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英语外研七年级下Module4 Life in the future单元测评

(总分:100分 时间:90分钟)



1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______


6.What are they talking about?

A.A job. B.A test. C.A text.

7.Which lesson are they going to learn?

A.Lesson 8. B.Lesson 16. C.Lesson 18.

8.What will the students do first?

A.Have a free talk.

B.Choose the best answer.

C.Listen to a conversation.

9.How often does Chris use the Internet?

A.Once a week.

B.Twice a week.

C.Once every two weeks.

10.What does Chris do on line?

A.Chatting,shopping and reading books.

B.Watching films,making friends and chatting.

C.Listening to music,playing games and reading.


11.The students will have their 15th Sports Day next ______.

12.The 100metre race will ______ at nine.

13.They will have lunch at ______.

14.There will be a ______ at two in the afternoon.

15.Finally,they will have an exciting ______.



16.(2012·福州中考)—We'll go for a picnic if it ______ this Sunday.

—Wish you a lovely weekend.

A.rain B.doesn't rain C.won't rain

17.I will ______ my friend in Hong Kong.

A.visit B.to visit C.visiting D.visits

18.(2012·山东临沂中考)—We are going on a school trip tomorrow.


A.Excuse me B.I'm sorry to hear that

C.You're welcome D.Have a good day

19.Will you please send the book ______ the teacher?

A.in B.of C.with D.to

20.Teachers ______ use chalk on a blackboard ______.

A.will;any more B.won't;any more

C.will;no more D.won't;no more

21.Miss Li is drawing on the blackboard ______ chalk.

A.in B.on C.with D.by

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