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Unit 8 Why don't you get her a scarf


(时间: 90分钟 分值: 100分)

第Ⅰ卷 听力部分(15分)


1.______ 2.______ 3.______ 4.______ 5.______


6.A.Because she thinks it's easy to take care of.

B.Because she thinks it's interesting.

C.Because she thinks it's friendly to people.

7.A.The skates. B.The bike. C.The scarf.

8.A.Thirteen. B.Fifteen. C.Eighteen.

9.A.For five years. B.For four years. C.For six years.

10.A.On his fifth birthday.

B.On his eighth birthday.

C.On his eleventh birthday.


11.Bobo is from______.

A.Africa B.Australia C.South America

12.Bobo's color is______.

A.white and green B.blue and white C.yellow and red

13.The speaker's ______ gave Bobo to the speaker.

A.brother B.uncle C.grandpa

14.The speaker is______ years old now.

A.six B.ten C.sixteen

15.Bobo likes to eat______.

A.carrots and apples B.bananas and nuts C.potatoes and pears

第Ⅱ卷 笔试部分(85分)


16.My mother often encourages me ______ all the subjects.

A.learn B.learning C.to learn D.learned

17.I sent you an email last night.Have you ______ it yet?

A.given B.brought C.received D.heard

18.John is a good student,so we all want to ______ him.

A.hear of B.talk about

C.argue with D.make friends with

19.The color of this jacket seems blue ______green.

A.no B.not C.rather than D.instead

20.—Well,how about ______ our vacation in Japan?

—It ______ good,but I'm afraid it's too expensive.

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