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Unit7 11.practice sth /doing sth 练习某事/做某事

1.What does/do sb look like?某人长的怎么样 12.clean one’s room 打扫某人的房间

2.of medium build/height 中等体型/高度 13.at NO.3 Middle School 在第三中学

3.in Class Five 在五班 14.for most kids 对于大多数孩子来说

4.look like 看起来像 15.play computer games 打电脑游戏

5.I think I know her 我以为我了解她 16.have a busy weekend 过一个繁忙的周末

6.I don’t think I know her我想我不了解她 17.in the morning/afternoon/evening在早晨/下午

7.the captain of the basketball team篮球队队长18.a little difficult 有点难 /晚上

8.short straight hair 短直发 19.cook dinner for sb 为某人做晚饭

9.long curly hair 长卷发 20.read a book about history读一本关于历史的书

10.good- looking长得漂亮 21.an interesting talk show一场有趣的脱口秀

11.a little bit quiet有点文静 22.spend time/money on sth花时间/钱在某事上

12.love to tell jokes/a joke爱讲笑话 spend time/money (in) doing sth花时间/钱做某事

13.stop doing sth停止做某事 23.enjoy doing sth 喜欢做某事

14.never stop talking讲个不停 24.go (out) for a walk 出去散步

15.play chess下象棋 25.sit down 坐下

16.a pop singer一个流行歌手 26.watch sb doing sth观看某人在做某事

17.a new look一幅新面孔 watch sb do sth观看某人做过某事了

18.wear funny glasses带着滑稽的眼镜 27.It’s time to do sth 该到做某事的时间了

19.go shopping去购物 28.look for 寻找

Unit8 Unit10

1.would like to do sth=want to do sth想要做某事 1. on vacation=on holiday 在度假

2.what kind of 哪种 2.go to summer camp 去参加夏令营

3.what size 多大尺码 3.go to the mountains 去山里

4.what size bowl of 多大碗 4.study for exams 复习考试

5.a large bowl of 一大碗 5.a photo album of vacations 一本假日影集

6.beef and tomato noodle牛肉西红柿面条 6.show sb sth=show sth to sb 把...给某人看

7.a noodle house=a house of noodles一家面条店 7.think of / think about 考虑 思考

8.Can I help you?=What can I do for you?我能帮你吗? 8.all day=the whole day 整天 回答:Yes, please. No, thanks. 9.have fun doing sth 做某事有趣

9.at the House of Dumplings 在饺子店里 10.find sb doing sth 发现某人在做某事

10.some great specials 一些很棒的特价 11.be lost=get lost 走失 迷失

Unit9 12.help sb do sth=help sb with sth帮助某人做某事

1.last weekend 上个周末 13.make sb do sth 让/使某人做某事

2.on Saturday morning 在星期六早晨 14.go back to a place 走回某地

3.go to the beach 去海滩 15.decide to do sth 决定做某事

4.visit sb/visit a place 拜访某人/参观某地 16.answer the question回答问题

5.do (some) sports /do sports=play sports 做运动 17.ask some question问问题

6.stay at home 待在家 18.discuss with sb 与某人讨论

7.what about sth/doing sth=how about sth/ doing sth 某事怎么样/做某事怎么样

8.study for the (math) test 学习准备(数学)考试 19.the best place for a vacation

9.have a party 举行聚会 度假最好的地方

10.do some reading 阅读 20.write a report 写报道


1.What do you think of sth 9.learn to do sth =How do you like sth你认为某物怎么样 10.begin to do sth 2.talk show 脱口秀 谈话节目 11.stop to do sth

3.I can’t stand it/them. 我不能忍受了 12.It’s time (for sb) to do sth 4.in fact 事实上 13.have (no) time to do sth 5.a ten-year-old boy 一个十岁的男孩 14.be surprised to do sth

6.welcome to/welcome back to欢迎到/欢迎回到 15.be happy/sad/glad to do sth 7.talk to sb/talk with sb 与某人谈话 16.It take sb some time to do sth 8.thanks for doing sth 为做某事感谢某人 9.agree with sb 同意某人的观点 agree to do sth 同意做某事 10.ask sb about sth 问某人关于某事 ask sb to do sth 让某人做某事 11.article in the school magazine 在校刊上发表的文章 Unit12 1.arrive late for class上学迟到 2.listen to music听音乐 3.in the hallways在走廊上 4.in class 在课堂上 5.after school 放学以后 6.on school night 上学期间的晚上 7.practice doing sth 练习作某事 8.too much/ too many 太多 9.have to 必须 不得不 10.by 10 o’clack 十点之前 11.go to a place to do sth去某地做某事 12.never have any fun从来没有快乐过 13.No sth/ No doing sth 禁止某物/禁止做某事 14.talk loudly at home 在家大声说话 15.what else 别的什么 其他的什么 16.go out 外出 出去 非谓语动词的用法 一.V + to do sth 1.want to do sth

2.would like to do sth 3.decide (not) to do sth 4.agree (not) to do sth 5.hope to do sth 6.like to do sth

7.remember to do sth 8.forget to do sth

二.V + sb + (to) do sth 1.tell sb (not) to do sth 2.ask sb ( not) to do sth 3.teach sb to do sth 4.agree sb to do sth 5.want sb to do sth 6.make sb do sth 7.let sb do sth

8.see /watch/hear/feel sb do sth 9.help sb (to) do sth 三. V+ doing sth 1.enjoy doing sth 2.mind doing sth 3.practice doing sth 4.have fun doing sth 5.enjoy oneself doing sth 6.have a good time doing sth 7.stop doing sth 8.finish doing sth

9.How about doing sth 10.What about doing sth 11.Thanks for doing sth

12.spend time/money doing sth 14.see/watch/hear/feel sb doing sth 15.look at sb doing sth 13.find sb doing sth

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