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英语外研七年级下Module6 Around town单元测评

(总分:100分 时间:90分钟)


Ⅰ.听句子, 选择所听内容相符的图片,有一项多余(5分)

1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______


6.Where does the woman want to go?

A.Wangfujing Dajie. B.Dong Chang'an Jie. C.The Great Wall.


How does Tom usually go to school?


Where does Mary want to go this summer vacation?

9.Where is the library?

A.It's behind the City Park.

B.It's opposite the City Park.

C.It's next to the City Park.

10.Does the woman know the way to the hotel?

A.Yes,she does. B.No,she doesn't. C.We don't know. Ⅲ.听短文,选择正确答案(5分)

11.Where does the woman want to go?

A.Beihai Park. B.Beichuan Park. C.Beijing Park.

12.Which bus should the woman take?

A.No.6. B.No.16. C.No.60.

13.What does the woman think of the city?

A.Small and beautiful.

B.Big and beautiful.

C.Big,beautiful but crowded in some places.

14.Why will the woman go to the park?

A.Because she wants to have a rest there.

B.Because she wants to go and have a look at it.

C.Because she wants to visit her son and his wife.

15.Who are the two speakers?

A.A woman and a driver.

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