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1. Tom and Mary ___________ (come) to China last month.

2. Mike _________________(not go) to bed until 12 o’clock last night.

3. Mary __________ (read) English yesterday morning.

4. There _________ (be) no one here a moment ago.

5. I ___________ (call) Mike this morning.

6. I listened but ___________ (hear) nothing.

7. Tom ___________ (begin) to learn Chinese last year.

8. Last week we _________ (pick) many apples on the farm.

9. My mother ________________ (not do) housework yesterday.

10. She watches TV every evening. But she ____________ (not watch) TV last night.

11.________ your father ________ ( go ) to work every day last year?

12.--What time _______ you _______ (get) to Beijing yesterday?

13. What __________ (make) him cry (哭) just now?

14. Last year the teacher ___________ (tell) us that the earth moves around the sun.

15. There _____________( be not) any hospitals in my hometown (家乡) in 1940.

16. –When _______ you _________ (come) to china? Last year.

17. 18. Jack ____________ (not clean) the room just now.

19. _________ (be) it cold in your city yesterday?

20. How many people ________ (be) there in your class last term?

21. It ________ (be) hot yesterday and most children _______ (be) outside.

22. There ________ (be) a football match on TV yesterday evening, but I _________ (have) no time to watch it.

23.Where ____ (be) he yesterday?

24.He finished _______ (write) the homework just now.

25. We ________________ (not see ) any monkeys on our last school trip.

26. It _____ (be) the 2nd of November yesterday.

27. Gao Shan ________ (put) the book on his head a moment ago.

28. Don’t ______ the house. Mum _______ it yesterday. (clean)

29. What ____ you ______ just now? I _______ some housework. (do)

30. They _________ (make) a kite a week ago.

31. I want to ______ apples. But my dad _______ all of them last month. (pick)

32. _______ he ______ the flowers this morning? Yes, he _____. (water)

33. She ____ (be) a pretty girl. Look, she _____ (do) Chinese dances.

34. The students often _________ (draw) some pictures in the art room.

35.What ______ Mike do in the park? He ________pictures . (take)


1. Father bought me a new bike. (否定句)

Father________ __________ me a new bike.

2. Frank read an interesting book about history. (一般疑问句)

__________ Frank __________ an interesting book about history? (划线提问)

_____________ __________he___________ last weekend?

4. Thomas spent RMB 10 on this book. (否定句)

Thomas ________ _________ RMB 10 on this book. (划线提问)

___________ _________ _______ family _______ to the beach?

6. Did you go to the Great Wall with your friends last year? (改为肯定句)

I ________ to the Great Wall with _______ friends last year.

7. They didn’t see the picture on the wall. (改为肯定句)

They___________ the picture on the wall.

8. Tina was at home last weekend. (否定句)

Tina _______ at home last weekend.

9.I did my homework yesterday evening. (否定句)

I _________ _________ my homework yesterday evening.

10. They were in England two years ago. (一般疑问句)

They ___________ __________in England two years ago.


1.Yesterday I _____ on a school trip.

A.go B. went C.goes

2.He ______ finish his homework just now.

A.did B. does C.didn’t

3.I think the school trip ________ terrible.

A.was B. be C.were

4.I was not _______ in math.

A.interest B. interested C.interesting

5.The rooms ________ really dark last year.

Awas B. is C.were


1.去动物园 7.喂鸡

2.参观博物馆 8.照相

3.骑马 9.挤牛奶

4.参观消防站 10.去散步




Dear Jim,

My school trip ___(be)great.We___(have)so much fun.We __(go)to park.We____(climb) the mountains there and ____(see)a lot of flowers. We_____ (eat)our lunch under some trees and____(play)some games after that.The day ____(get)dark,we _____(worry)it would rain.luckily,it_____(do not)

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