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听力部分 20%


( )



( ) 2



( ) 3


( )



( )5



二、 听对话。从A,B,C中选择一个能回答该问题的选项。5%

( )6 .A. It’s cloudy. B. It’s snowing. C. It’s windy.

( )7. A. He wants to be an actor. B. She wants to be a nurse. C. Because it’s an exciting job.

( )8. A. A .teacher B. At school C. He teaches Chinese.

( )9. A. Play basketball B. Play computer games C. Go to the movies

( )10. A. She’s watching TV. B. No, she isn’t . C. She’s cooking.



( )11. What does Tom’s pen pal do?

A. She’s a teacher. B. She’s a doctor.

C. She’s a nurse. D. She’s an assistant.

( )12. What language doesn’t Tom’s pen pal speak?

A. English B. French C. Chinese D. English and French 听下面一段长对话,回答第13至第15三小题。

( )13. Why does the girl like to see the dogs first?

A. Dogs are friendly and clever. B. Dogs are fun. C. Dogs are cute.

( )14. Where are the lions from?

A. Africa B. China C. Canada

( )15. How many kinds of animals do they see?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 4


( )16. Tom and Mike want to __________.

A.help with sports, music and computers. B.be good with children.

C.find summer jobs. D.get help from the Camp

( )17. What does the Summer Camp need help with?

A. Flying kites. B. Sports, music and computers.

C. Making cakes. D. Drawing pictures.

( )18. Tom can play_________________.

A. balls B. computer games C. music D. violin

( )19. Mike can play________________.

A. the drums B. volleyball C. basketball D. football

( )20. What do Tom and Mike both like?

A. Football B. Computers C. Swimming D. Sports

笔试部分 80%

一、单项选择题 15%

( )21. ---Is there a video shop near here?


A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, there is. C. Yes, there isn’t. D. No, it isn’t.

( )22. Pandas like eating _____ and elephants like eating ____.

A. leafs, grasses B. leaves, grass C. leaf, grass D. leaves, grasses

( )23. Don’t talk. My little brother _____.

A. sleep B. sleeps C. is sleepping D. is sleeping

( )24. Peter __________breakfast at home every day.

A. having B. have C. has D. is having

( )25. We are doing _______.

A. our homework B. my homework C. one’s homework D.


( )26. Emma, come here. Here ______ some pens for you.

A. is B. are C. has

( )27. Are you ______ the bus? But where’s the station? D. have

A. waiting in B. waiting C. wait for D. waiting for

( )28. --- How’s it going with you?


A. Pretty good B. It’s raining C. Hot and humid

( )29. It is a good place _________ fun. D. Sunny

A. have B. to have C. has D. having

( )30. ______ pandas from China?

A. Are B. Is C. Do D. Does

( )31. Can you tell me the way __________the hospital?

A. of B. from C. to D. in

( )32. We have a job _________ you _________a waiter.

A. for; for B. for; as C. with; for D. with; as

( )33. -What’s the weather like? - It’s __________.

A. cloudy B. cloud C. snow D. snows

( )34. We like music. because music is _____.

A. relax B. relaxes C. relaxing D. relaxed

( )35. – What does your grandmother do?


A. She likes her work B. She is a bank clerk. C. She is busy D. She is working

二、完型填空 10%

Kate is from America. She her parents. She can speak Chinese. She is in a middle school. She has brother. His name is Tom. He is only five years old. She has 40 friends at school. They often play games together. Sometimes Kate teaches and they her Chinese. They teach

each other and learn each other. Kate’s father mother are teachers. They teach English in the same school in Beijing. They their work. They work hard.

( )36. A. speaks B. talks C. tells D. says

( )37. A. for B. and C. at D. with

( )38. A. a lots of B. many C. a little D. a few

( )39. A. big B. a little C. an old D. a few

( )40. A. a few B. many C. lot D. a lot

( )41. A. they B. them C. their D. theirs

( )42. A. teach B. learn C. speak D. teaches

( )43. A. about B. to C. from D. of

( )44. A. and B. or C. with D. from

( )45. A. love B. hate C. leave D. want

三、阅读理解 30%



It’s a fine Saturday morning. There are many children near the river. They are students of No.4 Middle School. They are students of Grade One. There are two teachers with them. All of the students are Young Pioneers(少先队员).They are having their Young Pioneer’s Day.

