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26. —Is Maria friend?

—No, isn’t.

A. she, she B. her, her C. her, she D. she, her

27. —______ bag do you like?

—I like the green ______.

A. What, bags B. What, it C. Which, one D. Which it

28. —What class is Li Ming in?

—She’s in _________.

A. Class 2, Grade 1 B. Grade 1, Class 2 C. class 2, grade 1 D. grade 1, class 2

29. —What color is the T-shirt?

—It’s .

A. an orange B. orange C. a pink D. in green

30. 下面语调调号标得不正确的是.

A. Who’s that boy?↗

B. But I have a big head, ↗big eyes↗and a big nose.↘

C. Do you have a car?↗

D. We’re in Class One.↘

31. —Are you from Canada?

— .

A. Yes, you are. B. No, I’m not. C. Yes, I’m not. D. No, you aren’t.

32. — What’re those?

—_________ are flowers.

A. It B. These C. They D. That

33. — How are you?


A. I’m twelve. B. Not bad, thanks. C. I’m a student. D. I’m your friend.

34.—Is this your bag?


A. Yes, it is B. Yes, it’s a big. C. It’s my bag D. It isn’t

35. — is the man in the picture?

—He’s my teacher.

A. What B. Who C. Where D. How old

36. —Which is your box?

—______ .

A. It’s green. B. The blue one. C. The one yellow. D. The green ones are.

37. —Is that _______ bike?

—Yes, _______ isn’t.

A. he, he B. his, it C. he, his D. his, its

38. 你认为哪个单词的重音是正确的?

A. ’Ja?pan B. Bra?’zil C. Eng?’land D. ’Ko?re?a

39. —How do you spell it?


A. Yes, F-A-X fax. B. No, F-A-X fax. C. F-A-X fax. D. It’s a fax.

40. —Do you know the woman in the black car?

—Oh, she’s mother.

A. Jing Wei B. Jing Weis C. Jing Wei’s D. Jing Wei is


Ann is a girl. from Chicago, the USA. She’s twelve. She a round face and a small mouth. Her eyes very big. He blue very much. Blue T-shirt and skirt are favorite clothes. She’s blue every day. She’s very cool. Now, she’s a high school student in Hong Kong. She’s in Her telephone number is 72585069. Jiang Shan is her good friend. She’s She’s from Beijing. She’s eleven. She’s a high school student but she’s in a different class. Her telephone number is 6325625. Her is in Beijing now. Beijing is very beautiful.

41. A. She B. Her C. She’s D. Her’s

42. A. have B. don’t have C. haves D. has

43. A. is B. are C. am D. isn’t

44. A. is like B. like is C. like D. likes

45. A. her B. his C. she’s D. her’s

46. A. to B. from C. in D. and

47. A. Class Two, Grade Seven B. Two Class, Seven Class

C. Grade Seven, Class Two D. class Two, grade Seven

48. A. China B. China’s C. Chinese’s D. Chinese

49. A. to B. too C. one D. well

50. A. family B. families C. pants D. friends



I'm Miss Wang. I'm a teacher at No. 2 High School. This is Li Lei. He's Chinese. He is in Class 2, Grade 1. He's my student, and my son(儿子), too. He's twelve.

That girl is Jean. She's American. She's eleven. And that boy is Jack. He's English. He's ten. They're in Li Lei's class, too.

I'm their Chinese teacher. All the students and the teachers have two names: an English name and a Chinese name. Li Lei's English name is Tom. My English name is May. Their English teacher Miss Jin's English name is Sue. Jean's and Jack's Chinese names are Wei Wei and Zhang Li.

51. Li Lei is ________.

A. eleven B. twelve C. ten D. thirteen

52. Jean's Chinese name is ________.

A. Wei Wei B. Zhang Li C. Liu Ying D. Li Lei

53. Jack is ________.

A. Chinese B. English C. American D. Japanese

54. Miss Wang's English name is ________.

A. May B. Sally C. Jean D. Sue

55. Miss Wang is ________.

A. a doctor B. a teacher C. a student D. a boy


A. My name is Danny. I'm from England. I am eleven. I'm in Grade Seven. I'm tall with black hair. I have two big eyes. My fax number is 010-74862635.

B. Hello! I am Jane. I'm from the USA. I have a round face and two big eyes. I'm short and thin. I'm twelve. I'm in Grade Seven in Beijing Yucai High School. My parents work in Beijing.

C. Look at the photo. Who's the girl in it? It's me, an English girl. My name is Amy. I'm in Grade Seven. I'm twelve. My home phone number is 022-43765986. I have a round face and long,

black hair. I like Chinese very much, and I'm very good at it.

D. Do you know me? I'm from Japan. My name is Yukio. I'm thirteen. Now I'm in Beijing. I'm short, and I'm very heavy with broad shoulders. I have two short legs.

56.________ are from


A. Danny and Amy B. Jane and Amy C. Yukio and Danny D. Jane and Danny

57. Danny and Amy have ________ hair.

A. long B. short C. yellow D. black

58. ________ are short.

A. Amy and Danny B. Jane and Yukio C. Amy and Jane D. Yukio and Danny

59. Danny has ________.

A. a telephone B. two small eyes C. two short legs D. a fax

60. Yukio is ________.

A. tall and thin B. not tall or short C. short and fat D. tall but fat


61. Whose bag is it?

62. Is this your bag?

63. How do you spell it?

64. Bring my bag here, please.

65. May I have your telephone number?

66. Is this a fax or a telephone?

67. Which bike is Kangkang’s?

68. Do you know Amy?

69. What color are his eyes?

70. What are those in English?

第II卷 非选择题(40分)

Ⅷ、连词成句。根据横线后的标点将每题所给的单词连成正确的句子。(10分) 71. is, name, my, Maria.


72. arms, he, have, long, does


73. are, these, in, what, Chinese.


74. from, Canada, my, are, parents


75. is, big, apple, red, a, this

Ⅸ、句子改错。下面每题只有一处错误(多词、少词或错词),只改动或添加一个词。 只指

出错误未改正不能得分,不按要求改写不能得分。 改正方法见例句。(10分) 例如:1) He is a hers student. 2)He is∧student. a 3) He is an student.

76. He isn’t my mother. are your mother?

78. Are you Guangdong?

79. He name is Zedane. 80. What grade are you?

81. What’s this? It’s telephone. 82. We has a big class.

83. He has a long hair and small eyes. 84. What’s color are the jeeps? They are red. 85. Please give this apple for your mother, Tom.

Ⅹ、补全对话。阅读对话并将其补充完整,每空一词。将答案填在题后的横线上。(10分) A: Look, Lucy. Is this bag? B: bag?

A: The under the desk.

B: No, it's not my bag. Oh, it's Amy's.

A: Amy? Who's Amy? B: She is over . A: There are four girls there. is she?

B: The one yellow.

A: I . B: Let's the bag to her.

A: All . Let's go.

86. 87. 88. 89. 90.

91. 92. 93. 94. 95.

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