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英 语 试 题


(时间:120分钟 分值:150分)


I. 听力测试。(30分)



卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。 1. A. How are you?

B. How do you do? B. The same to you. B. Hold on, please. B. Yes, it has. B. Good luck.

C. Fine, thank you. C. That’s all right. C. No, you can’t. C. Yes, there is. C. Many thanks. C. I’d like tea.

2. A. Thank you very much. 3. A. Yes, I’m Mrs. Green. 4. A. Yes, it is.

5. A. Good idea. 6. A. Yes, please.

B. Sure, here you are.


听一遍,根据你所听到的对话和问题,从A、B、C三个选项中选出正确答案,并把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。 7. A. On foot. 8. A. Tom.

B. By bus.

C. By bike.

C. Amy.

C. In a coffee shop. C. A nurse. C. At 6:15. C. His baseball.

B. Jim.

B. In a shoe shop. B. A doctor. B. At 6:10.

9. A. In a clothes shop. 10. A. A teacher.

11. A. At 6:00. 12. A. His football.

B. His basketball.





13. Sam teaches ______ in a middle school.

A. music

B. math C. art



14. The boy thought Sam was ______.

A. in the open air

A. good and clever A. one

B. clever but not good

C. good but not clever

15. Sam answered that he could get ______ group(s) of sheep.

B. two

B. right

C. three B

B. under the bed

C. in the room

C. played some games

C. strange

16. The boy thought Sam’s answer was ______.

A. wrong

17. Last night, Steve and I decided to sleep ______ because of the fine weather. 18. Steve and I ______, talked about something interesting and had cold drinks.

A. listened to some music A. a small animal A. his mom

B. watched some movies

19. We heard ______ crying while we were just falling asleep.

B. a little boy B. his dad

C. a little cat C. Steve and me

20. In the end, Tommy slept with ______ last night.


21. I often play ______ soccer with my friends on weekends.

A. a A. to

B. an

C. /

D. the

22. Ben has got a letter ______ China. It makes him quite excited.

B. at

C. from

C. her

D. your D. with

23. -Is that your car, next to the red one?

-No. It’s ______.

A. mine A. factory A. it

B. his


24. Let’s go to the ______ to study for the exam.

B. hospital B. it’s

C. cinema

C. that

D. library

D. that’s D. the twelfth

25. We found _______ very important to learn a foreign language well. 26. I haven’t decided what to give my cousin for his ______ birthday.

A. twelve

B. the twelve

C. twelfth

27. Please keep the door and windows ______ to let the fresh air in.

A. open

B. opened

C. close

D. closed



28. -What a nice card!

-Thank you. It ______ me two days to make it.

A. paid B. took C. spent D. cost

29. Lily is a careful girl. She always writes ______ than me.

A. careful B. more careful C. carefully D. more carefully

30. Chongqing has become greener. We can often hear birds ______ in our neighborhood.

A. sang B. sing C. singing D. to sing

31. The students went on discussing ______ their teacher asked them to stop.

A. until B. while C. since D. as

32. I won’t go to the party unless Linda ______, too.

A. invites B. will invite C. is invited D. will be invited

33. -Gina, do you know ______ it is from here to the hospital?

-About ten minutes’ walk.

A. how often B. how far C. how soon D. how long

34. My father ______ Tibet for a month. I miss him so much.

A. has been in B. has gone to C. has been to D. has arrived in

35. -May I use your phone, please?

-______. I’m waiting for an important call now.

A. Yes, you can

C. Yes, please B. No, I don’t mind D. Sorry, I’m afraid you can’t

36. You’d better ______ at others when they make mistakes.

A. laugh B. to laugh C. not laugh D. don’t laugh

37. -Could you tell me what ______ in your free time?

-I often help my mother do some housework.

A. will you do B. you will do C. do you often do D. you often do

38. -How beautiful the University Town is!

-Yes, we can see many trees and flowers on ______ side of the street.

A. both B. either C. every D. all

39. Police say you ______ drive after drinking.

A. need B. must C. needn’t D. mustn’t

40. -Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave the classroom.


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A. I won’t B. Yes, I will C. I don’t think so D. Of course I will



He was 11 and often went fishing with his father. the day before the bass(巴斯鱼) season opened, he and his father were fishing early in the evening. One hour later, he found he caught a big fish, it was a bass.

It was 10 pm, two hours before the season opened. His father looked at the fish, and then at the boy.

“You’ll have to ” said his father. “But Dad, not so as this one,” cried the boy.

He looked around the lake. No others were around. Nobody would know he caught the fish, but he knew his father wouldn’t change his He slowly put the fish into the water. The boy thought that he would see such a big fish again.

That was 34 years Today, the boy is a successful man. And he was right. He has never again caught such a big fish. But he sees that same fish again and again — every time he a question of ethics (道德准则).

As his father taught him, ethics are simple matters of right and wrong. But the practice of ethics is everywhere. Do we do right when no one is looking at us? We would if we to put the fish back when we were young. 41. A. On

B. In B. and B. bigger B. why B. need B. before B. faces

C. At

D. By

D. so

D. put them back D. smaller D. what time D. answer D. after D. will face D. taught

42. A. but 43. A. put back it 44. A. big 45. A. how 46. A. interest 47. A. once 48. A. ago

C. or C. small C. where C. idea

C. already C. later C. teach

B. put back them C. put it back

B. ever D. never

49. A. faced C. has faced

50. A. are taught B. were taught

IV. 阅读理解。(每小题2分,共30分)




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