They are planting trees and flowers. They are working hard. Good work, Young Pioneers!

( ) 46. It’s a fine Sunday morning.

( ) 47. Some workers are helping them plant trees.

( ) 48. Today is Young Pioneer’s Day.

( ) 49. There are two teachers with them.

( ) 50. They are playing with water.


Hello, my name is Peter. I study at a secondary school in the UK. School days usually begin at 9 a.m. in the UK. So I usually go to school at 8.45 a.m.. School is over at 3.30 p.m. So I have enough time to go to different clubs.

I’m good at all my lessons. But my favourite lesson is Cooking. All my teachers are very friendly and helpful. I never go home for lunch, I have lunch at school with my classmates. After lunch, we often go to the school field. Sometimes we play ball games, sometimes we just sit under the trees, reading or chatting. Sometimes we also go to the Computer Center to listen to music or send e-mails to our friends.

I like my school and have a wonderful time at school every day.

( ) 51. Schools in UK usually start at ____________.

A. 8.45 a.m. B. 9 a.m. C. 3.30 p.m.

( ) 52. ---How are Peter’s teachers? ---They’re all very ______.

A. friendly and helpful B. beautiful C. polite

( ) 53. ---How often does Peter go home for lunch? ---

A. Seldom B. always

( ) 54. After lunch, the students can ________. C. Every day. D. 8.30 a.m. D. busy D. Never

D. A, B and A. listen to music B. write e-mails C. play ball games


( ) 55. Which one isn’t right?

A. School is over at 3.30 p.m. in the UK.

B. Peter is good at all his lessons.

C. Peter has no time to go to clubs every day.

D. Peter has a wonderful time at school.


A well-dressed (衣着很好)man goes into a restaurant one day. He sits down at a table near the window.

A waiter comes up to him and says, “Can I help you, sir?”

The man says, “Yes, please. Can I see the menu (菜单)?”

“Certainly,” answers the waiter. The man wants a good meal and he wants a lot of nice dishes. After a moment, the waiter brings them to him. The man is having his meal happily. At this time, a boy comes in and sits down beside the man. He asks the waiter to give him an ice cream. The man says, “I will be back in 5 minutes.” Then he goes out. After the boy eats his ice cream, the boy stands up and goes to the door. “Excuse me, your father did not give the money for the meal and your ice cream,” The waiter stops him and says.

“Father? You are wrong. He is not my father. I do not know him. I met him in the street. He said he would give me an ice cream if I came here at twelve o’clock.”

( ) 56. The man comes to the restaurant ___________.

A. to meet the boy B. to buy a newspaper

C. to eat an ice cream D. to have a good meal

( ) 57. The man has ________ in the restaurant.

A. breakfast B. lunch C. supper D. dinner

( ) 58. ________ asked the boy to come to the restaurant.

A. The waiter B. The boy’s father C.The man D. Nobody

( ) 59. The waiter stops the boy because _______.

A. the man didn’t pay (付钱) for the meal and the ice cream

B. the boy didn’t have the meal

C. the boy’s father came back soon

D. the boy wanted to run away

( ) 60. Which of the following is true?

A. The boy is the man’s son. B. The boy knows the man very well.

C. The waiter pays the meal and the ice cream. D. The man is a cheat (骗子).

四、句型转换 5%

61. Mr Smith plays soccer every day.(用now替换every day)

Mr Smith _______ _________ soccer now.

62. The reporter is talking with the actor.(就划线部分提问)

_______ is the reporter __________?

63. How is the weather in Ningbo?(改为同义句)

________ is the weather _________ in Ningbo?

64. There are some teachers in the office.(改为一般疑问句)

________ there ________ teachers in the office?

65 mother, is, my, home, look, at, cooking(连词成句)


五、单词拼写 10%

66.There are many ________ (国家) in the world.

67.Where do you want to go on ___________ .(假期)

68.We e__________(欣赏) the city’s quiet streets and clean park every day.

69. Let’s c__________(打扫)our room. It’s dirty.

70.Is she s____________( 购物 ) at the mall now?

71. The pay phone is n __________ to the library .

72. Can you tell_______ (we) the right answer to this question?

73.Are you ______(make) a kite for me?

74.He usually sleeps and r__________20 hours every day.

75. Thank you for j__________ the TV show.

六、书面表达 10%





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