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1.A. that B. what C. in which D. where

2.——I’m really sorry to have broken your coffee cup.


A. Good idea. B. That’s all right. C. I don’t think so. D. You are welcome.

3.Daniel writes _________ than ___________ classmate in his class.

A. more careful; any B. more carefully ; any other

C. more careful; any D. more carefully; any

4. a pair of pants?

--- Of course.

A. has B. have C. having

5.----You missed the first train this morning , didn’t you ?

---- _______. My parents failed to wake me up.

A. Yes, I did B. Yes, I didn’t C. No, I did D. No, I didn’t

6.________ is English. _________ name is Henry.

A. He, Her B. She, His C. He, His

7.Some students are so ______ that they often make mistakes in their homework.

A. carful B. serious C. careless D. successful

8.What does your mother look like?

A. She’s kind.

B. She likes noodles very much.

C. She’s very tall

D. She is beautiful.

9.What are the children going to do if it_________ next Saturday?

A.isn’t rain B.doesn’ t rain C.won’t rain D.don’t rain

10.______ girl in red is ______ friend of Mary’s.

A.The, the B.The, a C.A, a D.A, the

11.You are not supposed to get off the bus ________ it stops.

A. though B. while C. until D. because

12.______ you are, _____ mistakes you’ll make.

A. The more careful, the fewer B. More careful, the less

C. The more careless, the less D. More careless, fewer

13.These young orange trees need special care _______ they can live through winter .

A. for B. because C. so that D. unless

14.—You look so tired. —Yes. The loud noise upstairs stopped me the whole night.

A. slept B. to sleep C. fell asleep D. falling asleep

15.The couple ______at this time yesterday. Nobody knew when they stopped.

A. heard quarrelling B. heard to quarrel

C. were heard quarrelling D. was heard to quarrel


Alice was a beautiful girl. She liked nothing except dressing __1__ and dancing when she was at school. Of course she wasn’t good at her __2__. But the boys were ready to help her with her lessons __3__ they liked to dance with her. And after she finished middle school, she __4__ found work in a big shop. The __5__ had a son and he wanted the girl to marry him. Alice __6__ though the young man wasn’t clever enough. And she __7__ all kinds of clothes and shoes. She lived in the beautiful house with a big garden and she __8__ did anything at home. She didn’t love her __9__ but she lived a city life. Once Mrs. Evans called Alice. The woman said she bought a few __10__ pictures and asked her to appreciate(欣赏)them. She __11__ nothing about the art but she was afraid to be laughed at and got there in time. She saw several women there. They were __12__the pictures when she went in. She thought for a long time and said, “Look! They’re all __13__. Why didn’t you buy the new ones?”

The women looked at each other but they tried not to __14__. And when they were appreciating a picture “Tramp(游浪汉)”, she said, “I don’t think the artist could draw! Such a__15__ man had no money to have a portrait taken(请人画像)!”

1. A. him B. himself C. her D. herself

2. A. classes B. English C. maths D. language

3. A. when B. while C. because D. after

4. A. hardly B. easily C. no longer D. happily

5. A. bookseller B. shopkeeper C. gatekeeper D. policeman

6. A. agreed B. hated C. preferred D. failed

7. A. sold B. was sold C. gave D. was given

8. A. always B. sometimes C. never D. often

9. A. husband B. son C. brother D. uncle

10. A. cheap B. expensive C. terrible D. strange

11. A. liked B. interested C. watched D. knew

12. A. looking up B. looking for C. talking about D.hearing from

13. A. old B. clean C. dirty D. thin

14. A. stop B. smile C. laugh D. lie

15. A. busy B. clever C. rich D. poor



Who is the superstar of the cat world? It has to be Uncle Cat. Uncle Cat is a fat white cat living in the countryside of Japan. He is already nine years old, as old as our 50-year-old uncle in cat years. That’s why he gets the nickname(绰号) Uncle Cat.

Uncle Cat is a lazy cat. He often half shuts his eyes and lies in the sun. It makes him look relaxed and peaceful. He also enjoys himself in a basket, so he has another name: Basket Cat.

Uncle Cat is clever. He knows exactly how to make himself look cool—to wear a pair of sunglasses. From hats to flowers, Uncle Cat likes everything that makes him a different cat.

Uncle Cat’s owner likes to take pictures of Uncle Cat. To his surprise, these photos are very

popular on the internet. They make people from all over the world to know and love this cute cat.

Recently, a big earthquake happened in Uncle Cat’s hometown. But don’t worry. Uncle Cat is also a lucky cat. He is safe and sound. That means there will be more photos of Uncle Cat on time and he will soon bring us more fun!

1.What do you know about Uncle Cat’s looks?

A. He is a fat white cat.

B. He is already nine years old.

C. He is a lonely cat.

D. He lives in the country of Japan.


A. He often half shuts his eyes.

B. He always lies in the sun.

C. He enjoys himself in a basket.

D. He looks relaxed and peaceful.

3.People from all over the world get to know and love Uncle Cat A. during a big earthquake. B. on the Internet.

C. from photo collections.

D. in the newspaper.

4.Which of the following can best explain “Uncle Cat knows exactly how to make himself look cool”?


Have you ever heard of the group Westlife? Maybe you have, but I’m sure many of you don’t know very much about it.

Westlife is an Irish boy band group, which was made up of 6 boys in the beginning and called IOU. The group quickly became popular with young people thanks to their song Swear It Again, which was at the top of the UK charts (排行榜) in April 1999.

Chinese fans got their first chance to see Westlife on March 6th, 2006 in Beijing. Although the four-member group has been singing pop for seven years, the young boys have all since grown up and their songs are still very popular. When they performed in Beijing, Westlife released (发行) their new album Face to Face in China. Face to Face has been at the top of the British charts for a long time. The album’s most popular song You Raise Me Up mixes traditional Irish music with pop music.

Although hip-hop is quite popular among the young, Westlife has no plans to change. They said, “Hip-hop is for the young, but pop can be enjoyed by moms who are busy cooking meals and raising the kids.

1.Westlife is from _________.

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