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Part 1 Listening (第一部分 听力)

Ⅰ. Listen and choose the right picture (根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片): (共6分)




Ⅱ. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear (根据你听到的对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案): (共10分)

7. A. Bus No. 66. B. Bus No. 16. C. Bus No. 60. D. Bus No. 56.

8. A. A bird. B. A cat. C. A dog. D. A fish.

9. A. Watch movies. B. Go swimming. C. Stay at home. D. Play tennis.

10. A. A bike. B. A camera. C. A mobile phone. D. Some money.

11. A. In the hospital. B. On the road. C. On the phone. D. In the office.

12. A. Because her watch doesn?t work. B. Because she wants to catch the train.

C. Because it?s 8:30 now. D. Because her watch is lost.

13. A. An old man and his daughter. B. A mother and her son.

C. A student and a teacher. D. A secretary and a manager.

14. A. By reading a book. B. By talking with friends.

C. By watching film on TV. D. By writing E-mails.

15. A. He thinks it?s dull. B. He has never heard of it.

C. He doesn?t like it. D. He thinks it?s funny.

16. A. She?s having dinner with the man. B. She?s cooking in the kitchen.

C. She?s ordering food in a restaurant. D. She?s shopping in a supermarket.

Ⅲ. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false (判断下列句子是否符合你听到的短文内容, 符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示):


17. George didn?t want to spend money and he liked to argue about the price.

18. If George planned to buy a can of Coke, he would pay one cent cheaper.

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19. By the end of the year, George had saved several thousand dollars in all.

20. One day he had to go to the dentist because he had something wrong with his tooth.

21. The dentist asked him to pay 14 dollars for the bad tooth which should be pulled out.

22. George thought that the dentist needed more time to deal with his bad tooth.

23. The dentist took his advice and would do it very slowly and carefully.

Ⅳ. Listen to the passage and complete the following sentences (听短文,完成下列内容,每空格限填一词): (共7分)

24. Every day, it?s easy to see advertisements in English all _______ us.

25. It is a popular form to show the name of the _______ that made the products.

26. It is common to see advertisements on TV and hear them on the _______.

27. Most advertisements are very _______, so people can say and remember them easily.

28. _______ situations are often used in advertisements as well.

29. All advertisements are _______ to make people buy a product.

30. When you buy a kind of drink, ask _______ why you are just buying it.

Part 2 Vocabulary and Grammar

(第二部分 词汇和语法)

Ⅴ. Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案): (共26分)

31. Do you know only you walk with _____ umbrella in _____ university on a sunny day?

A) a…an B) an…an C) an…a D) a…a

32. Please show _____ the ticket before you go into the China Pavilion.

A) I B) me C) my D) mine

33. With the help of computers, we can get _____ information on the Internet.

A) huge amounts of B) millions of C) so many D) quite a few

34. The terrible earthquake happened _____ May 12th and caused many people?s death.

A) in B) on C) at D) for

35. Nowadays some old famous buildings are not familiar _____ the new citizens of Shanghai.

A) with B) on C) for D) to

36. —When shall we go to the wild animal zoo, this Saturday or Sunday?

— ________ is OK. I?m free these days.

A) Both B) Either C) all D) Neither

37. I?m afraid your pet dog is not as _____ as mine—he is a super puppy.

A) clever B) cleverer C) cleverest D) the cleverest

38. Keep off the drugs (毒品), _____ you and your family will be in great danger!

A) and B) or C) but D) so

39. _____ the boy is only six years old, he knows more about science than some adults.

A) Though B) Since C) Until D) When

40. It?s easy to go up and down in the mall. You _____ go by escalator (自动扶梯) or by lift.

A) need B) can C) must D)should

41. When I came into the room, Arthur _____ a computer game excitedly.

A) played B) would play C) was playing D) has played

42. Millions of visitors throughout the world _____ Shanghai during 2010 World Expo.

A) visit B)will visit C)would visit D) visited

43. My aunt _____ English in this school since she graduated from the university.

A) taught B) has taught C) will teach D) teaches

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44. In this restaurant, Yangzhou fried rice _____ only for lunch and dinner.

