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Ⅰ. 听句子,根据所听内容选择最佳应答语。句子读一遍。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )1. A. You should draw a computer.

B. You should click “save”.

C. You should visit the library.

( )2. A. Thank you very much. B. No idea. C. That’s a pity.

( )3. A. For three years. B. I went to London in 1998.

C. We want to go to London.

( )4. A . That’s great. B. Let’s look at the instructions.

C. I don’t like it, either.

( )5. A. It is my favourite mobile phone. B. I often use it to listen to music.

C. I like collecting cameras.

Ⅱ. 听对话和问题,根据所听内容选择最佳答案。对话和问题读一遍。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )6. A. Because his mother didn’t buy a new computer for him.

B. Because his mother didn’t buy a new computer game for him.

C. Because his mother didn’t buy a basketball for him.

( )7.A. The boy. B. The boy’s brother. C. The boy’s father.

( )8. A. In a restaurant. B. In a shop. C. In an office.

( )9. A. At three o’clock yesterday afternoon.

B. At two o’clock yesterday afternoon.

C. At four o’clock yesterday afternoon.

( )10. A. Do her homework.

B. Send and receive e-mails.

C. Both A and B.



( )11. What does the girl do when she is not busy?

a. She watches films on the Internet

b. She plays computer games on the Internet

c. She listens to music on the Internet.

( )12. What will the two speakers do this afternoon?

A. Watch a basketball game.

B. Play basketball.

C. Visit Jeremy Lin.


( )13. Whose computer doesn’t work?

A. Mike’s. B. Jim’s C. May’s.

( )14. What’s Jim’s telephone number?

A. 2657789. B. 28965778. C. 27788965.

( )15. What will Mike do right now?

A. Go to the repair shop.

B. Give me a call. C. Send an e-mail to Jim.

Ⅳ. 听独白,根据所听内容完成信息卡。独白读两遍。(每小题1分,共5分)

Information card

From: Mrs Hand

About: Problems: *Reads novels on the Internet

*Has no interested in *Does not ___20_ her parents

Worry: Make bad friends on the Internet.


I. 从A、B、C、D四个选项中选择最佳答案。(每小题1分,共20分)

( ) 21. Mo Yan’s new book has just________. Let’s go and buy one.

A. come over B. come down C. come on D. come out

( ) 22. —Tony is working hard and he always gets high marks.

— Yes . We ______ learn from him.

A. shouldn’t B. should C. mustn’t D. may

( ) 23. Mrs Green put her car outside the house ____, but the next morning she found it missing.

A. at least B. at first C. as usual D. as well as

( ) 24. My mother asks _______I will go to the library on Saturday.

A. what B. whether C. that D. where

( ) 25. John drank too much. , he fell to the ground and hurt his head on his way home.

A. For example B. As a result C. By the way D. In a word

( ) 26. — Is your father at home?

— No, he _______Xi’an.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. is going to D. goes to

( ) 27. If you want to turn on the MP4 player, ____ the green button.

A. help B. leave C. press D. close

( ) 28. If you hurry, you will be late for school.

A. aren’t B. won’t be C. do D. don’t

( ) 29. — What a nice MP3 player! Is it yours?

— Yes. I _____ 300 yuan on it.

A. cost B. spent C. paid D. took

( ) 30. ____ you like to take photos, use my camera.

A. How B. So C. If D. Unless

( ) 31. — I don’t know how to use this machine.

— It doesn’t matter. Here are the _____.

A. instructions B. articles C. documents D. advertisements

( ) 32. — Do you remember ______ Tom went last winter holiday?

— Of course I do. He showed me some beautiful photos of Jiuzhaigou.

A. when B. how C. where D. why

( ) 33. — Mum, ___ is my radio?

— I put it in your school bag.

A. what B. how C. whose D. where

( ) 34. — Could you please tell me ______?

— I live in Guangzhou.

A. where do you live B. where did you live

C. where you live D. where you lived

( ) 35. — Does Ted tell you if he next Sunday?

— No, he doesn’t. But if he _____, I’ll give you a call.

A. will come; will come B. comes; will come

C. comes; comes D. will come; comes

( )36. Which has the same structure as “My father bought me a new bike.”?

A. Tom became a doctor. B. That book sells well.

C. the singer sang us another song. D. We found our pet dog in the park.

( )37. —Remember _______to the post office tomorrow.


A. to go B. going C. go D. to going

( )38. Don’t forget ____an umbrella_____you. It’s going to rain.

A. to take;to B.taking; to C.to take; with D.taking; with

( )39. —I like reading novels.


A.Tanks a lot. B.Me,too. C. It’s really awful. D. You are right.

( )40. —Is that Lily speaking?

— ____________.

A. Hold on the line, please B. Yes, I am C. Yes, she is D. I don’t know Ⅱ. 完形填空。(每小题1分,共10分) ou don’t, you may get lost. If you really get lost, this is what you do: sit down and stay where you are. Don’t try to your friends — let them find you by staying in one place.

There is way to help your friends or other nearby people to find you. Give them a signal(信号)by shouting or whistling (吹口哨) three times. Stop. Then shout or whistle 45 times. Any signal given three times is a call for Keep up the shouting or whistling three times together. When people you, they will know that you are not just making noise for your signal. They will give two shouts, two whistles or two gun shots (枪声). When someone gives a signal, it is to a call for help.

( ) 41. A.When B. If C. Whether D. While

( ) 42. A. may B. would C. will D. should

( ) 43. A. call B. see C. find D. hear

( ) 44. A. another B. other C. the other D. others

( ) 45. A. two B. three C. four D. five

( ) 46. A. help B. answer C. food D. money

( ) 47. A. always B. usually C. sometimes D. never

( ) 48. A. see B. call C. hear D. answer

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