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用 法: 1.现阶段经常性习惯性动作 2.目前的状况 3.客观真理

常用时间状语: sometimes, often, every day, usually, always 等

构 成:1.动词用原形 I like it.

2.当主语是第三人称单数时,动词要加 -s(-es) She likes it.

3.be 动词用am,is, are

I am a teacher.

He is a boy.

They are girls.

否定形式:1.don’t+动词原形 I don’t like it. They don’t like it.

2.当主语是第三人称单数时,则为: doesn’t+动词原形 He doesn’t like it.

一般疑问句: 把do 或does 放在主语的前面,后面动词用原形 Do you like it? Does Ann like it? Does he like it ?

(二)现在进行时: 表示正在进行的、发生的动作

通常在句子中有以下的词:now, look, listen.

句子的结构如下: be ( am / is/ are) +动词的“-ing”形式

如:1. I am listening to the music now.

2. The students are drawing pictures now.

3. Listen! She is singing .

4. Look! Mr Li is riding a bike.


A.在动词后直接加ing: go-going , wash-washing,fly—flying

B.以单个元音+单个辅音+e结尾 , 去掉e加ing,如 :drive—driving, ride--riding

C.某些单词要双写词尾的字母:swim- swimming run—running



1. Who _____ over there now? A. singing B. are sing C. is singing D. sing

2. It’s eight o’clock. The students _____ an English class.

A. have B. having C. is having D. are having

3. Listen! The baby _____ in the next room. A. crying B. cried C. is crying D. cries

4. Look! The twins _____ new sweaters.

A. are wearing B. wearing C. are wear D. is wearing

5. Don’t talk here. Grandparents _____. A. is sleeping B. are sleeping C. sleeping D. sleep

6. Tom is a worker. He _____ in a factory. His sisters _____ in a hospital.

A. work/ work B. works/ work C. work/ works

7. Who _____ English best in your class? A. speak B. speaks C. speaking

8. Mrs Read _____ the windows every day. A. is cleaning B. clean C. cleans

9. We _____ music and often _____ to music.

A. like/ listen B. likes/ listens C. like/ are listening

10. She _____ up at six in the morning. A. get B. gets C. getting

11. On Sunday he sometimes _____ his clothes and sometimes _____ some shopping.

A. wash/ do B. is washing/ is doing C. washes/ does

12. The twins usually _____ milk and bread for breakfast, but Jim _____ some coffee for it.

A. have/ have B. have/ has C. has/ have

14. It’s nine ten. The students ______ a music class.

A. have B. having C. are having

15. Is the man _______ tea or milk? A. drinks B. drink C. drinking


1. My father always __________(come) back from work very late.

2. The teacher is busy. He __________ (sleep) six hours a day.

3. Listen! Joan __________(sing) in the classroom. She often __________ (sing) there.

4. __________ your brother __________(know) Japanese?

5. Where __________ you __________ (have) lunch every day?

6. The girl __________(like) wearing a skirt. Look! She __________(wear) a red skirt today. 7. My parents _______(watch)TV now.

8. Look. Three boys _______(run).

9. What _______ your mother _______(do)now?

10. _______ your dog _______ now?(sleep)

11. _______ you _______(listen)to music? Yes, I am.

12. Look, Miss Chen _______ (play)football.

13. Tom and his sister _______(wait)for you over there.

14. Now Class 3 and Class 4_______(have)a test.

15. Listen, someone _______(sing)in the classroom.

16. ——Where is Zhang Yan?

——She _______(talk)with her teacher in the teacher’s office.


1. work___________ sing__________ play__________ study__________

2. dance__________ have__________ write__________ take__________

3. run__________ sit__________ shop__________ swim__________

4. lie__________


1. work__________ read__________ clean__________ write__________

2. teach__________ wash__________ guess__________ watch__________

3. go__________ do___________ photo__________

4. study__________ fly__________ cry__________ play__________

5. have_________



_____ ____the students ____? Some ____ _____ on the phone, _____ _____ _____ on the beach.

2、“格林先生在看电视吗?” “不, 他在打扫房间。”

“_____ Mr Green _____ TV?” “_____, He _____ _____ the house.”

3、魏芳不是在读书,她在写信。Wei Fang _____ _____ a book. She _____ _____ a letter.

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