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英语外研七年级下Module7 My past life单元测评

(总分:100分 时间:90分钟)



1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______


6.What is Daming's father like?

A.He is tall and fat.

B.He is short and thin.

C.He is tall and thin.

7.Where was the boy born?

A.He was born in Tianjin.

B.He was born in Beijing.

C.I don't know.

8.Where is Daniel?

A.In his bedroom. B.In the living room. C.At school.

9.What time do they go to school?

A.7:00. B.7:15. C.6:45.

10.Where is the letter from?

A.It's from America. B.It's from England. C.It's from Li Lei. Ⅲ.听短文,选择正确答案(5分)

11.What did John want to be twenty years ago?

A.A businessman. B.A robber. C.A policeman.

12.What did the robber want?

A.He wanted to kill John.

B.He wanted to take John's money.

C.He wanted to go home.

13.How did John feel?

A.He was very happy. B.He was very afraid. C.He was very sad.

14.Who came to catch the robber?

A.John. B.John's friend. C.A policeman.

15.What does John want to do now?

A.He wants to be rich.

B.He wants to help other people.

C.He wants to be a businessman.



16.My teacher is a strict person.She is strict ______ us.

A.with B.at C.to D.for

17.(2012·天津中考)—Why don't you go out to play,Rose?

—I'm afraid I can't.I have much homework ______.

A.do B.does C.doing D.to do

18.We are looking forward ______ you.

A.to see B.see C.seeing D.to seeing

19.Gina was born in Paris ______ 22nd May,2000.

A.at B.in C.on D.from

20.I don't want to be naughty ______ that.

A.as B.like C.likes D.with

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