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第一部分 听力(满分20分)


1. Which book does the man think is the best now?

2. What should the woman do as the doctor tells her?

3. What does the man think will happen in 50 years?

4. What was Dennis doing when the telephone rang last night?

5. What will probably happen to Anna if she carries a lot of things for the field trip?


6. When will the football match start?

A. After supper. B. Right now. C. At 2:00 next morning.

7. What was the woman doing when the accident happened?

A. Sleeping. B. Thinking. C. Walking.

8. Where will the woman stay if a bar opens next to their house?

A. In her house. B. On her aunt’s farm. C. In the bar.

9. Which is the boy’s most boring subject?

A. Science. B. Mathematics. C. Music.

10. How can the girl make a lot of friends?

A. Joining a club. B. QQ-chat on the Internet. C. Talking on the phone.


Dialogue One

11. When will the girl go to school again?

A. Today. B. Tomorrow. C. The day after tomorrow.

12. What will the girl do at last?

A. Read books. B. Listen to the radio. C. Go out for a walk.

Dialogue Two

13. Why does the woman borrow the car?

A. Travels around the city. B. Buys some oranges. C. Meets her friend.

14. How long will the woman keep the car?

A. One or two hours. B. Three hours. C. One day.

15. How many kilos of oranges will the woman buy for the man?

A. Three kilos. B. Two kilos. C. One kilo.


16. What was Mrs Brown doing when her husband reached home?

A. Washing her hair. B. Tidying the house. C. Talking with Mrs Smith happily.

17. How was Mr Brown feeling when he saw his wife?

A. Happy. B. Angry. C. Sad.

18. Why did Mrs Smith hurry back home?

A. She wanted to clean her house. B. Her husband was waiting for her at home.

C. She wanted to dress up herself.

19. How was Mr Smith feeling when he saw his beautiful wife?

A. Angry. B. Surprised. C. Excited.

20. What can we know from the story?

A. The two wives did nothing at home. B. The two husbands were quite different to their wives.

C. Mr Smith didn’t want Mrs Smith to stay at home.

第二部分 英语知识运用(共二节,满分25分)

第一节 单项填空(共15题,每题1分,满分15分)

( )21. Yang Lei had ______ unusual experience in Gansu Province.

______ experience changed her life.

A. a, The B. an, The C. an, A D.a, An

( ) 22.Be quick. The plane______ in two minutes.

A.leave B.left C.will leave D.leaves

( ) 23.I’m happy to know you are well and in good ______.

A. health B.healthy C.body C.unhealthy

( ) 24.-----If I go to see my friends , I’ll bring them some flowers .

----- ______.

A.So will I B.So I will C.So do I D.So I do

( ) 25.-----Do you know if he ______ to see us ?

-----I think he will come if he ______ free.

A.come, is B.comes,will be C.will come, is D.will come, will be

( ) 26. Marcia isn’t going to the party tomorrow. I’m not going there, _______.

A. too B. either C. both D. also

( )27. Nowadays teachers may find ______ hard ______ middle school students.

A. that; teach B. it; to teach C. it; teach D.that,to teach

( )28. While we ______ about Mr Wang in the classroom, he came in.

A. talked B. are talking C. were talking D.talk

( )29. Jack is _______ math and I do ______ physics.

A. well at; good in B. good at; well in

C. good at; good at D.well in,good at

( ) 30. The policewoman asked the little boy ______.

A. where did he live B. where he lived C. where he lives D. where does he live

( ) 31. We must plant _____ trees so that there will be _____pollution in our city.

A. more,more B.much,fewer C.more,fewer D. more,less

( ) 32. If you bring snacks to school,the teacher will ________.

A. take away them B. take away it C. take them away D. take it away

( )33. There ____a ball game next Sunday.

A, have B.is going to be C. has D. is going to have.

( )34. Mrs James _____when her son ___back home.

A. is cooking , come B. was cook , came C. was cooking ,came D. cooked , came

( )35. listen! I hear someone _____the violin in the next room.

A. playing B. to play C. play D. plays

第二节 完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

Monday morning is an important time at our school. All of the students go to the playground. We listen 国旗) go up.

Usually, one student gives a talk on Monday mornings. One Monday last year, a boy gave the talk. He teacher happy. couldn't say anything.

( ) 36. A. watch B. see C. notice D. look at

( ) 37. A. surprising B. proud C. amazed D. careful

( ) 38. A. told B. asked for C. said to D. showed

( ) 39. A. Look out B. Come on C. Take care D. Get ready

( ) 40. A. chance B. news C. time D. message

( ) 41. A. to listen to B. to listen C. listen to D. listen

( ) 42. A. excited B. happy C. nervous D. surprised

( ) 43. A. after B. such C. before D. so

( ) 44. A. do B. speak C. talk D. take

( ) 45. A. stand B. stood C. was standing D. have stood

第三部分 阅读理解(共20小题,每题2分,满分40分)



Once upon a time, there lived a rich man. He had a servant (仆人). He and the servant loved wine and good food very much. Each time the rich man left his home, the servant would drink the wine and eat up all

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