A) serves B) served C) is serving D) is served

45. The headmaster?s praise for our wonderful performance made us all _____ happily.

A) smile B) to smile C) smiling D) smiled

46. The volunteers at the airport offer _____ heavy luggage for the passengers.

A) carrying B) carry C) carried D) to carry

47. The music sounds _____ and many people are fond of it so much.

A) beautifully B) sweet C) excited D) well

48. Aunty Maria, would you please tell me _____?

A) what does Cathy like to do B) where Cathy lives

C) that Cathy had gone to America D) if Cathy comes today

49. —_____ will your father come back from France?

— In two weeks.

A) How often B) How far C) How soon D) How long

50. What the clown(小丑) said was so _____ that all of us laughed all the time.

A) interesting B) boring C) amazing D) amusing

51. The kind girl promises to _____ charity as her job when she grows up.

A) take up B) take off C) take out D) take away

52. The students are keen on the school science festival and they will _____ it well.

A) get along with B) get tired of C)get rid of D)get ready for when I am in trouble. The underlined part means “_____”.

A) shows me an example B) gives me a hand C) sends me a present D) makes me happy “_____”.

A) sell B) allow C) need D) make

55. —Our class will go climbing this weekend.


A) You?re welcome B) That?s right C) Enjoy your time there D) Good idea

56. —I?m terribly sorry I?ve broken your glasses.


A) Watch out! B) My pleasure. C) Never mind. D) What a shame!

Ⅵ. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms(用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子,每空格限填一词): (共8分)

57. Is it true that the eighty-year-old British inventor is a friend of _________? (your)

58. The church built in the _________ century attracts thousands of tourists every year. (twelve)

59. “________ and gentlemen, …” he said, loudly, but forgot the rest of the words. (lady)

60. Few people predicted that the shy and weak girl would be the ________. (win)

61. Believe it or not, sometimes even your favourite milk can be _________ . (healthy)

62. We have heard ________ that Shanghai students showed the top reading level in PISA. (recent)

63. Now more and more people _________ that it?s important to keep balance of nature. (real)

64. With tears in his eyes, he made an exciting _________in front of college students. (speak)

Ⅶ. Rewrite the following sentences as required(根据所给要求,改写下列句子。每空格限填一词): (共12分)

65. My husband has never sent flowers to his mother on Mother?s Day. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ your husband _________ sent flowers to his mother on Mother?s Day?

66. Your brother hardly has sports such as football and basketball. (改为反意疑问句)

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Your brother hardly has sports such as football and basketball, _________ _________? 对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ the little boy get up early in the morning?

68. It is interesting to have a barbecue in the suburbs in autumn. (改为感叹句)

_________ _________ interesting thing to have a barbecue in the suburbs in autumn!

69. The young couple wondered where they could get enough money for a flat. (改为简单句)

The young couple wondered _________ _________ get enough money for a flat.

70. The fire was so fierce (凶猛的) that nobody could enter the building to rescue people. (保持句意基本不变) The fire was _________ fierce for _________ to enter the building to rescue people.

Part 3 Reading and Writing (第三部分 阅读写作)

Ⅷ. Reading comprehension (阅读理解): (共56分)

A. True or False(判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示): ( 7分)

Today?s Question: What do you do to keep yourself fit?

Fred Jenkins, age 52, office manger

“When I was in college I used to play sports like baseball. But I can?t do that now, so I try to play golf every weekend. I spend Mondays through Fridays mostly sitting at my desk in a smoky office, so I like to get outside in the fresh air and move around for a few hours on Saturday or Sunday. I wish I had time to play golf more often.”

Annie Franklin,age 37,dentist

“I exercise. When the weather is OK, I go jogging in the early morning almost every day. It?s fun and it makes me feel fresh all day. I used to dream of running a marathon, but I guess that would be too much for me. In the winter it?s hard to get up early and I don?t feel safe running in the dark, so I usually jump rope and lift weights before breakfast.”

John Lee, age 44, high school math teacher

“I?m on my feet most of the day, so I have no weight problem. But I?m not as

strong as I used to be and I often feel tired. I have so much work to do at home

every night—papers to grade and lessons to prepare—that I just can?t find time to

exercise. I?m worried about my health, to tell the truth. Last summer I gave up

smoking and next month I?m going to buy an exercise machine. I?m looking

forward to that.”

