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(满分120分 时间100分钟)

第I卷 选择题(共65分)



1. A. Thank you. B. Sure, I’d love to. C. I’m sorry to hear that

2. A. Good idea. B. No, I can’t. C. It’s at our school.

3. A. It’s a fine day. B. It’s Monday. C. It’s March 5th.

4. A. Yes, I can B. Sure. C. A good idea.

5. A. You are welcome. B. I’m sorry. C. That’s too bad.

II. 听录音(两遍),然后根据问题选择正确答案。

6. Does Lucy read English in the morning?

A. Yes, she is. B. Yes, she does. C. No, she doesn’t. D. No, she isn’t.

7. When does she watch TV?

A. Every evening. B. On Saturday afternoon C. On Saturday evening. D. On Sunday.

8. She likes singing and _________.

A. driving a car B. swimming C. playing games D. dancing

9. Who likes her?

A. Her parents. B. Her teachers C. Her classmates D. A and B

10. From the story , we may know Lucy is ___________

A. a good student. B. a good driver. C. a good doctor D. a good American III. 听一段对话(两遍),然后根据问题选择正确答案

11. Bill Gates was born in __________

A . 1954 B. 1956 C. 1955

12. Bill Gates has _______sisters.

A. two B. one C. three

13. He started to play with computers at the age of _____

A . 11 B. 12 C. 13

14. His favorite subjects were _______

A. science and math B. English and math C. science and P.E.

15. He has ______children

A. 3 B. 2 C. 4

IV. 听短文(两遍),然后根据问题选择正确答案

16. Why did Tom’s mother go to the doctor?

A. Because she didn’t feel well B. Because she missed the doctor

C. Because she wanted to visit her friend in hospital

17. When did Tom play basketball?

A. In the evening B. In the afternoon C. In the morning

18. Why did Tom walk home ?

A. Because his bike was broken(坏了). B. Because he likes walking C. Because his bike was lost

19. How long did it take him to mend his bike ?

A . For one hour B. For three hours C. For two hours

20. How was his weekend?

A. Great B. Not bad C. Bad 二、单项选择:(每小题1分,本题共20分)

( ) 21. The old man has two brothers. One is a worker, is a teacher.

A. another B. other C. others D. the other

( ) 22. There is yogurt in the milk shake

A. too much B. much too C. many D. any

( )23. — Can you come over to my birthday party? — ____________.

A.I can B. That's all right C. Sure., I'd love to D. No, I can’t

( )24. I’m _______ than my sister.

A. outgoing B. more outgoing C. most outgoing D. the outgoing

( )25. Who is _____ swimming, you or she?

A. better at B. better in C. good at D. good in

( )26. Let’s _______ a great turkey sandwich .

A. make B. makes C. do D. doing

( )27. I need two _______.

A. teaspoon of honey B. teaspoons of honeys C. teaspoons of honey D. teaspoon of honeys

( )28. There is some butter on the two slices _______ bread.

A. of B. on C. in D. \

( )29. ---Were there any seals in the zoo? ---________.

A. Yes, there weren't B. No, there were C. Yes, there were. D. Yes, there was.

( )30. -Would you like ________? -Thank you, but I’m not thirsty.

A. some sandwiches B. some mooncakes C. some bread D. some orange

( )31. I felt a little tired the end of the day.

A. by B. in C. at D. on

( )32. When did he start ______?

A. play piano B. playing piano C. playing the piano D. plays the piano

( )33. He spends his lots of free time ___ TV plays.

A. to see B. watching C. to watch D. looking

( )34. He ____ a speaking competition last summer holiday.

A. takes part in B. joined C. took part in D. joins

( )35. She didn't go out to play ___________ the bad weather.

A. because B. because of C. as D. for

( )36. —What _______ do you need?

— I don’t need anything _______.

A. else; else B. else; other C. other; else D. other; other

( )37. _______glasses of milk do you want?

A. How many B. How much C. How long D. How old

( )38. _______he is ill, _____he is still studying hard in the classroom.

A. Although, but B. Although, / C. But, / D. But, although

( )39.---. ______? ---It's sunny.

A. How is the weather B. How are you C. What's your name D. How do you do

( )40. He is _________ unusual violinist.

A. the B..a C. an D./

三、完形填空:(每小题1分,本题共10分) “How did you get so much __Australia for two weeks.” “It was easy,” John answered. “I got a job in Australia.” “A job ? ” “I gave Chinese nds.”

“” “Mr. Tanaka, the shopkeeperthree hours a day In return, he gave me three meals a day and some money.” “Did he learn much Chinese?” I asked. “I don’t know.” John said. “__!”

41. A. weeks B. months C. years D. days

42. A. happy B. angry C. surprised D. sorry

43. A. money B. time C. work D. friends

44. A. Where did you work B. What did you do C. How did you get it D. When did you do it? 45 A. to B. at C. for D. of

46. A. are B. aren’t C. wasn’t D. isn’t

47. A. knows B. knew C. didn’t know D. know

48. A. American B. French C. Russian D. Chinese

49. A. teach B. taught C. teaching D. to teach

50. A. And B. But C .Or D. Although


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