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Unit 4第2课时

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请同学们 准备好课本、练习本和学习用具 端正坐姿, 安静等待上课。

Unit 4 Don’t eat in class . Lesson 2

Learning Aims:
1. Can read and translate 2d and GF

fluently and correctly.
能准确流利地朗读并翻译2d短文和语法聚焦。 2. Be able to understand and use the key points correctly. 正确地理解和运用重要知识点。

了解感知 (一)
请同学们根据汉语提示完成单词. 要求:书写规范 独立完成 1 3 5 7 9组做1/3/5/7/9/11. 2 4 6 8 组做2/4/6/8/10/12.

You are the best !

了解感知(一) 答案:
1. important 3. bring 5. library 7. wear 9. fight 11. player 2. (be) on time 4. dining 6. uniform 8. quiet 10. have to 12.out

了解感知 (二)
Group work: 同桌合作,互读互译


Hi,my name's John.

It’s my first day at school.

Hi, John. I’m Alice.

This is a great school,but there are a lot of rules.

Really?What are some of the rules?

Well,don’t be late for class.

This is very important.

OK,so we must be on time.

Can we bring music players to school? No,we can’t. And we always have to wear the school uniform. I see. Oh,and we also have to be quiet in the library.

Don't run in the hallways.

Don't fight.

What are the rules?
规定是什么? We must be on time for class. 我们必须准时上课。

Can we eat in the classroom?

No, we can't, but we can eat in the dining hall.
不,我们不能,但是我们能在餐厅里吃。 Can we wear a hat in class? 我们在课堂上能戴帽子吗? Yes, we can. / No, we can't. 是的,我们能。/ 不,我们不能。

Does he has to wear a uniform at school?

Yes, he does. / No, he doesn't.
是的,他必须。/ 不,他不用。

What do you have to do?
你必须做什么? We have to be quiet in the library. 我们在图书管理必须安静。

请同学们认真阅读深入学习的内容, 按要求完成相对应的题。 要求:书写规范 独立完成 。 时间:2分钟。

讨论要求: 以四人小组为单位, 讨论深入学习中的不会或者不确 定的题。 时间:3分钟。

You are the best !

1.… .
2.1.重点单词和短语。 2.重点句型。 .

要求:桌面清理干净,不看书,不 抄袭,书写规范,独立完成。 时间:7分钟。

Come on !!!

一、1-5DDCBB 6-10ABBCB 二、1.speak 2.Don't arrive 3.rules 选做题 1.fights with 2.arrive/be late for 3.eat in the classroom 4.be/keep quiet in the library

激 情 小 组

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