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Ⅰ. 情景反应。根据你听到的内容,选择正确的应答语。每小题读两遍。(共5分,每小题1分)

( ) 1. A. Yes, there will.

( ) 2.A. I get a new skirt. B. Yes, I don’t. C. Yes, I will. B. I failed the exam. C. I want to be an astronaut.

( ) 3.A. Not at all. B. Yes, I do. C. Don’t thank me.

( ) 4.A. He watched TV. B. He was watching TV. C. Yes, he was.

( ) 5.A. My teacher said it was boring.

B. I was lucky. C. You can copy my homework.

Ⅱ. 对话理解。根据你听到的对话及问题选择正确的答案。每小题读两遍。(共10分,每小题1分)

( ) 6.A. Too much noise. B. Too many people. C. Too much air.

( ) 7.A. Because she doesn’t like concerts. B. Because she is very tired.

C. Because she has lot of work to do.

( ) 8.A. Doing her homework.

B. Having dinner with her parents. C. Talking with her parents.

( ) 9.A. On foot. B. By bus. C. By bike.

( ) 10.A. On computer. B. On paper. C. In a library.

听下面一段长对话,回答11-12 两个小题。

( ) 11.A. A lawyer. B. A leader. C. An actor.

( ) 12.A. She thinks it’s hard and boring.

B. She thinks it’s hard but interesting.

C. She thinks it’s easy and interesting.


( ) 13.A. He became fat. B. He joined a club. C. He did lots of things.

( ) 14.A. He should eat hamburgers every day.

Ⅲ. 短文理解。根据你听到的短文内容及问题选择正确的答案。短文和问题读两遍。(共5分,每小题1分)

( ) 16.A. She wants to buy some clothes.

B. She wants to buy some CDs. B. He should make more friends in the club. C. He should do more sports and have healthy food. ( ) 15.A. Kate. B. Kate’s sister. C. Scott’s friend.

C. She wants to buy some gifts.

( ) 17. A. Her parents. B. Her friends.

( ) 18. A. She advises Anna to get a part-time job. C. Her classmates.

B. She advises Anna to borrow some money from her friends.

C. She advises Anna to borrow some money from her parents.

( ) 19. A. Because she is busy. B. Because she doesn’t like it. C. Because she is lazy.

( ) 20. A. Cathy.

笔试部分 (100 分)

( 选择题 60分)

Ⅳ. 选择填空。( 共20 分,每小题 1分)

( ) 21. ________ UFO landed on Center Street and ________ alien came out of it.

A. A, an B. A, a C. An, an D. An, a

( ) 22. There ______ a soccer match tomorrow.

A. will has B. will be C. is going to have D. has

( ) 23. If there are ______ people driving, there will be ______ air pollution.

A. less, less

---In five days.

A. How long B. How soon C. How far D. How often

( ) 25. While we ______ down the street, the car accident happened.

A. walked B. are walking C. were walking D. walk

( ) 26. Jim is mad his best friend, because he has the same haircut______ him.

A. at, as B. with, at C. on, as D. at, with

( ) 27.-- How many students go to college in your hometown?

-- I’m not sure. Maybe______ them.

A. hundreds B. hundred C. hundred of D. hundreds of

( ) 28. The Internet can_____ our eyes to the outside world.

A. turn on B. open up C. start with D. give out

( ) 29.Money is important, ________it’s not the most important thing.

A. and B. but C. or D. so

( ) 30.I can’ t remember his mobile phone number. What ________ I do?

A. can B. could C. may D. should

( ) 31.I don’t like the book, and he doesn’t,_______.

A. either B. too C. also D. neither

( ) 32. In English I’m ________ at reading than listening.

A. better B. good C. well D. best

( ) 33. My science teacher said I ______ a lazy student.

A. is B. was C. were D. will be B. less, fewer C. fewer, fewer D. fewer, less ( ) 24. ---_________ will your father be back? B. Maria. C. Dennis.

( ) 34. I don’t need these jeans, please ________ .

A. take it away B. take away it C. take away them D. take them away

( ) 35. I don’t know______________.

A. where is he B. where does he live C. where he lives D. where is he live

( ) 36. If you________ have your ID card, you can’t go there.

A. do B. don’t C. will

--Oh, I can’t remember.

A. did, do B. do, do C. were, doing D. are, doing

( ) 38. Mark had a hard time _____ the English movie.

A. see

B. seeing C. to see D. saw ( ) 39. The boy eats_____ meat, so he is_____ fat. A. too much, much too B. much too, much too

C. too much, too much D. much too, too much

( ) 40. ---Linda has a bad cold.


A. It’s my pleasure. B. I don’t think so.

C. I’d love to. D. I’m sorry to hear that.

Ⅴ. 完形填空。(共10分,每小题1分)

A great French writer said we should help people as much as possible because we often need the small can help the great. And the writer An ant(蚂蚁) was drinking at a small river and she couldn’t move at all because she couldn’t swim. The poor ant got verybut was still doing her best. Just then a big saw her. she was resting in the grass, she heard a man coming up. The man with a gun in his hand. He wanted to kill the bird. At that time, the ant bit(咬aved the bird’s life.

( ) 41. A. Sometimes

( ) 42. A. said ( ) 43. A. ran

( ) 45. A. tired ( ) 44. A. come

B. However B. told C. Never D. Though D. got C. played D. will not ( ) 37.--What _____ you ______ at 8:00 last Friday? B. took C. fell D. jumped B. came C. coming D. to come B. excited C. calm D. upset D. man B. bird C. dog ( ) 46. A. cat ( ) 47. A. With ( ) 49. A. walks

B. To C. Of D. At B. walking C. was walking D. walk B. flew away(飞走) C. took off D. ran in ( ) 48. A. After B. Before C. Until D. While ( ) 50. A. took away

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