、书面表达。 (满分15分) (见答卷纸)



七、短文首字母填空。 (共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

“You are welcome to have d___76___ with me on Sunday,” said John.

“But I don’t know w___77___ your house is,” said Henry. "It’s e___78___ to find. You get off the bus. Then c___79___ the road, and take the first t___80___ on the left. Walk for five

m___81___. Then you’ll see a big tree. Take the s___82___ turning on the right after the tree. Walk about a hundred metres down this road. There is a big red house. Go p___83___ the big house about five hundred metres, and you’ll see a small y___84___ house beside a little tree. Open the door with your foot.”

“With my foot?” said Henry.

“Yes,” said John. “Well, you won’t c___85___ to my house empty-handed(空手地), will you?”

八、任务型阅读。 (共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)


86. In the zoo, you can see __________ tigers.

87. The monkeys from China will _________ things at you.

88. The tickets for _________ is only $ 2.00.

89. On Friday the zoo is open for _________ hours.

90. In the zoo, you can’t make the zoo ________. You shoule keep it clean.


Why Are You Buying All These Tickets?

A small man wants to see a film,so he comes to a cinema. He buys a ticket and goes in. But after two or three minutes he comes out, buys a second ticket and goes in again.

After a few minutes he comes out again and buys a third ticket. Two or three minutes after that he comes out again and buys the fourth ticket.

But the girl says to him, "Why are you buying all these tickets?"

"No, I'm not doing that," the small man says, "But a big woman always stops me at the door and tears (撕开) my ticket up."


91. The small man goes to a cinema to watch a ________.

92. The man buys_________tickets.

93. He comes out to buy ticket after two or three ________.

94. A woman at the gate always makes him ________ and tears his ticket up.

95. From the passage, wo know that the man is not _________.

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