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英语外研七年级下Module8 Story time单元测评

(总分:100分 时间:90分钟)



1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______


6.What did they do on the weekend?

A.They had a picnic. B.They went boating. C.They went swimming.

7.What will Mike tell the girl a story about?

A.An elephant. B.A child. C.A monkey.

8.What did Betty do last night?

A.She did her homework.

B.She read a book.

C.She played with three bears.

9.Why does Jim want to be a teacher?

A.Because it's an interesting job.

B.Because it's an exciting job.

C.Because he wants to be famous.

10.Where are they talking?

A.In a shop. B.In a hospital. C.At home.


11.Tigers can't fly.

12.People like all the animals.

13.The Mickey Mouse is a real animal in the zoo.

14.Children like Mickey Mouse very much.

15.A real mouse is also cute.



16.Tony and I ______ the Summer Palace yesterday.

A.visit B.visits C.will visit D.visited

17.On April 14,2010,a serious earthquake happened in Yushu.More than 2,000 people ______ in it.

A.dead B.death C.died D.die

18.She ______ a lot when she ______ a little girl.

A.cry;was B.cried;was C.cries;is D.cried;is

19.(2013·山东烟台中考预测)They decided ______ at the end of this month.

A.to leave B.going back C.travel D.not start out

20.Qian Xuesen is known as China's “father of space technology” and “king of rockets”.He died ______ October 31 at the age of 98.

A.in B.on C.at D.for

21.(2013·山东潍坊中考预测)When I was walking past the window,I noticed Wang Fei ______ my homework.I really got ______.

A.copying;annoyed B.copying;annoying

C.copy;annoyed D.copied;annoyed

22.Mary ______ the house and found a nice picture on the wall.

A.looked for B.looked after C.looked around D.looked up

23.My mobile phone was ______.

A.lose B.losed C.lost D.losted

24.Listen!Who is knocking ______ the door?

A.to B.on C.at D.B and C

25.I noticed a girl ______ under a big tree.

A.to crying B.to cry C.crying D.cries

Ⅴ.完形填空(10分) like him.One day he said to them,“I know you don't like me.I will give everything I have to you __ I die.Then everyone will be happy.”

But nobody believed(相信;信任)him.One day he went for a by the lake.Under a tree he happened to hear a pig and a cow The pig said to the cow,“Why everyone likes you and nobody likes me?After I die,I provide(提供)people with __31__,ham(火腿),etc.I give three or four things to them.But you give only one thing—?”

The cow said,“Look,(慷慨的),pork and so on ;they only believe in the present(现在).If you give while you are alive,people will like you.It is quite simple.” From that moment on,the rich man did his best to help the poor.

26.A.strangers B.villagers C.workers D.officers

27.A.when B.because C.so D.but

28.A.ask B.understand C.think D.say

29.A.walk B.help C.visit D.meal

30.A.crying B.running C.swimming D.talking

31.A.beef B.fish C.chicken D.pork

32.A.water B.juice C.milk D.beef

33.A.happy B.unhappy C.asleep D.alive(活着的)

34.A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything

35.A.past B.future C.rich D.poor



One day,a fox(狐狸)fell into a well.He tried to get out of it,but he couldn't.At this time,a goat(山羊)came to the well.She wanted to drink some water.She looked down into the well and saw the fox there.The goat asked the fox,“Is the water good?”

“Yes,”said the fox.“Do you want to drink some?”

“Yes,I do,”said the goat.“I'm very thirsty.”The goat jumped into the well and drank much water.Then the goat asked the fox,“How can we get out of this well?”

The fox said,“I climb onto your back and get out of the well first.After that,I will help you go out.”

“Oh,it's a good idea,”said the goat.

The fox climbed onto the goat's back and jumped out of the well.But he didn't help the goat.He ran away.


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