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英语外研七年级下Module5 Shopping单元测评

(总分:100分 时间:90分钟)



1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______ Ⅱ.听对话,选择正确答案(5分)

6.What would the man like to buy?

A.Coat. B.T-shirt. C.Sweater.

7.What would the woman like?

A.Fruit. B.Vegetables. C.Strawberries.

8.What size does Tom take?

A.Small. B.Large. C.We don't know.

9.Does Daming like online shopping?

A.Yes,he does. B.No,he doesn't. C.We don't know.

10.Is paying over the Internet safe?

A.Yes,it is. B.No,it isn't. C.We don't know. Ⅲ.听一段对话,选择正确答案(5分)

11.What would Daming like to buy?

A.Coat. B.T-shirt. C.Sweater.

12.Who does Daming buy clothes for?

A.Mother. B.Sister. C.Father.

13.What size does his mother?

A.Small. B.Large. C.We don't know.

14.What colour does his mother like?

A.Purple. B.Red. C.Blue.

15.How much is the T-shirt?

A.10 yuan. B.100 yuan. C.1,000 yuan.



16.—______ the weather like in your hometown?

—It's nice.

A.How B.When C.What's D.What

17.—______ is your mother?

—A teacher.She works in a primary school.

A.Where B.How C.What D.Which

18.(2012·湖南怀化中考)—What would you like,Helen?

—I'd like some ______.

A.eggs B.beefs C.banana


—I'd like two kilos of meat.

A.What are you B.What would you like

C.What time is it D.How are you

20.That coat looks good.May I ______?

A.try it on B.try on it C.try on D.try off

21.What ______ do you want?

A.else B.other C.another D.others

22.______ is good for health.

A.Smoking B.Swimming C.Smoke D.Swim

23.On my ______ to school,I meet my old friends.

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