Eleanor Goh, age 29, air traffic controller

“I enjoy yoga. My job has a lot of stress. Sometimes I have to work all night.

One little mistake can cause a big accident and kill hundreds of people. Yoga relaxes me. I can do it anytime, anyplace, and don?t need any special equipment like balls, rackets, gloves, or clubs.”

71. Fred Jenkins used to play baseball every weekend when he was in college.

72. Now Fred Jenkins thinks he often has got enough time to play golf.

73. Annie Franklin doesn?t run in the dark because it may be dangerous.

74. John Lee worries about his weight but has no time to exercise.

75. John Lee doesn?t smoke any longer and will begin to do exercise.

76. Eleanor Goh is always busy working all night so she must be careful.

77. According to Eleanor, it is easier to find time and a place to do yoga.

B. Choose the best answer(根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案): ( 7分)

Is there a famous person whom you really admire(钦佩)? Wouldn?t you love to have his or her autograph(手迹)? You would never throw that person?s autograph away. Many people feel the same way as you. However, some people collect autographs even from people they don?t admire. They just want autographs from any famous person. They

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don?t collect these autographs to keep them. They collect the autographs to sell them.

Collecting autographs has become a business. In fact, there are more than 20,000 people who collect autographs. These people are willing to pay a lot of money for an autograph. Therefore, now hang around(在……闲逛) sports centers, concerts arenas, and modern restaurants. These people try to get autographs they can sell. They can sometimes make as much as $1,500 for one autograph. In fact, one very successful autograph hound earns(赚钱) about $100,000 a year. There are also companies that buy and sell autographs. One company, Profiles in History, says it has the largest collection of actors? or actresses? autographs in the world. The company earns more than $12 million a year! One autograph may cost under $100. Other autographs can cost several thousand dollars.

The price of an autograph doesn?t depend on how famous the person is. It depends on how rare(稀少) the autograph is. For example, famous people like Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon sign a lot of autographs. Therefore, their autographs are not rare and are not worth(值) very much money. On the other hand, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow rarely sign anything. This makes their autographs more rare and more valuable(珍贵的). Queen Elizabeth II almost never signs autographs. Therefore, something with her signature(签名) on it might sell for around $3,500. It doesn?t matter if the person is dead. Elvis Presley and Napoleon signed many things. Their signatures are only worth $1,500. However, signed letters from Marilyn Monroe are very rare. They can cost $50,000 each. The highest price ever paid for an autograph was $750,000. This was for a letter written by Abraham Lincoln.

78. There are over _________ people who collect autographs throughout the world.

A) 100,000 B) 50,000 C) 20,000 D) 750,000

79. Profiles in History is _________.

A) a local autograph museum B) a very modern restaurant

C) a business that sells autographs D) the most expensive autograph

80. The price of an autograph mostly depends on _________.

A) when the person wrote the signature B) whether the person is alive or dead

C) how many people admire the person D) how hard it is to find the autograph

81. From the passage we can know that _________ signature is worth the most.

A) Queen Elizabeth II?s B) Matt Damon?s

C) Marilyn Monroe?s D) Abraham Lincoln?s

82. We can learn from the passage that an “autograph hound” is someone who_________.

A) buys a lot of autographs B) gets autographs from famous people

C) signs many things D) admires famous people very much

83. According to the passage, which one is TRUE?

A) All the people collect autographs in order to keep them.

B) A signed letter to Marilyn Monroe is very valuable.

C) Some famous people?s autographs aren?t expensive.

D) Nobody collects autographs from people they don?t admire.

84. What is the main idea of the reading?

A) Collecting autographs can be a business.

B) Some autographs are rare.

C) Collecting autographs is fun.

D) The more you sign, the less they are worth.

C. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage(选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文):(14分)

It was New Year?s night. An old man was standing by a window. He raised his sad eyes towards the deep blue sky, where the were bright like white flowers in a lake. Then he looked at the earth, where few more

hopeless people now moved towards their tombs(坟墓). He had already passed sixty years, and he had

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