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注意事项:1、本试卷分卷Ⅰ和卷Ⅱ两部分。卷Ⅰ为选择题,卷Ⅱ为非选择题。 2、本试卷共8页,满分100分,听力30分,笔试70分。




( )1. A. never B. ever C. very ( )2. A. how many B. too much C. how much ( )3. A. 6:30 B. 8:30 C. 6:00 ( )4. A. quietly B. quick C. quickly

( )5. A. She is good at math. B. She doesn’t do well in math. C. She is not good at physics.


( ) 6. A. Not at all. B. Thank you. C. No, not so good.

( ) 7. A. I was cleaning the room. B. I will clean the room. C. I like cleaning the room. (

) 8. A. Don’t thank me. B. It’s a pleasure. C. That’s right.

( ) 9. A. Yes, you should.

B. No, you shouldn’t. C. You should say you’re sorry. ( ) 10. A. Five hours ago. B. For five hours.

C. At five o



( ) 11.

A. B. C. ( ) 12. A. Because she doesn’t have enough money to buy the ticket.

B. Because she will have no money to buy the ticket.

八年级英语试题 第1页(共8页)

C. Because she missed the bus.

( ) 13. A. By bus. B. By train. C. By bike.

( ) 14. A. In the library. B. In the clothes store. C. In the gym.

( ) 15. A. In 1988. B. In 1990. C. In 1992.

( ) 16. A. She fell off her bike. B. She broke her arm. C. She fell into the river.

( ) 17. A. Reading. B. Riding a bike. C. Swimming.

( ) 18. A. Tomorrow.

B. This afternoon.


B. Her grandparents. C. Her aunt. C. The day after tomorrow.

( ) 19. Who is Mary going to see during the summer vacation? A. A Her friend.

( ) 20. How long did Peter stay in Guilin?

A. For a month. B. For two months. C. For a year.

( ) 21. What will Peter show to Mary tomorrow?

A. Books. B. Tickets. C. Photos.


( ) 22. Whose birthday is it today?

A. Lily’s. B. Lucy’s. C. Kate’s.

( ) 23. What’s in the middle of the table?

A. Noodles. B. A cake. C. Meat.

( ) 24. How old is the girl?

A. Thirteen. B. Fourteen. C. Fifteen.

( ) 25. What are they doing now?

A. Dancing B. Eating. C. Singing


Ⅴ. 单项选择(共20小题,每小题1分,计20分) 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

( ) 26. It is useful book. I borrowed it from school library.

A. a; an B. an; a C. a; the D. an; the

( ) 27. ----_____ will it take us to get there by bus? ---- About two hours.

A. How soon B. How often C. How quick D. How long

( ) 28.Our physics teacher told us that light faster than sound.

A. travel B. travels C. traveled D. traveling

( ) 29. There are already robots________ in factories.

八年级英语试题 第2页(共8页)

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