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Unit 4 He said I was hard-working


(时间: 90分钟 分值: 100分)

第Ⅰ卷 听力部分 (15分)

Ⅰ.听句子,选择与其意思相符的图片 (5分)

Ⅱ.听对话及问题,选择正确答案 (5分)

6.A.A job. B.The future. C.A test.

7.A.Next Friday. B.Next Sunday. C.Next Thursday.

8.A.At 2: 00. B.At 2: 30. C.At 3: 00.

9.A.Math and science. B.English and history. C.English and science.

10.A.It was exciting. B.It was interesting. C.It was boring. Ⅲ.听短文,选择最佳选项 (5分)

11.It's ______ now.

A.6: 50 B.7: 00 C.7: 10

12.It's ______ today.

A.Tuesday B.Saturday C.Thursday

13.The girl will talk about ______.

A.robots B.UFOs C.computers

14.The girl spent ______ days on her homework.

A.five B.three C.seven

15.The teacher said the girl ______ last year.

A.could do better B.was lazy C.was a hardworking student

第Ⅱ卷 笔试部分 (85分)

Ⅳ.单项选择 (10分)

16.Try hard,and you can ______ all the difficulties.

A.come up B.come over C.get up D.get over

17.Her parents were ______ her when she brought the bad report card home.

A.happy with B.famous for C.mad at D.scared of

18.His hometown is in a small and poor ______.People there are all farmers.

A.city B.river C.park D.village

19.My brother went to teach in rural areas as a volunteer on ______ program.

A.an one year B.an oneyear C.a one year D.a oneyear

20.Do your best.Never ______ others' homework.

A.borrow B.keep C.copy D.return

21.—I failed in both math and history in the final exam.


A.I hope not B.I'm afraid so

C.It doesn't matter D.Sorry to hear that

22.—What did Lin Tao say about the coming vacation?

—He ______ me where he ______.

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