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(满分:120分 考试时间:120分钟)

第一部分 选择题(共80分) 一. 听力(每小题1分,共25分)


1. A. In Beijing.. B. In 8 years. C. A high school student. 2. A. Yes, they will. B. Yes, there will. C. Yes, I think so.

3. A. Yes, she was. B. Yes, I was. C. She was washing clothes. 4. A. You are great. B. Have a good time. C. It?s too far from here.

5. A. I was doing my homework. B. He was watching TV. C. She was washing dishes. 听下面5段对话,选择正确答案。 6. Who keeps the dictionary?

A. Helen. B. Jack. C. Maria. 7. What will Sam do next Saturday?

A. Fly a kite. B. Play football. C. Go out with Kate. 8. How often does Mike play basketball?

A. He plays basketball once a day. B. He plays basketball once a week. C. He plays basketball twice a day. 9. Why can?t Lisa answer the phone?

A. Because she is not in. B. Because she is sleeping. C. Because she is in the yard. 10. What are the two speakers talking about?

A. A lucky dog. B. Linda?s going to Cambridge. C. How to enter a good university. 听下面一段对话,回答第11-13小题。 11. Why don?t Tom come to school?

A. Because he got a bad cold. B. Because his mother was ill. C. Because he broke his legs. 12. Where did Jack go yesterday?

A. School. B. Tom?s home. C. The park. 13.What did Jack do after Tom fell off his bike?

A. He called Tom?s parents. B. He visited Tom?s parents. C. He took Tom to hospital.

听下面一段对话,回答14-16小题。 14. Why is the red bag more expensive?

A. Because it is made of plastic. B. Because it is made of leather. C. Because it is bigger.

15. Which suitcase is more suitable for flying?

A. The red one. B. The black one. C. We don?t know. 16. Which suitcase does the man take at last?

A. The red one. B. The black one. C. We don?t know.


17. When do Chinese people drink tea at home?

A. In the morning. B. In the afternoon. C. At any time. 18. What is ?tea ceremony??

A. A ceremony to celebrate tea harvest. B.A special way of serving tea. C. An important way of drinking tea. 19. What do Englishmen drink tea with?

A. They drink tea with nothing in it. B. They eat cakes, cookies and sandwiches. C. They drink tea with cream and sugar. 20. What is the speaker talking about?

A. How Chinese and Japanese people drink tea.

B. Different ways of drinking tea in different countries. C. The differences between Chinese and English tea.. 听独白, 回答21-25小题.

21. When did Jack go to Beijing?

A. Last month. B. Last year. C. Last week. 22. What will Jack do in ten years?

A. An architect. B. A businessman. C. A computer engineer. 23. Why won?t Jack have a pet?

A. Because he will be very poor. B. Because he doesn?t like pets. C. Because he won?t have time to take care of it.. 24. How often will Jack go swimming?

A. Every month. B. Every week. C. Every day. 25. Where will Jack go on vacation?

A. New York. B. UK. C. Hong Kong.


第一节 单项选择 (共20小题;每小题1分,满分20分)

A) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出与所给句子划线部分意义相同或相近并能代替的那一项。A. have a lot of time B. have fun C. have a rest D. have good times A. wake me up B. phone me C. call me out D. tell me A. get up B. come up C. get along D. pull up ---What about letting him go with us?

A. look for B. take care C. be careful D. look after A. only a little B. only a few C. many D. much B) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出可填入空白处的最佳选项。

31. ---Will people use money in 100 years?


--- ___________. Everything will be free.

A. Yes, they will B. No, they don?t C. Yes, they won?t D. No, they won?t 32. TV and computers can ___________ our eyes to the outside world.

A. start with B. open up C. close up D. take up 33. ---What ___________ at five yesterday afternoon? ---Nothing much.

A. did you do B. are you doing C. would you do D. were you doing 34. He goes to work early on workdays ___________ Saturday and Sunday. A. except B. besides C. and D. beside 35. My friends always get better grades than I do .What should I do? A. Maybe you should be more friendly to the teachers. B. Maybe you should ask your parents for help. C. Maybe you should work harder. D. Maybe you should sleep more.

36. ---What time does the plane ___________? ---I think it?s at about 10 o?clock. A. drop off B. get off C. take off D. fall off 37. Ten years ago, ___________ only one classroom building in our school. And in 10 years, ___________ five classroom buildings in our school. A. there is, there are B. there had, there will have C. there was, there have D. there was, there will be

38. If you meet troubles in your life, you must try to ___________ the troubles.

A. turn over B. get over C. look over D. come over 39. We?ll stay at home if it ___________ tomorrow.

A. will rain B. rains C. rained D. rain

40. Sally didn?t do her homework yesterday. Allan didn?t do her homework, ___________. A. too B. both C. also D. either 41. ---Things will get better and better in the future.

--- Yes. There will be ___________ cars and ___________ pollution.

A. fewer; less B. less; more C. more; more D. less; fewer 42. My brother should buy a new coat because his old one is ___________.

A. original B. in fashion C. in style D. out of style 43. He looks very sad. What should we do to make him ___________?

A. happy B. to happy C. happily D. to be happy 44. ---What did Gina say?

---She said she ___________ a surprise party for her mother.

A. has B. will have C. is having D. was having 45. The kite is broken. Please ___________.

A. take away it B. take them away C. take it away D. take them away 第二节 完形填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)

阅读下面短文,从短文后所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。Life for Cathy Taylor?s three children is very busy. Their school days are busy enough. After school, Cathy takes the boys from football to basketball. Then she has to take her daughter to

piano lessons. The tired children don?and try to fit as much as possible into their kid?s lives. say many children are under too much should do the same.

However, some parents know all about this pressure. They don?kids to all kinds of classes, and they should stop their own kids with other children, people shouldn?s? lives for them, the children might they also need time to relax, and they need time to do things by themselves.

46. A. but B. though C. because D. so 47. A. two B. three C. four D. one 48. A. when B. until C. before D. while 49. A. to B. as C. do D. for 50. A. is like B. likes C. are like D. like

51. A. Doctors B. Teachers C. Workers D. Policemen 52. A. tired B. tiring C. happy D. excited

53. A. joins B. join C. takes part in D. take part in 54. A. does B. doing C. to do D. did 55. A. bad B. terrible C. good D. well

56. A. to compare B. compares C. compare D. comparing 57. A. had B. hardly C. hard D. to hard 58. A. that B. this C. it D. he 59. A. more B. less C. fewer D. many 60. A. other B. the other C. another D.others 三、综合阅读(共三节,计34分) 第一节 综合知识(共6小题;每小题1分,满分6分) 根据所掌握的文化或背景知识,选择正确答案。 61. Which of the following is “联合国儿童基金”?

A. WWF B. UNICEF C. CCTV D. UN 62. What does the UFO mean?

A. 不明飞行物 B.飞机 C. 飞船 D.航天飞机 63. Martin Luther is a/an ___________ hero.

A. Chinese B. English C. American D. Australian 64. How did Martin Luther die?

A. He died in an accident B. He was murdered

C. He died of illness D. He fell off his house


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